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Chicken chicken chicken. Unquestionably the most illuminating presentation you'll see this year, which pyesetz somehow stumbled upon.

paka will probably get a kick out of this religious comparison. ^_^ (Read on into the comments, too)

Has anyone else been seeing unreliability in LJ comment notifications? It still seems to be going on - from that last entry, I saw maybe 20% reach me as notifications, yet comments in anyone else's journals seem fine, though sometimes delayed a bit. Not to say I'd refuse a permanent account. =:D

Tired of the endless fecal products Disney dumps straight to DVD? It sounds like that's now in the past. 'Little Mermaid III, which is currently in production, will be the last of the direct-to-DVD animated sequels. In a 2003 conference call with financial analysts, Jobs said how much he hated the DVD sequels. "We feel sick about Disney doing sequels. If you look at the quality of their sequels it's pretty embarrassing."' That said, I'd commend those responsible for TLK 1.5 (or 3, in some countries) - not quite theatrical grade, but far superior animation to any of their TV work. And direct DVD releases aren't uncommon for anime, often being of higher quality than TV debuts, though as yet there seems little sign of interest in developing such a direct market, bypassing the multiple vested interests in broadcasting.

I had to highlight this OpenGL example app: FBOBunnies, demonstrating framebuffer objects. ^_^

The Union of Concerned Scientists wants your vote on your favorite cartoon regarding the politicization of science. Some good contenders there, of the twelve nominees. (Might want to watch the "add me to these lists" boxes, with one checked by default; though it could be a good mailing list. They do still exist)

If you're adept with a Wacom, you might try entering Sclipo's competition to produce a tutorial on using a Wacom tablet for any purpose that interests you, up to five minutes in length, no more than 100MB. Top prize? A most lustworthy Cintiq 21UX. It wraps up on Aug 25 2007, but as they're seeking publicity by making votes part of the determining of the winner, getting your clip(s) in earlier would help.

worthyadvisor found this remarkable cake. A manly cake. A cake made out of meat. =:D

Via bohor, an introduction to Canada. Not purely worksafe, but nearly.

Dessert idea for the day (bunny tested and approved): crunchy nut clusters cereal with hot, fresh custard. ^_^ As crappy a day may be, that's a good way out.

And is there maybe some purely coincidental link between the Valiant, as in The Sound of Drums, and SPECTRUM's Cloud Base? Hee! (And for more random speculation, maybe you've something to say on my posting over there, regarding the Valiant; spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched The Sound of Drums yet)

Bambi II was quite outstanding, actually. Based on its success, I was hoping someday to see a Bambi III, when Bambi would himself be an adult and become the Great Prince. Now, obviously, that will never be...
True, there were a couple exceptions - TLK 1.5 had far better animation than, say, TLK 2 (*shiver*), which was firmly in the realm of the material Jobs and Catmull had been wanting to abandon. I suppose the problem with going with any sequel is it prevents new characters and settings from being introduced, confining the storyteller to more familiar grounds - Ghibli's almost never gone for sequels for much those reasons, AIUI, with The Cat Returns being a sort of half-exception. (Come to that, you might give The Girl Who Leapt Through Time a try - not actually their work, but it's of that caliber)

I still think it's high time we saw Spellsinger on the big screen.. ^_^ Could probably be done as live action now, even, considering the recent Narnia flick. (Which I've still not seen.. I should perhaps remedy that at some point. I used to adore the books, after all, though I'm not sure I'd enjoy all the fighting. And it sounds as if there was an absence of lapinity too =:)
I believe LJ are still having DoS problems as a result of the backlash to their censorship of journals.
Ahhh, wonder if that could be it.. I've had a few other assorted LJ failures too, like "could not generate talk_id" on submitting a reply; thankfully, it's looking like things are returning to normal.

I need to catch up with the precise details of what happened in that debacle. Does sound like SA put themselves into an untenable position, but you know how people will leap to half-assed conclusions based on poorly-worded statements.
Basically SixApart want to put LJ out to tender, and they do not care what principles are sacrificed on the alter in their persuit of this. They are not "sorry the whole thing happened.", they are sorry they were caught! They deeply under-estimated the opinion of LJ's users.
Yess! I immediately thought Cloudbase too!
And of course, the Captains as well.. =:)

I wonder if there'll be more of the CG version of Captain Scarlet? Probably not, but I felt that worked very well indeed - they kept the spirit of the show faithfully, just updating minor aspects here and there. Importantly, the only big changes were in the freedom CG gave them to enjoy cinematic camera movements and stunts, rather than being bound to physical sets. Wonder if Play have the DVD going cheap.. ^_^
'And is there maybe some purely coincidental link between the Valiant, as in The Sound of Drums, and SPECTRUM's Cloud Base?'

Umm well no, as if you have seen The New Captain Scarlet, they remade Cloudbase ande called it 'skybase' for some reason. Anyways the Valiant and Skybase look very suspiciously alike to me. I think gerry will be asking for a pay out :P
Oh? I hadn't noticed that subtle renaming - perhaps I'll use that as an excuse to rewatch a few episodes of the CG series. ^_^ I'd love to see more of that, but AFAICT, that's our lot. Hopefully ole Gerry's keeping busy - no spring chicken, but he so clearly has such fun doing what he does.
There are rumours he's working on something, excatly what no one is saying but I suspect it could be Thunderbirds.

There's quite a few series it could be really he's made more than a few as I recall:

* The Adventures Of Twizzle
* Torchy The Battery Boy (Series One)
* Four Feather Falls
* Crossroads To Crime (Feature Film)
* Supercar (Series One)
* Supercar (Series Two)
* Fireball XL5
* Stingray
* Thunderbirds (Series One)
* Thunderbirds Are Go (Feature Film)
* Thunderbirds (Series Two)
* Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
* Thunderbird 6 (Feature Film)
* Joe 90
* Doppelgänger
(Feature Film - aka Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun)
* The Secret Service
* The Protectors (Series One)
* The Protectors (Series Two)
* The Investigator (Unscreened Pilot)
* Space:1999 (Year One)
* The Day After Tomorrow Into Infinity (Pilot Film)
* Space:1999 (Year Two)
* Terrahawks (Series One)
* Terrahawks (Series Two)
* Space Police Star Laws (Unscreened Pilot)
* Dick Spanner
* GFI (Unscreened Pilot)
* Space Precinct
* Lavender Castle
* New Captain Scarlet
Sadly no one has been able to match the level of scientist related humour in their cartoons of Gary Larson... damn I miss farside.

Interesting video but I think a more accurate introduction to Canada would go something like this:
Thanks. :)

Hee! Well, the main problem I see Christianity as having is the US evangelicals, who've thrown their lot in with fascism, for reasons best known to themselves. (Though "money" and "power" don't seem like bad guesses) Elsewhere in the world, it seems it's become a good deal more moderate - then again, we've seen some astounding decisions from the Catholic hierarchy in Latin America and Africa as well. Seems like it takes a thousand years or so for a religion to get bedded down in a national culture to the point where it doesn't attempt to be some overarching power above all..
Mmmm, meat cake. ^^
The Chicken Chicken Chicken thing.... didn't like it. I guess PowerPoint people are chicken of making presentations?

The Canada video was stupid.

The Plasticat video was excellent!

A friend in NewZealand sent me an anime DVD called Colorful which I liked. Najica Blitz Tactics was not bad either. Ever seen them or anything like them?