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Did you know there are furries in the Bay Area?

"Conductor: For those of you that are interested, Penn Station is next. For those that aren't, it still is." Are NYC conductors commonly snarky, or do submitters to OiNY just manage to catch the rare exceptions? I don't recall ever hearing anything but routine station announcements on BART, and no-one but a select few can understand the Tube announcers anyway.

Recently, a meeting of large and small music publishers, managers, and other representatives of the music industry convened in Kristiansand - and came to some remarkably sane conclusions:

* Prosecuting end users is silly - when you can monetise them

* Since "piracy" today means "get free music", the future has to offer something that "feels like free"

* Vastly wealthier industries than the music business today profit from the demand for recorded music - without giving anything back. That isn't fair, and it's got to change

* Digital music services of the future need a better deal than the begrudging and piecemeal licenses offered so far by rights holders: but these have to be so attractive only the suicidal would want to turn it down.

"The era of levies is over," said one participant. "Government isn't going to step in and hand us a business."
Nice artical.. good press is allways refreshing =)

I think if you ride bart, or any route long enough you get to know what they are saying. It's like speaking typo =)
*chuckle* Nice turn of phrase. ^_^ Oh, BART I've no problem, other than when they set the volume level to "whisper", so you're more just hearing a series of clicks and pops than anything voice-like. Which they then sometimes make up for with emergency warning system loudness.. personally, I'd happily drop the spoken announcements in favor of, say, scrolling messageboards, noting the next station coming, current time, and any notes such as timed transfers. (Of course, if we go there, we'd have to first dunk the guy responsible for the station displays into the Bay without a wetsuit for a while. Why on earth make them display ads and PSAs half the time? They should always be showing some useful information, like current time and number of minutes to the next train. Still, at least the LED boards have a lot more capacity, and tend to be reliably legible.. the old bulb-driven ones were sometimes positively heiroglyphic =:)

I'm quite mixed on the article, but the tone was more or less positive - it's just the writing made for quite a confused piece, as if she simply couldn't get her head around the whole anthro thing, wanting to have natural traits involved more. Still, fair's fair, furrydom's going to be puzzling for some people when they first encounter it - thankfully, I've never had any problems with the folks at the various offices I've worked in. (Indeed, the boss' landlord at the last place was a furry)

Mmm... not a bad article. I don't know why they're comparing a fur *meet* with a fur *con* for size (although it seems to bolster the idea the author apparently intends to convey that the SF bay area is indeed a huge hotspot for furries, it'd of course be rather unkosher, journalistically speaking, to knowingly make a comparison like that even though you know it's inaccurate - but on the other hand, if it's not intentional, it's definitely the kind of sloppiness that you wouldn't expect from a professional journalist, either), and they managed to spell Tom Howling's name as "Howler" once, but outside of that... not bad, although it could still be improved.

Of course, it's not the first article on furries in the bay area. :) This one is from 1999 (and it's better, too!), for example - and there might well be older ones. :)

THYME CUBE FTW indeed! ^^

As for the quotes (the ones supposedly from NYC conductors), who knows whether those aren't made-up.
I wonder if I still have that issue of the Metro? Or maybe it's a different article I'm thinking of.. but yes, that's quite a contrast in writing style - the Metro story reads much more fluidly, whereas the new one feels rather more disjointed. Slightly odd she'd make a point of the SF meet, given (AIUI) they're very small - around 4-6 people most months, though I've never actually made it along to one, not generally being one given to random meets. Although I did have a blast at the one-off shindig toraneko arranged at the Magnolia Cafe - much good conversation, food, and beer was enjoyed by all. ^_^

If I ever get around to making up a personal homepage sometime, I'm going to have to link to the THYME CUBE. No additional explanation, of course. =;)

Could well be, true. I suppose it doesn't really make much difference - whether heard or invented, there are some gems of snark there. Hmm. Given how many "overheard in.." sites there are now, I wonder if there's one for the Bay..

Yay! Only another day until the season finale of Doctor Who! So much fun.. and we're building towards what looks like an epic climax. Ah, to be able to snuggle up with someone special and enjoy it together.. but there's always doctorwho, at least, for collective squee and moaning. ^_^
Oh, yes, meets can be quite fun indeed. ^^ I just don't think it's fair to compare meets and cons; the meet mentioned in that Register article should've been compared to the bay area's furry coffee (I think that doesn't exist anymore, though, does it?), not FC or so.

