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Reading this entry recently, I thought it might be worth a quick, totally unscientific poll on the matter. ^_^

Poll #1021026 De Rei Libris

Do you have a local library membership?


What library services do you tend to use?

Borrowing books
Reading periodicals
Computer use
Movie rental
Game rental
I actually have a membership at two libraries, since the one in Lexington lets residents of certain surrounding counties have them, too. I don't go to either one of them as often as I should, though I do go and raid their stores of literary magazines from time to time. They won't let you check those out, but it's still handy since I get to see what kinds of stories each one takes, without shelling out a small fortune in subscriptions.

Technically, I suppose I have a memebership with Murray State's library, too, though I'm so rarely on campus that I mostly just use some of their on-line things. It's a pity, too, as they seem to have some good things tucked away down there.