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Reading this entry recently, I thought it might be worth a quick, totally unscientific poll on the matter. ^_^

Poll #1021026 De Rei Libris

Do you have a local library membership?


What library services do you tend to use?

Borrowing books
Reading periodicals
Computer use
Movie rental
Game rental
You forgot "get a book off the shelf, find a chair, sit down reading for hours, dogear the page, put it back on the shelf, and come back tomorrow."

I often have so many classical CDs out at once that I max out my library's borrowing limit, so this is the handy loophole I use in desperate times. =:)
Also, I have discovered that you can do this with bookstores.
Even better when you're six, of course, and won't be disturbed. ^_^ I recall enjoying a few Asterix and Tintin like that, sat down in the bookstore, reading them through entirely. We bought them too, of course - it was more just an enjoyable way for me to pass the time while my mother went about her Saturday business. Although, I'll admit, I didn't know the actual translation of alea iacta est until many years later. (And indeed, either interpretation of "die" works remarkably well, even if only one is actually correct)

No question, Bell & Hockridge did a superb job on those translations. I should try finding out just how well, really, but much of my library was lost in the various moves, and the remnants are in storage. I don't think I picked up any French Asterix, but I do have a couple Tintin, as there were a couple titles that didn't seem to ever be coming to English, such as Tintin and the Blue Lotus - the level of writing's such that it wasn't difficult to keep up with the story, only pausing to look up the odd verb. (I was most disappointed to find they'd wiped "opium" for the wretchedly generic "drugs", though, rather isolating the story from its colonial Chinese setting)

I've done that with the last few Clancy novels. Guy turned into quite the hack.