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patch_bunny now has, following some intricate adventures with reflective tape, a superbly lapine helmet. Most spiffy. ^_^

In light of the most recent nocona, I should point out something mycroftb discovered: ihasatardis - cat macro-style pics for Doctor Who. =:D And with a lapine theme, as kyootfox found, there's ihasabunny.

v1.0 of the wonderplugin Perian is now available. Amongst other niftiness, it supports Matroska containers, and SSA/SRT subtitles, automagically enabling them for similarly named files. (eg foobar.avi and foobar.srt would just play together) Easily worth installing, if you have 10.4.7 or later, as it also replaces a pile of other individual plugins:

+ AVI, FLV, and MKV file formats
+ MS-MPEG4 v1 & v2, DivX, 3ivX, H.264, FLV1, FSV1, VP6, H263I, VP3, + HuffYUV, FFVHuff, MPEG1 & MPEG2 Video, Fraps, Windows Media Audio v1 & v2, Flash ADPCM, Xiph Vorbis (in Matroska), MPEG Layer II Audio
+ AVI support for: AAC, AC3 Audio, H.264, MPEG4, and VBR MP3
+ Subtitle support for SSA and SRT

And it's not over yet.. "hey, VLC trunk improved a lot, it does SSE2 colorspace conversion in a seperate thread. Our next version is going to move it to OpenGL shaders, though, so I won't bother looking into that."

Prepare to have any remaining fragments of innocence swept away in this hilarious Transformers panel that drhoz found. =:D (And razzlfraz might enjoy one particular anime icon in the comments)

Dinner: 1.5 smoked mackerel fillets with premade spinach & ricotta sauce, livened up with a little sage, chili oil, soy sauce, and garlic, along with some brown rice, and mangetout & baby corn. Happy bunny. Anyone looking for a live-in chef? Californian addresses given preference. ^_^

Doctor Who? Much as everyone's said, really - poor pacing, plenty of wasted opportunities, yet still with some enjoyable highlights. Still, mycroftb noticed this time machine, and I insist it appear in Doctor Who. Police boxes are all very well, but really, who can beat this?

razzlfraz noticed Crotchy, a 12" cotton toy that's somehow very wrong, in a Jim Woodring-gone-bad way. ^_^;

Caught on camera by roohbear outside his office, here's a brief clip of a black-tailed jack rabbit (lepus californicus, which is actually a hare).

Musical discovery of the day was a surreal creation indeed - Peter and the Wolf. Sure, you've heard it before. But this time, from Weird Al and Wendy Carlos. =:D And you might want to check out Schrödinger's Dog - Zone of Fire, "Progressive, semiorganic trance with dark undercurrents, loosely based on/inspired by Galerians."

Wikipedian Protester

I want to see these signs in use. ^_^
Great helmet!

Speaking of loltardises...
I'd take up biking just to have an excuse for a helmet like that. ^_^

Oh, gods, that's fabulous - no need to show the episode to anyone. That version's much better.

(I've no problem with deus ex machina on occasion - you'll maybe recall I was bowled over by Parting of the Ways, which I'd say was a far more evenly paced story, not trying to be too complex. Somewhat the difference between the first Matrix, and its successors, if not maybe that extreme)

That's a nice helmet. :)

...and a huge rabbit, too. Hey, you can say whatever you want about Germany, but at least we still are good for *something*. ^.~

Crotchy, needless to say, is— well, bizarre. c.c I think it's the "Mom" tattoo that's really selling it, too...

(As for VLC, I really hope they'll fix up their horrible GUI some time. Seriously, is there no good, open player that actually has a decent GUI?)

He really did a lovely job on it. But he's quite a talented bunny, even if he'll seldom admit his skills to anyone, himself included. =:)

I'm wondering why Britain's so modest about its lapine heritage - just look at the classic Dutch, and the Belgian Hare. Germany, for me, stands for excellence in Meaty Goodness™, be it frikadellen or bratwurst, and beer, of so many more varieties than can be found outside the country - and pride in cooking, which seems all so often lacking in the UK. Oh, and vollkornbrot, in loaves heavy enough to qualify as freight. Arrrrnomnomnom. Mm, a slice of such with herring in sour cream would be quite nice..

