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Hey, otter3! LOOP

rabitguy pointed out this astonishing guitar solo by Bireli Lagrene. 'Sgood. (How many guitarists are there on my flist? ISTR atomicat's been known to noodle around as well, and runtt.. what other musical talents are youse lot keeping hidden?)

Old lady versus impatient driver. Don't miss this brief gem of the web. ^_^ (Then again, you shouldn't miss the first one either. And you should keep raw bacon from sitting on top of cheese in the fridge, though I seem to have terrible difficulty convincing others using the fridge here of that. Speaking of which, orona_red came across this remarkable club. Truly, the web offers all)

I wonder if it'd be possible to make a good remix of the Shaun the Sheep theme, combined with Belbury Poly's "Farmer's Angle"..

A fascinating little piece on the future role of the British armed forces, and the direction society might take, according to their prognostications.

Via mejeep, a rather cool vintage set of photographs depicting a rabbit hunt. =:)

The video for Gorillaz' "Rock It" owes a little to Mr Gilliam, it would seem.. and Gotan Project - Santa Maria is quite a good video to a nuevo tango track.

paka in particular might enjoy this remarkable horse.

So, what really happened at the end of Life on Mars? Find out, direct from the lead writer and co-creator. (This may also mean spoilers in the comments, if you've not yet seen the episode)

plushlover recently unearthed an old Apple II magazine ad, which is just begging for a caption contest. =:D

Here's an amusing quote of the NSFW variety. And the linked pics are worth seeing.

This posting explores the depth of plagiarism one "artist", Todd Goldman of "David & Goliath", has been engaging in, and making very good money at it, with prints selling in the range of $1k, and plenty of other mass merchandise. The example where Dave Kelley's work was unequivocally copied is one of the more blatant.

Vaguely handy: a buyer's guide from MacRumors, listing dates of each product line's revisions, suggesting whether it's in mid-cycle, due for a bump, or just updated. Of course, the historical evidence is of limited value, given processor availability's now the realm of a different manufacturer. (And quite a friendly relationship it appears to be, too - seems the particular Xeon used in the new dual quad-core Mac Pro is currently only being supplied to Apple)

Anime again. ^_^ Darker than Black, from Bones, seems to be off to a reasonable start. It's set in 2015, where the unnamed city is walled off by Hell's Gate, beyond which few know what lies. Some do come in from the outside - people with superhuman abilities, acting as hit-men, working to a strict set of rules, known as Contractors, and mediums, or Dolls.

A somewhat different tone is taken in Sola, which begins as a seemingly conventional chance romance, only to wind up in a swordfight climax as the apparent heroine is targeted by a bespectacled stranger. Neither seem outstanding, but they're quite enjoyable, one episode in.

spidermouse noticed that there's a screening of Paprika, amongst other anime features, in London on May 5. Not that the other selections are bad, but that'd be worth the trip alone, if it's an option.

Spotted by mycroftb.. ^_^
Noodle around? Me? *sigh* I wish. My greatest well, thing I wish I'd done, or had the opportunity to do... learn an instrument.

Wicked vid there of the old lady.
WOW! That Goldman guy is a world-class DICK!
Y'know... I was really hoping to see that wabbit do the chick. *sigh*

Oh! You must be cohabiting the same bit of brain as someone else, then. ^_^ Nothing to say you can't start now - regardless of age, not everyone winds up as Mike Oldfield, but tinkling around on the keyboard's fun whatever your aspirations. ^_^

It's a curious affair with Goldman. I first noticed his work (if it was indeed his) with that "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" piece, by way of some folks picking it up as a LiveJournal icon. Cute enough, but I was disappointed to find there wasn't anything more to it - it hadn't come from a comic he was drawing, say; no background. But to see he's been so open about his copying - technically, the art department, which going by the comments later on from that entry, seems to work on the same basis - and then play the wide-eyed innocent, painting himself as some modern art genius, gaining the proceeds of a substantial business on that basis.. pretty horrible. Whether there's legal comeback, I'm not sure - you probably recall that lifted Queen bassline, ne? It wouldn't surprise me if some modest tweak was sufficient to render it legally original and unique. Still, I'd hope those so egregiously defrauded could team up to share the legal costs, and have the guy swatted down comprehensively - a public apology, licensing, and retroactive profit sharing heavily in the creators' favor seems reasonable.

Who knows? Maybe that ending was in the surprisingly more expensive second volume. =:D
Hmmm, Infinity_Squared perhaps? He WAY more than a noodler though!

I can't see any "modest tweaks" covering up for such blatant rip-offs though. Here's hoping he gets his arse handed to him on a platter.
Oh, really? I've seen the hamster's foodie postings, but nothing musical. I can but wonder what I'm missing. ^_^

Absolutely - but as that bassline case illustrated, even a tiny alteration of a line clearly lifted and alluding to "Under Pressure" apparently rendered it "original". On the other paw, if someone started selling comics with a black mouse with circular ears and pink gloves, there'd probably be some stern words in store, if not a ruinous "settlement" (aka "offer you can't refuse"). And his work sure as hell doesn't fall under any exemption of parody - a good shield, but still hardly adequate, as the Air Pirates showed.

I play guitar, but you know that. :)
I'd been beginning to suspect. =:)
Wow. Thanks! I'm afraid I don't know anything at all about Danish warmbloods, but Matine would have me channeling my inner 10-year-old-girl even if the entire act had been just trotting in circles.

I'm not good with these things and the weird high-stepping "dance" is pretty amazing, but what I actually know about is that "passage" move? Off to the side? I was lucky enough to see a Spanish School-trained Lippizanner do that - once, during a larger performance. Matine there, executed the move about three or four times in under four minutes, in between doing all that other stuff.
"With Bobby's parents distracted, Mike makes his move with the young lad."

"And they all thought my idea of mandatory shiatsu training was a waste of time!"

Dad seems happy enough, copying down the store computer's passwords..
Mmmm, LOOP link is interesting.
Two episodes into Darker Than Black and I'm hooked.