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Reading this entry recently, I thought it might be worth a quick, totally unscientific poll on the matter. ^_^

Poll #1021026 De Rei Libris

Do you have a local library membership?


What library services do you tend to use?

Borrowing books
Reading periodicals
Computer use
Movie rental
Game rental
hey.. you forgot rent cds/music :3
Ack! I knew I'd miss out something screamingly obvious.. and of course, polls can't be altered. :-P I miss the library at the other place - quite a reasonably sized place, and a very good selection of movies to boot, including a decent little spread of world cinema, as well as the more expected blockbusters. The one near me now is a rather more modest affair, but they do a very good job with the small building at their disposal. (Even if I did once wind up forgetting to return a couple books for a few weeks, running up a nice fine in the process.. I can't seem to get into sync with their use of three week loans, rather than something more compatible with my modest bunny brain, like "one month")