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Could be fun.. J.J.Abrams' latest plaything comes out next year: 1-18-08. Much stompiness ahoy!

Does anyone know who I'm thinking of? About ten years ago, a fur living in Minneapolis sent me two photos of himself as a black rabbit - lycra unitard, and a mask modified from a Halloween store purchase. There aren't that many Mipple City furs, and certainly not then. No particular reason - just curiosity.

This posting and its comments hold some gems of bad spelling in adverts and conversation, and the images they conjure up.. "Circus Olay" and "Acidic Jews", anyone? (Cue "Ode to a Spellchecker")

patch_bunny should be aware that motorbikes are dangerous. ^_^;

The curious story of the cat and the chorus pedal.

FlyGesture's a nifty little app to translate mouse gestures into any arbitrary sequence of actions you want. And it's free! Here's a brief clip demonstrating how it works.

Zombie-Loan might be worth a look. I'm not entirely sold, yet, but it seems to have promise, despite the formulaic elements. The main character notices that two (very popular) classmates have black rings around their necks - a sign of impending death; the ring first appears, then darkens as the person's end draws closer. Trouble is, both of theirs are completely black. Turns out they didn't survive the accident that claimed many of their sempai, but are now indebted to the Z-Loan company, given an extension of life, in exchange for helping harvest those whose times have come. (By whomever's estimation, but I doubt it'll go there, much as I'd like)

Damn, that did work well! Chili oil, garlic granules, two sliced bird's eye peppers. Then a small cubed-up chicken breast and lemon juice, a little rosemary, and a few quartered mushrooms, followed a little later by several baby corn and halved mangetout. Finally, a packet of wok-ready ramen and a small package of tiger prawns. Sounds complex, but oh, the results! Like the best Singapore noodles - succulent chicken, sweet prawns, tanginess, heat, piquance galore!
Thanks for the heads up on Zombie-Loan; I'll check it out.

How far did you get with Darker Than Black? Episode 14 here - and I really, really want to see where it goes from there ... though I agree that it's likely not going to be a happy ending.
Z-L's a bit of an odd one - there were moments I was squirming at the clichés, then eager to see what was coming next. It feels like it's got potential, though. Have you seen Bokurano? That might intrigue you - it's particularly strong on the acceptance (or otherwise) of one's demise.

Only up to ep.11 of DtB, here.. I'd definitely like to continue, if possible. Such a nuisance there's no way of receiving most of the Japanese channels outside Japan (and perhaps nearby regions, covered by the DBS footprints), but that seems to be something many broadcasters are still struggling with, most opting for a plain "not in our country? Bog off" approach to their netcasts and VOD. Still, it was pretty neat to see the CBC's going to be posting S29 Doctor Who on their site for three weeks after transmission - probably locked down, but very helpful for many viewers, I'm sure.

Trouble with DtB is I fear getting caught in a cliffhanger trap.. they do like those. ^_^

I'll give you a teaser, then, on Black ... that mysterious "organization" that Our Heroes™ are working for apparently can make dolls - and by logical extension, contractors as well.

I'll track down Bokurano, too.
Oof! Wow.. that adds a new dimension to that mysterious vanishing of powers, and said contractor's elimination, amongst other things. How much more did that professor know? No, most likely any new discoveries took place well away from the Gate.

Meanwhile, in Western animation, we see there's Alvin and the Chipmunks to look forward to..
Ya know, two months after my break-up where a motorcycle was the subject of much argument I went out and bought a motorcycle.
Just make sure you take care on that! Don't want you winding up needing reassembly, or worse. **hug**
We can rebuild him. Stronger. Faster. Cuter than before...
We can rebuild him. Stronger. Faster. Cuter than before...
*tummy growl and looks pitifully hungry*

When are ya gonna cook for me? :P
Well, I could always pack something in dry ice.. ^_^ (As I recall, it's possible to order partially baked Chicago style pizzas from Giordano's, which they send frozen, packed in dry ice. Mmm, Chicago stuffed pizza.. if you're in the Bay sometime, try Zachary's, a one minute walk from the Rockridge station. Easily on a par with anything in Chicago. Oddly, they're about the only such place in all of the Bay Area, and they're always packed. They don't even bother accepting cards - only cash. You'd think a few of the forty billion other pizza joints would give it a try)
Love the icon. With the feet in the air like that, one does not NEED to see the whole picture to know what he is doing. :D
Fel does come up with some of the cutest artwork, but that's perhaps my favorite of all he's done - really can't go wrong with cuuute bunny feets and cuffs (NSFW!). ^_^

I'm quite pleased with the cropping I chose - retains all the cuteness, and even becomes worksafe. =:)
Zombie-Loan have a website. No mention of their APR rates though. :)

What was most surprising of all about this post was your use of the word 'Damn'. Never pictured you to be the cursing type. ^_^;