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Yay! Reasonable quality versions of several EBN videos, directly available from one of the creators. Most cool. And kyootfox pointed me towards Delerium & Mediæval Bæbes - Aria (FLV), which gets me all hoppy.

Nutter for the day: a Norwegian skiing down (FLV) Europe's longest escalator - 300 feet long - in the Angel tube station. =:D

I'm no astronomer, so I've not previously even been aware this feature existed - but there it is, and apparently long-lived, having first been noticed twenty years ago: Saturn's hexagon. '"This is a very strange feature, lying in a precise geometric fashion with six nearly equally straight sides," said Kevin Baines, atmospheric expert and member of Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif. "We've never seen anything like this on any other planet. Indeed, Saturn's thick atmosphere where circularly-shaped waves and convective cells dominate is perhaps the last place you'd expect to see such a six-sided geometric figure, yet there it is."' Here's an article looking at the science behind such seemingly unlikely phenomena.

Projection Political Theater 3000. =:D

Clone-A-Willy dildo kit. Now you can give everyone the shaft.

Highly nifty. Cake pans shaped to give the finished result an interesting 3D form - in this case, a bunneh. ^_^ Speaking of which, if you're the sort of person who sends physical material through the US postal service, these stamps warrant your consideration.

In the comments here, someone notes a nifty example of natural selection at work: "In 1975 a team of Japanese scientists discovered a strain of Flavobacterium living in ponds containing waste water from a factory producing nylon that was capable of digesting certain byproducts of nylon-6 manufacture, such as, 6-aminohexanoate linear dimer, even though those byproducts had not existed prior to the invention of nylon in 1935."

In this list of the Top Ten Coolest People on TV, I'm most gratified to see the only non-human, at number nine, is Dylan, of The Magic Roundabout. ^_^ (Number one? David Tennant, as Doctor Who)

I'm giving these paper collection things another try.. books, they call them. Not bought, of course - I gave up buying paper a few years back, after the.. well, not quite sure which move, but some small number of dozens. Digital only. Anyway, currently I'm enjoying "The Best Thing That Can Happen to a Croissant", by Pablo Tusset, a mystery of sorts set in Barcelona, with a fantastic feel for some of the atmosphere of the city. (The cover quote: "A perfect salute to imperfection. This isn't a book, it's a month of Friday nights out.")

The perfect prayer for a chocolate Jesus.

Here's quite a handy index of online TV documentaries, courtesy of GooTube.

Yay! Episode 13 of the bunny superhero anime Sweet Valerian finally came out! Or, download it directly here. ^_^

rabitguy found these cute paper synthesisers. =:D And also reminded me that the second and third parts of The Top 20 Greatest Synths are now up. Even if you're not musical, it's entertainingly presented.

So the Apple TV's OS is out in the wild, and lo, it is indeed OS X. Here's someone booting it on a MacBook. And here's someone running Ableton Live on an Apple TV. (It's only a 1GHz "Dothan" Pentium M with a non-expandable 256MB, so it's not really competition for the Mac mini, but still, fun to see) If you want to join in the fun, here's a relevant wiki.

Sen. McCain's campaign recently discovered that hotlinking is bad. =:D

I shouldn't think huskyteer would object to this guy wandering past on the beach. (Thanks to mycroftb)

The video for Gigi D'Agostino - The Riddle (FLV) is a neat bit of simple animation, bringing a more complex concept to life.

rabitguy noticed that the guy playing a track from one of his albums, The Leper (FLV) is also behind Retarded Animal Babies. =:D

And only another couple hours until the torrents start flowing with Doctor Who! *bounce* You can find the new BBCi trailer over here - much fun in store. And a brief confirmation of a rumored piece of casting.. egad, but he looks disturbingly well suited to the role already. ^__^
That husky is really sexy! :P
"As above, so below." =:)
Thanks for the Top 20 Greatest Synths link, too :)
They're just so much fun! I really enjoy seeing that kind of enthusiasm. It's what makes Top Gear appealing even to a non-driver as myself. (Not that they're technically presenters, but still, Hislop and Merton make such a great tag-team as well =:)

Now to see if this copy of Cubase SX 1.0.6 installs successfully.. if the Horde's away tomorrow, maybe I'll finally get into some noodling around with Reason. ^_^ (But lo, I hear Maya whispering to me too..)
I'd make a case for the bunny too! Even though, in my world view, bunnies are typically best considered as food.
Fast food?

