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In honor of the occasion, I would like to present my picture selection for the day. ^_^

Coolness. The roomie's just lent me his copy of Niven & Pournelle's "The Mote in God's Eye", which promises to be quite a cool read. (And wouldn't "A Fire Upon the Deep" make a cracking movie? Or the Chanur saga, for that matter.. and Spellsinger, while we're at it, now that CG's up to the task. Might have to add a red panda, though. Has my kin ever appeared in animation, I wonder?)
*grins* I like the tail! :)
Well, tails are about the sexiest part of a fur. ^_^ (As any snow leopard will probably tell you. And ears, which will be confirmed by many a lapine)
Thats a really great novel. Only second best to Lucifer's Hammer, which is I think the title of their apocalyptic collaboration.
Wasn't "Deep Impact" based thereon? Not that I've read/seen either, I'll admit - this is going to be my first Niven/Pournelle. It's one I've - hardly surprisingly - heard of, but never wound up actually being seduced by. Did meet Mr Niven, though, as a guest at an SF con a few years back.. a particularly enjoyable one, overall, with the emphasis more on relaxing and chatting, which everyone duly did. (The con bar went through quite a few kegs, which may have contributed) And I was introduced to fine old Scotch by Iain Banks, when there was a circle of a dozen or so folks in a circle, in the lobby, and he passed his flask around. Patently a Good Fellow. ^_^

Spellsinger's already got a coati in it; that'll do.