Mmm, if you still have that Metro issue, could you perchance scan the article for me? I'd love that. :)
Sadly, if I do have that issue, it's safely tucked up in storage at the moment. *sigh* Still, when I can eventually get everything out again, it'll be like multiple Christmases at once. =:D (Come to that, the scanner's in storage as well =:)

I'm not sure if coffee's still going - I think it may've petered out a while back, yes, in favor of Crack Chicken and Revenge of Pizza. And those both seem to wax and wane as well. I've not been to any of them in several years, though - not since the cybercafe in Sunnyvale, and before that, ironically enough, Cafe Leviticus, which was rather a cool venue, especially for an area as sterile as the South Bay. Still, maybe I'll try out another con sometime - it's been a while. I'd first want to make sure I could appear in proper lapine form, which will probably involve kilos of elephant snot. Have you considered getting properly furred up? Can't be as good as real fur of one's own, but it can be deeply enjoyable.
Oh, I've definitely considered it! The main problem for me is that I'd either have to commission a suit (which would require large amounts of money which I don't have) or build one myself (which would require large amounts of skill which I don't have *and* a substantial amount of money for material which I don't have - less money than for a commission, but still a sizeable amount). :/

I may be able to work something out at some point, but for now, it's out, unfortunately - and that's all the sadder considering I *know* it would be a wonderful experience to get a proper fursuit, not just for cons and socialising etc., but also for spiritual and otherwise personal reasons. *sighs softly*

Ah well. What can you do, though? I often think it's really sad that there's so many things in life I'd like to have or do or enjoy that I can't (even though they're readily available) solely because of something as superficial as money, but what can you do?

Well, at least it's giving me an opportunity to lose some more weight first; I really need to do that before I can think about a fursuit, anyway. (Not that it wouldn't be possible to get fursuit that fits right now, of course, but I'd really want to be slender.)
I think BART was the only method of public transport we didn't use while in SF. I think it's great that there's such variety. I've used the Croyden Tramlink purely because it's different.
Oh, BART's cool. Comfortable, frequent, fast.. just a pity it doesn't encircle the Bay and go out rather further, especially into Marin County, but the latter seems not to want to make it easier for the proles to darken their land. =:) The recent SFO stop makes getting to/from the airport a cinch, too. There are plans for bringing the line down from the current terminus in Fremont in through to San Jose, but it's such a gargantuanly bureaucratic process, not helped by endless wrangling between the various counties involved as to who should pay what percentage of the costs. And even once that and all the preliminary work's done, ISTR construction was scheduled to take somewhere around a decade.. real pity, as it'd be a boon for commuters, given 880 always chokes around Milpitas during "rush" hours.

Or, for more traditional trainery, there's always CalTrain, running down the peninsula, between the City and San Jose. Not especially fast, but quite comfortable, and there's plenty of 110V available. ^_^ Now, if they could only manage WiFi as well..

One small anecdote from lilairen overheard on the Boston subway:

Attention passengers: this is a Bwaintwee twain. Again, this is a Bwaintree twain.

I've heard the occasional slipup, but nothing humorous as far as I can remember.
Is it any surprise the first thing that pops into my head is "FWEE WODEWICK!"? =:)

About the only out-of-the-ordinary moments I can recall on Bay transit have been on the F-line, which runs lovingly restored streetcars down Market, turning around at Castro. There's such atmosphere to them that some drivers really enjoy the route - almost expect a musical number to strike up spontaneously. ^_^
Don't make fun... time cube saved my soul and let me marry the stripper I was in love with!!

It also gave me the ability to project the sound of butter over the international date line.

I may have to call myself The Future Sound of Butter, if I can get off my tail and actually put something musical together. ^_^

Wow, quentincoyote is a stripper? Who knew?

(Deleted comment)
*giggle* Oh, how could it ever work between us.. I adore cilantro. =:) Coriander. Something. It does seem there's a big chunk of the population (10%?) that perceives cilantro as having a soapy flavor, as I recall. For me, it's an essential part of a good salsa, and an easy addition to a mixed salad.

Have you tried lemon thyme? Similar, but with a distinctly citrus aroma to it - lovely stuff, but not reliably available in the stores. I suppose I should get some pots outside with a few herbs.. there's an added joy in cooking with fresh herbs, letting all those wonderful scents into the air as you're cutting them into the concoction. (I'll confess to cheating with using garlic powder, though, out of sheer convenience - also handy if letting the garlic cook through isn't really an option)