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When I said "squeeze me", I didn't mean THAT hard.
"How very dare you!"
"Wait... you're GAY?"
"I've always watched the TV from three inches away, why do you ask?"

(Is this from "Radar Men from the Moon"?)
*grin* Nono, "Killers from Space" - "Atomic scientist Doug Martin is missing after his plane crashes while on an investigatory mission after a nuclear test. Showing up at the base later, he is given sodium pentathol after being caught in espionage activities. He is not believed as he relates how he was captured by aliens who plan on conquering Earth by using giant animals and insects."

The 1950s were a fabulous time for employment as an "atomic scientist", apparently, especially if you were called Peter Graves.
Gods, yes, that's it! I knew I'd seen those bug eyes somewhere... I've seen clips of that movie on a highlights reel. Thank you.

"...I never realised Marty Feldman moonlighted as a ninja..."
Remind me not to use tesco value eye drops!
Neat. Sweet. Petite. *snap snap*
"But I have both my eyes, sir; your cheek must therefore hold some other object."
I suppose you think that's funny? Putting vinegar in my Visine?
Welcome to Starbucks, home of the chocolate quadruple espresso.

No, tell me, what is this "decaf?"