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In which we master fire

To begin: one Italian style margherita pizza from the supermarket.

Then: garlic granules, rosemary, and smoked hot paprika. As the tomato sauce was a bit thin on the ground, a few cherry tomatoes cut in half, and a dash of salt to compensate. Finally, for the herby layer, a light sprinkling of chili oil.

Next: meat. A few slices each of turkey and ham. (Sadly, the shiitake turned out to have registered their objection to being left in the fridge for a few days)

Finally: about twenty minutes in a moderately hot oven.


Damn, that was good. And a surprisingly thin base, although not as yeasty as I'd prefer - but that's very difficult to pull off with days between creation and cooking.

(Anyone got any foolproof recipes for Italian style pizza dough they can personally vouch for? I'm great with brewing yeast, but when I last tried anything baked, I seemed to have The Touch of Death)

And the Doctor Who torrent not only appeared promptly, but completed in short order. YAY!
Tags: cooking, pizza
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