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Well, that was quite a surprise.. a TV documentary looking at Second Life, and wasn't fascinated by sex, commerce, or reclusive freaks. Instead, we simply had four people, in-world and in RL, describing facets of the virtual world that appeal to them - the need for company, the ability to make money and fall in love, the artistic and creative possibilities, and the emotional support offered by support groups ("people may be getting good therapy, but they may be getting back to an empty house"). I can happily recommend this to anyone who's not involved in SL, or indeed, even if they are: 3 Minute Wonder - Second Lives.

It's been confirmed! John Simm, star of Life on Mars, will be playing a long-running Doctor Who character. =:D Speaking of which, here's the first trailer for the coming season. ^_^

Bunny for the day. NSFW!
Remember Shaun the Sheep, from A Close Shave? Aardman's produced (are producing?) a spinoff series of six-minute shorts. Here are the first four: Off the Baa!, Bath Time, Shape Up with Shaun, and Timmy in a Tizzy. They're about 19MB each. If you want to try just one to start with, Bath Time's a good example. (Shape Up, rather less so)

Grid Wars (OS X, Windows) may be familiar to some.. so shiny.

This'll tickle a few folks: 30 minutes of 80s cartoon openings (FLV).

Quite a cool commercial inspired by Katamari Damacy over here (FLV). Now wouldn't that be a cool way of getting to work? Of course, you could always just try one of these balls. I must try that. Yes. =:D
Rose wasn't a bad companion, but I never quite believed the heavy crush she developed on the Doctor

I thought that was played a little heavy handedly, too. And maybe it was just me, but I thought Rose was becoming a little annoying in the final few episodes of her tenure with the Doctor. Certainly not as annoying as Adric was during Peter Davison's turn as the Doctor, but bad enough. Still, the ending of the season was moving, but I agree it could've had more impact.

But with Martha Jones, I'm hoping we'll see a more feisty, independent companion.

I'm hoping the same. Of course, I would've loved it had the Doctor returned to Earth, tracked down Sarah Jane and K9, and headed off with them for the next season ;-)

there'll be a bit more furriness too

Yay! Even if there aren't any lapines yet ;-) I certainly wouldn't mind a return of last season's werewolf :-)

I must bear that in mind when designing my future genome. Or was it you working on that?

*grin* I think the more of us we have working on the project, the sooner we'll obtain positive results...