But that's an experience we're only good for once. We're much more fun in so many other regards. ^_^
But there are so many of you; you're a renewable resource!
Skiing down that escalator looks like fun.

And McCain... he deserved it. ;)

Speaking of which, so would FA. I really hate that piece of shit of a site; not only does it constantly log me out for no reason, but it also doesn't provide a login form (or even a *link* to one) on the error page you get when you're not logged in. I'm seriously considering just skipping over all FA pictures people link to from now on...
I'd have to agree. *giggle* Pretty good way of shredding a pair of skis, but I suppose you wouldn't need to be terribly particular about what to use, let alone waxing them. =:) Oh, how I want to get back onto the slopes next season.. it's been so long. :-P

I wonder what McCain would really say about gay marriage/civil unions? Certainly in the US, it seems almost impossible to find anyone willing to just say, clearly, that love is none of any government's business, and that any two people should be free to be recognised as a couple. How I'd love to see all the hopefuls pinned down for a real answer, and their reasons.

Hm.. no problem with FA here. :-/ I've had to log in again periodically (maybe every few weeks), but other than that, my only real grumble with the place is their continued lack of Rabbit as a species tag. Then again, the search function's been offline for a while now, so not much lost there. =:)
*noddles* I think there's lots of people who'd be willing to say, clearly, that love (or anything involving consenting adults in a private setting) is none of the government's business, but those people won't be politicians. :P

As for FA... yeah, searching is something else that bugs me on there. I don't mind that you can't search, but the whole "temporarily" part is really getting ridiculous, as it's really obvious that there are no intentions of actually going ahead and fixing the bloody thing.
Mmm. So disappointing to see all of them, Democrat and Republican, just wring their hands and say they feel the states should take care of the matter. Bah! But then, human rights haven't been exactly at the forefront of US politics lately. :-P Someday, there'll be a president who wants to pull the country forward again, and reinstate the tenets of freedom - of speech, to privacy from unwarranted search or surveillance, and to fall in love regardless of the other's gender. The latter should, unequivocally, be federally acknowledged, including for immigration purposes.

I did notice the search apology's now changed to "Search lost at sea". =:D Maybe I should nose through the forum sometime, and see what the putative plans for the code's future are, both claimed and realistic. I can't knock the place, though - it's got definite shortcomings, but it does work, most of the time. It's got threaded replies for every entry, journals, easy submission of audio and Flash (not sure about video), private and public messaging, and overall, quite a decent sense of community. Its limitations shouldn't mask all that's good about it, ne?
*noddles* It should, but I'm not sure it will anytime soon. As long as states like Alabama exist and don't adapt or change, politicians will continue catering to them... x.x
Awww Man - but the censors won't let me see him, because my birth date is not set :(

Enjoy Who. I just have.
Same here initially. I had to log back in before I could see it...
Well, you know, somebody's got to Think Of The Children. Because porn was only invented in 1992, you know. =:)

Should that really be tagged as mature anyway? True, he's most alluring, but surely beach photos wouldn't have to be considered For Adult Viewers Only.. ah well. I suppose it's easy enough for someone to cause the server hosts a lot of grief, given they're based in the US.

And let's not forget the bunneh too. ^_^
he only non-human, at number nine, is Dylan, of The Magic Roundabout. ^_^ (Number one? David Tennant, as Doctor Who

Ahem. Given that DT is listed specifically as Doctor Who, then he's non-human too. (Or half-human, if you follow the film. =:S )
D'oh! Quite so, quite so. ^_^; I should've said humanoid, on reflection.

The Fox movie, you mean? I still haven't seen that.. ! I should remedy that sometime. Think I might have it somewhere, actually, but it'll be tonight's first. I'm quite keen to see how Martha Jones shapes up - she seems like she's actually capable of leading the Doctor, on occasion.

