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To begin: one Italian style margherita pizza from the supermarket.

Then: garlic granules, rosemary, and smoked hot paprika. As the tomato sauce was a bit thin on the ground, a few cherry tomatoes cut in half, and a dash of salt to compensate. Finally, for the herby layer, a light sprinkling of chili oil.

Next: meat. A few slices each of turkey and ham. (Sadly, the shiitake turned out to have registered their objection to being left in the fridge for a few days)

Finally: about twenty minutes in a moderately hot oven.


Damn, that was good. And a surprisingly thin base, although not as yeasty as I'd prefer - but that's very difficult to pull off with days between creation and cooking.

(Anyone got any foolproof recipes for Italian style pizza dough they can personally vouch for? I'm great with brewing yeast, but when I last tried anything baked, I seemed to have The Touch of Death)

And the Doctor Who torrent not only appeared promptly, but completed in short order. YAY!
That sounds really nice :)

Delia Smith's pizza dough recipe is very good. It can be found in her Complete Cookery Course book :)
Ahh, I'll see if I can sniff it out. ^_^ Of course, I suppose for the real pizza base, you need a real pizza oven.. but I've read of success with pizza stones, and I should think the plain gas oven here could get that up to a good temperature.

(Mmm, now I'm thinking of the blurb Ruth's Chris Steakhouses have, about their meat being cooked in ovens at some extraordinary temperature. Very good stuff, though I think the place a few friends and I from the last job went to surpassed that.. all serious carnivores, and we'd prepared ourselves. So, whilst that cut wasn't actually on the menu any longer, they were quite happy to serve it to us.. 32oz New York Strip, solid steak, rare. Oh, that was a good night =:)

Delia is a goddess :)

That steak house sounds mighty fine. I'll have to research it further ;)

You are a scholar and a gentleman. ^_^

Here's one page on Alfred's Steakhouse, the place I was referring to. Quite plush surroundings, but in true City style, they're cool with people turning up however they choose.
Shame that they aren't in the UK, although there must be equivalent places :)
I don't know if my dough is particularly yeasty, but it's a variation from a basic pizza dough recipe from a bread machine cook book. I wind up adding dried herbs to the dough and let the machine run thru a cycle. I take it out and let it rise, punch it down and then wrap it in cling-wrap and let it rise in the refrigerator for a while.

I try to be light-handed when laying out the dough as not to punch it down too much. I toss it, and stretch it, but not roll it.

When baking, I set my oven to 550 deg and bake it until I smell it (about 10 minutes). Leave soft stuff like cheese and basil for last. Turn off the oven, sprinkle it on, close the oven and wait a couple of minutes.
Ahh, a bread machine! That might make the difference for me - and of course, it's good for all manner of bread styles. Wonder if I could make a real baguette.. I'd probably have to track down the right flour (if you've not seen it, the anime Yakitate Japan is a lot of fun, being set around the central theme of a top-notch bakery, even including some genuine tips, and styles taken to some amusing extremes), but it's most peculiar to me just how rare the real thing is, outside of France. Though I'd accept Acme's version's very good. ^_^ (Mmm, one time a friend from the last job brought one such baguette in, along with some rare sliced roast beef, cheese (I forget what - something of Edam's texture), and real horseradish sauce. We proceeded to make others quite envious about their lunch plans. Shared with the boss, though, who was an exceptionally cool sort =:)

Interesting method of cooking! I can see that'd work, especially for Italian style - I admit, I often layer my toppings a bit, but for that, I'd happily be more sparing. Of course, good mozzarella makes a difference too. It's not a cheese with a strong flavor, but good stuff's very tasty nonetheless.

I probably should look into getting a bread maker sometime. Space is a bit tight in the kitchen, but I think I'd be able to make plenty of use of one. (Though it might have to compete for funding with an espresso maker.. then again, I think I left one with my father a few years back prior to one of my moves, and I doubt he's using it =:)
I use mine to make dough, and bake everything in a proper oven. The machine just takes the chore out of the kneading process.
oh yeah...


Mmmm, after market modded pizza. I roll on that tip ;D

Also.. now that I'm on my lonesome out in da souwff, where I can torrent my Who? :)
I'm pretty pleased with the results. ^_^ I think part of it has to be the oil - i t's only chintzy Blue Dragon chili infused oil, but it's got a really good characteristic - quite moderately hot, for a mass-market item. (And that's one of the few times I'll add oil in cooking - usually, I just let the rest of the ingredients take care of the juices. I just don't go much for fat in cooking, for the most part. But I will where it makes a difference - I've made some stunningly unhealthy cheesecakes, f'rex =:)

Aw! ^_^ I couldn't possibly deny you Who. This is the torrent which gave me joy. And it did - this was a load of fun! Definitely, fetch it as soon as you can. ^_^ Martha's going to be someone to reckon with - they really seem to make a great combination right off the bat, with her being nobody's fool. Her reaction to the situation she found herself in, after the rainstorm, in their new location.. it's that sheer spirit of wonder, of adventure!
Strange and bugger. Normally torrentz.com will find just about anything. Checked a bunch of other sites too... Where'd you get the Dr. Who episode! Bugger again I'm feeling like a n00b.
I wasn't obsessively checking the site every few minutes, no, not at all. =:) This is the torrent I helped build. Came in in a bit over an hour, too - quite good compression, though I wish they'd bump up from MPEG-4 Part 2 to MPEG-4 Part 10. It's so good to have the Doctor back, especially on such a high note. ^_^
Mah man! Grabbing now. I find it rather strange that torrentz.com includes meganova in its search, but didn't find that torrent. Must remember to search that one specifically. Anyways thanks loads and cheers! *raises beer* *glug glug*
(changes torrent to the one you've listed - three times the peers, might run a bit faster)

I'll email you the scan I have of my mother's pizza dough recipe. I like it, but then, that's what I grew up with. (Yeasty goodness. ;)

Come to think of it, I'll send the sauce, too. It's utterly bland compared to the toppings you choose, so it'll either be a good base to work from, or you may find it a good base to improve upon. :) Check your email in a few min.
HP Chili sauce RULES on a Pizza too

wasn't that impressed with Dr Who, felt asleep halfway though it
I do have a very good recipe from a cousin, though I have no idea how long it would be before I ever found it. If I remember, I'll try to get a hold of it tonight. *writes note*