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Rather a pity, but their reasons are understandable.. seems Doctor Who won't be going to HD just yet. 'When a show moves over to HD, even the smallest visual details because highly important to clean up. Because "Doctor Who" is so special effects-oriented, the production crews would have to have the effects finished down to the most minute detail, Gardner said.' (New season starts in the UK on Sat, Mar 31, BBC 1, 7pm, yay!)

All of the underwater photos here are of the highest quality, but this one featuring a harbor seal and the diver himself is just wonderful. ^_^

Interesting.. seems the erstwhile NPR show This American Life is making a branch into TV. Said (cable) channel's made a Flash video promo short of one segment here. And then there's word of the Flaming Lips' "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" being made into a Broadway musical - by Aaron Sorkin, of West Wing fame.

So, it seems The Daily WTF has relaunched as Worse Than Failure. Still seems like a good home for inexplicable code. ^_^

Here's something I'd like to share: one of the Mark Steel Lectures, a co-production between the BBC and the Open University. It's an unusual show, as it looks at famous movers in history not purely from the standpoint of a dry list of accomplishments, but also who they themselves actually were, what motivated them, how they became who they're known as. So, here's his look at Albert Einstein. It's very light on the scientific side, regrettably, but the fundamentals of his work are covered.

I thought dagoski and dronon especially would enjoy this brief tale of one shirt and two libraries. =:D

Yay! Lapin le Beau's taking commissions. Throw lots of money at him. ^_^

Perhaps you'll want to wait until you're outside the office, for the first two.. maybe the third, if it's an uptight place. ^_^ Enjoy! =:D

US politics are currently taking quite an interesting turn. As some of you have observed, the administration recently demanded the resignation of several US Attorneys - an uncommon move, as they're generally only replaced at the start of a new administration, being political apointees. (In the past 25 years, only ten have been dismissed at any other time, eight for a clear cause, such as biting a stripper on the arm) The serious matter at hand is that their abrupt terminations interrupted several significant cases, such as Carol Lam in San Diego, handling the remarkably wide-ranging Jerry Lewis/Abramoff/"Duke" Cunningham corruption case. Seeking to investigate, the House called upon several involved White House personnel to testify, including Karl Rove. This request was refused, and subpoenas have now been approved by the panel in question. Should these be refused, the legal situation appears to fall to the House for resolution, becoming a matter of Inherent Contempt, requiring a trial in the House.

The White House's reply? '"Such interviews would be private and conducted without the need for an oath, transcript, subsequent testimony or the subsequent issuance of subpoenas," Fielding said in a letter to the chairman of the House and Senate judiciary committees.' Senators Specter (R) and Leahy (D) respond to this offer - it's a memorable thirty seconds. =:D

'Two thirds of Hungarians polled for their opinion of dole-scrounging immigrants from Piresa demanded "absolutely no asylum" for the parasitic newcomers, Ananova reports. This came as a bit of a surprise to opinion research institute Tarki, which carried out the probe, since the country of Piresa is fictional. Tarki said: "We were surprised that two thirds of the interviewees demanded absolutely no asylum for Piresans, accused them of being spongers, and agreed they should be sent home immediately."'

Be happy, citizen! On entering the US in the future, you'll no longer have to put up with the indignity of being eye-scanned and thumbprinted - the future holds the glorious assurance of security through having all your fingerprints taken.

Four more Shaun the Sheep shorts: The Bull, Saturday Night Shaun, Little Sheep of Horrors, and Buzz Off Bees.

Here, have some bunneh porn. =:D

And by way of mycroftb, this is officially amusing.. as you know, laser pointers are pretty much the ultimate cat toy. Here's the canine equivalent - a little more expensive, but every bit as effective. ^_^

Now that's a bit annoying.. reinstalled the Intuos driver, as that got lost in the OS reinstall a while back, and now it seems to work fine up to the point I disconnect the tablet. Then, it seems to get stuck in a random state - once, any mouse click (or pen click, if I reconnect it) would act as a right-click, and another time, giving focus to a window would immediately cause it to scroll to the bottom. Blarg. Wacom hardware is superb, but their software is another matter.

Iraq in Fragments looks like it could be a documentary to catch.
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