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Bunnies, bunnies everywhere

While nosing around through LJ interest searches, I happened upon The Bunny Hug dance, which apparently originated in San Francisco in 1913. Quite daring for its time, I quite enjoyed this quote: "We hear the Two-step and an outrageously indecent display called the Bunny Hug are gaining favor with the younger element. Let them watch their steps, these young sensationalists. The time will come when they will tire of this eternal jogging and jerking, and find more surcease in the grace and restful beauty of the Valse".

That came via bunnygirls, which despite the name, is welcoming of bunnyboys and bunnygirls alike. ^_^ Not as busy as one might like, but there's activity. (All perfectly work safe - this is the furry/anime variety, not Playboy's)

By way of vesuvius, a little article from the SF Chronicle about the role the Secret Service and local police play in ensuring the President is kept well away from those who disagree with him.

Finally, some fruity goodness coming to the UK - Apple's going to be opening a 20,000 sq.ft. flagship store in Regent Street "in time for Christmas", along the lines of the existing ones in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo and San Francisco (opening on Feb 28, Union Square. Free t-shirts, guest appearances, and a drawing for an iMac/camcorder/camera/printer/iPod combo, running until the end of March)
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