I think we can assume this is one toy that wasn't created with a TV cartoon show in mind. =:D

Oh, gods, yes.. VLC's a fantastic application, and one I use routinely, alongside the plain QuickTime Player, and MplayerOSX, but those preferences! Only a hardcore geek would count those as neatly and helpfully arranged. (And from a presentation viewpoint, I hope VLC's subtitles come in for some attention - mplayer handles them correctly, scaling the image, then overlaying the text at the requested size. VLC, on the other paw, seems to decode the frame, add the text, then scales, so the fonts are never as smooth as they could be. Linewrapping might not be so unwelcome, either..

There are some supposedly very pleasant third-party QT players, though I've not explored them - the stock one's fairly basic, but it does its job. Add Perian, and it's of similar capability to the others. And finally, for the first time since QT4 (or so), it sounds like the QT Player will once more allow fullscreen playback without having to pay for a Pro key. Which sort of follows on logically from iTunes being able to do so. Would be nice if the other functions were also available - it's quite handy having rudimentary editing available without having to fire up a full-blown editor like iMovie or FCP.

Maybe I'll try poking around VLC sometime, but as far as open source furkling goes, I'm probably more likely to dive into the SL client, as that might prove helpful as a practical introduction to OpenGL. "OpenGL Distilled" is an excellent book, leaving out options that aren't all that important, but noting what it's not covering, so you're aware of it; but there's only so much sifting through such reference works one can take without the eyes beginning to glaze over. ^_^;

*smiles* Funny that you actually like Schwarzbrot - I personally can't stand it, but I suppose you can't argue about taste. ^_^ Mmm, have you checked if there's any deli stores that stock it, though? I would imagine it's possible to find it - it may not be cheap enough to buy as an everyday stock food, but it may be good for an occasional treat. :)

*chuckles* And yeah, that.. thing probably wasn't created with a cartoon in mind, although it'd be fun to come up with one. For some reason, I have a mental image of a show ("the Adventures of Crotchy"?) involving the marching hammers from "Another brick in the wall" and Crotchy now, set in a rather psychedelic world not entirely unreminiscent of the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" movie. ^^ And then you could have "the New Adventures of Crotchy, where Crotchy decides to be a normal girl and attend a typical US-American high school, where high drama and hilarity will no doubt ensue. :)

(And no, I haven't been smoking anything. ^^)

Mmm. I'd look into Perian, but I think that's an OS X application, right? :) Myself, I tend to use MPC for videos, which is tolerable, and VLC for things that MPC doesn't play; for music, I've actually settled on foobar2k again now, but only after I discovered that there's actually a bunch of plugins that turn it into a half-decent program (on its own, it's worthless, for much the same reasons that VLC is: a horrible, HORRIBLE UI).

Heh, "OpenGL distilled" sounds like a good reference book, too, although I still have never come across any that came close to the wonderful "Programming Perl" - which is not only exhaustive and helpful, but also quite hilarious to read. ^^ But then, that's Perl culture for you... :)
I took this pic while I was in Utah.

I was in an outdoor surplus store called "Smith and Edwards". I was taking some pics, and I saw this little guy DASH across the clearing and stop by the pallet in the shade. I got a pic of the little guy just before he vanished under the pallet. I should mention it was 100+ F that day, and this couldn't have been a happy creature.

It's an urban creature, to be sure. Living in a surplus yard can't be easy. But it amazed me how much wildlife was in a 60 acre "wasteland".
That is rather nifty. I'm surprised to see rabbits amongst urban wildlife, but, if there's food to be found, I suppose there'll be some willing to give it a try. ^_^ Raccoons and foxes have no problem with being in territory humans consider exclusively theirs, perhaps encouraged by the presence of food that doesn't need to be chased, so much as rescued from feeding points people leave out by their houses.