(Didn't I read somewhere they were open to the idea of an actual DW movie? I suppose funding would, as ever for any British production, be the problem, but I'd certainly love to see that happen. It'd probably be about the only film other than The Lion King that I've gone to see multiple times cinematically. Oh, and The Matrix)
I personally can't do the ebook/digital book thing. Actually holding a book in your hands makes for a vastly different reading experience than scrolling through text on a screen, and one that I find much more appealing... there's something so much nicer about a book. You can stare at the cover, you can flip to random pages, you can smell the binding and feel the weight in your hands. The dead white glow of an LCD screen just doesn't measure up.

Actually, my preference for books has narrowed as of late; now, I'm finding that I really like the reading experience so much more if they're my own books that I bought at the store. Used to be a big fan of libraries, but the more I think about it, the more dissatisfied I become with the fact that library books have always passed through so many other people's hands, people who cracked the spines and folded the pages and UNDERLINED THINGS (my own personal bugbear) and did annoying things to the covers. Plus, about halfway through every library book I read, I become tormented by the fact that this is an amazing book but I can't keep it for myself!-- sometimes so much so that I'll run out to a store, buy it, and read the last few chapters in my own copy. =:)
I don't know.. I actually prefer the delicate clarity of a nice LCD, I think. But that maybe depends on the specific display in question (in my case, a final revision 17" PowerBook G4, 1680x1050 - not sure whose panel, but probably something from Samsung), as well as innate inclination. I like, for example, the way I don't have to hold the book in order to keep reading it - and gods know, with a work of any size above a pamphlet, some reorientation's required from time to time, with that gentle strain tugging all the while, especially if it's a hardback tome. I like the fact there's no spine to crease - the work will forever be perfect. Not in isolation from its audience, oh, no - just drawn that much closer, relieved of physical necessities.

Is it more minimalist to enjoy a physical, material work, or through the twistings of crystals? Probably not a worthwhile contemplation.. they're surely both worthy of accomplishing their goals, of bringing their information, their world, to others.

For me, part of the inherent joy of alleviating the physical requirement from books and comics is that on my single humble PowerBook, I can bring with me a breathtaking volume of work, quite impractical if bound to paper - Grzimek's an excellent, if perhaps extreme, example. ^_^ And even that, all 17 volumes, only occupies 900MB. The minimalism of one device, able to convey and store such a wealth of knowledge and entertainment has a deep appeal for me. (Let alone the practicality, when it comes time to pack everything up into what an intercontinental baggage allowance will permit. When it comes down to it, it seems my needs are fairly simple, even if necessarily technological)

And sharing is always good. ^_^ I sometimes feel that way especially with music, and just have to see what friends make of it - sometimes, it does only strike me, sometimes, I'll help introduce several others to someone's work.

(Ew, underlining in a library book? That's just not cricket. The ones I've taken out recently have all been in perfect condition, albeit lacking backlighting. I will admit I do like the lack of battery requirement with paper, though. I just keep finding myself yearning for network connectivity if it's not around, although Loco Roco manages to overcome that =:)
Only non-human my fluffy tail! Did you not notice Cat from Red Dwarf, who is most certainly not a human?
*grin* Oddly, he didn't register at all. ^_^ He's just too human for me to really think of him as a cat. Now, which episode had him in that spiffy black PVC shirt.. :-9

Hmm. Thought of getting yourself drawn by lapinbeau? =:)
I haven't really gotten to the point of comissioning artists yet. My paypal is still recieve only. ^.^;;

I have to admit I can't think of LapinBeau's art. You probably linked it before. ^.^;;

Got one now?
Oh Cool! THank you for the bunny and the EBN link! :)
A new artist to me, too - always fun discovering "new" artists, especially ones with a good feel of the lapine. ^_^ Pity the EBN tracks aren't larger frame size, but they're pretty well compressed, so they scale up nicely, and with good audio quality. I know they're not really active as such any more, but still, I'd love to catch them live someday. (On which note, be sure to check out that Korn/Tommyknocker/Balto video! I'll have to ask if it's available in a higher quality form - YouTube strikes again..)
Saturn also has regular geometrically repeating patterns seen in the infrared at lower latitudes too:

So, regularly repeating and stable waves of one type or another are not unique to Saturn's pole, but I think they are still unique to Saturn. I'm not going to speculate if the two have the same cause, but I'm sure that someone has thought of that theory. We'll see.

And there is still Uranus and Neptune which haven't been looked at this closely yet - who knows what me might find there until we do...
It's really quite wonderful how such seemingly unlikely phenomena become, in reality, almost to be expected. But then, nature's not as random as it might appear - polymers aren't carbon-based out of some freak happenstance, but because carbon's electron configuration makes it pretty much uniquely suited to such lengthy structures.

Ah, to be able to see these wonders in person.. still, this is almost as good - being able to just hop over to a particular site, and see images from a craft on the other end of the solar system, with detail people could only dream of but forty years ago.

First of all, thanks for providing such interesting links.

I watched some of the "Shawn The Sheep" shorts and they're quite clever and a lot of fun.
In the very first one, I love that the farmer is blasting techno-rave music in his tractor! Woooooh!! :D

The EBN link is a treasure! I love those guys! I own the original "Communication Breakdown" CD with accompanying floppy disk.
A friend of mine has the "Commercial Product" EBN videotape. They should put this stuff out on DVD!

I saw the Saturn Hexagon thing elsewhere and was boggled by it. It's just weird!

"Si, Para Usted" is an interesting find. It is indeed the sounds of Cuban Funk.
This is the kinda stuff my brother might be interested in for a future set.
By some slightly amusing coincidence, I went clothes-shopping yesterday and bought two Cuban-style short-sleeved shirts.
These are, in fact, the first Cuban-style shirts I have ever bought. The manufacturer is even called Cubavera! :)

Hmmmmmm, the "Konfusion" album by Skalpel is definitely a Ninja Tune release.
It fits neatly in their funky-jazzy niche. I honestly don't hear anything in this that marks it as "Polish Jazz" however.
It's a lot like any other jazz, really. There's not specific identifier or special musical cue of any kind.

The Rhys Chatham stuff is interesting, reminds me of a couple of ambient CDs I have.
Are those really guitars? Acoustic or electric? It sounds more like a giant string section.

o/~ Your own, Chocolate, Jesus...
Someone to feed your prayers, someone who cares... o/~

Aw, thanks. ^_^ I do enjoy sharing these finds, and it's made worthwhile by being able to discuss them.

Shaun the Sheep's just great. ^_^ I've seen one DVD listed as coming out in a few months, but they might go for releasing just a few episodes at a time, as they did with the recent Creature Comforts (as opposed to the originals). I do enjoy the way he has "hands" when necessary - Steve Galacci would be proud. =:) It's so good to see Aardman continue with plain ole stop-motion clay figures. (How was Flushed Away? I've still not seen that.. sounded like it was a decent bit of entertainment, but not something on a par with, say, A Close Shave, or Curse of the Were-Rabbit)

Floppy disks! How prevalent they once were.. but things change quite fundamentally in computing on a regular basis. I'm still boggling at the thought that my entire floppy collection - hundreds of 3.5" and 5.25" - would only fill maybe a sixth of a CD-R, let alone a DVD-R. Ah, to be able to play with a laptop (or similarly mobile device - I doubt we'll have direct neural connections by then, but I can't imagine they'll be impossible forever) from 2027 now.. ^_^

I had a copy of the CEP tape too. ^_^ Had a serial number out of something like 5000 copies, I think. Definitely would be wonderful to see it released on DVD, or even purely electronically, as high-res downloads - but I could see all sorts of legal hassles accompanying a wide-scale release now.. can you imagine trying to get clearance for every snatch of video they used? *sigh* Still there's always BitTorrent, or maybe even archive.org.. though lately, downloads from there seem quite slow for me, in the tens of K/s, for some reason.

Ooh, we'll have to see photos of the Cuban attire. ^_^

Mm, Ninja Tune have carved out quite a niche for themselves.. deservedly so. I still think one of their best releases had to be.. agh, who was it? A bit of nifty turntablism of an old piece, with the video set to a Flash animated N'Awleans funeral procession.

I wish I'd known about that Rhys Chatham performance! That's surely one example where no recording can really measure up to the sound and sheer atmosphere of the original. Such an indescribable sound - on the surface, so simple, yet composed of this staggering number of individual players, all noticeable at one point or another. An insane concept which worked so well.

Ah, if only one of the US networks could launch an evening of, say, Dogma, Jesus of Montreal, Life of Brian.. ^_^ (Though I'll admit, I've still yet to see JoM. I really should remedy that)