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Short for the day is a superbly charming piece of Korean animation, Wolf Daddy (FLV). It's a rather Ghibli-esque piece, telling the tale of a wolf author who, one day, is told he's a father, with his six-year old "daughter" suddenly dropped off at his door (and soon joined by others =:). Funny, warming, and gently-paced, this is one I can easily recommend.

Very short shorts: Crazy Cat, found by rabitguy. Cat swipes fish. Humans.. not pleased. =:D And these vixens are worth seeing, too, also Flash: Come to Hawaii and Vixen Dance, showing why a tidy desk is a good idea.

And there's more! =:D razzlfraz noticed this very bunnyful video from Groove Armada: Get Down (FLV)

The Hare in Union Square, a sixteen foot sculpture in NYC. "Flanagan, an internationally renowned British sculptor, is best known for his expressive bronze hares modeled in varying poses of dynamic energy." Another superb one here, in Dublin, and a few more here.

Moreover, from this article on his work, a fine lapine sentiment: 'Flanagan sees the hare as a particularly suitable vehicle for these human endeavours and emotions, "...if you consider what conveys situation and meaning in a human figure, the range of expression is in fact more limited than the device of investing an animal - a hare especially - with the expressive attributes of a human being. The ears for instance are able to convey far more than a squint in the eye of a figure, or a grimace in the face of the model."'

I'm slightly disturbed to find five matches for the word "sausage" within the entirety of Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia; including ones in vol.7 "Reptiles", and vol.3 "Insects"..

I thought I'd noticed an unusual number of cases of credit fraud on my friends list recently - and lo, it appears there was a hefty haul of such data recently, as noted here by quentincoyote. "The intrusion involves systems that handle credit card, debit card, check and return transactions for T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and A.J. Wright stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and the Winners and HomeSense stores in Canada, TJX said. The exposed data covers 2003 and the period from mid-May through December 2006, it said. It is also possible that transaction data for T.K. Maxx stores in the U.K. and Ireland and Bob's Stores in the U.S. was exposed in the breach."
The link "this article on his work" has an empty URL :)
Just goes to show.. try including too many URLs in one entry, and some of them just pop out the other end. =:)

(Fixed, too)
The vixen animations were cute.. especially the second one, although the fall wasn't animated quite as well as the dance. :)
Now, I'd've thought you'd've been discussing Wolf Daddy. =:)

(Now I'm thinking of the k'n'n'n again..)

True, it had a bit of a feel of the animator then wanting to wrap the project up - though I suppose a good fall's probably more work than it might appear. Still, definitely cute. ^_^ And as a result of that, I found out what the soundtrack used was - I'd heard it around here and there, with that sample seeming quite familiar from somewhere.

The "Come to Hawaii" one would make a great screensaver, ne? ^_^ (Oh, try pressing "a" sometime..)
Mmm... strange, I didn't actually watch that one yet. *starts* Hmm... interesting so far, but the wolf looks like a polar bear, to be honest, and the style is too, well, anime-ish for me to enjoy. Maybe the story will be nicer when it unfolds, though - I'll see after posting this comment. :)

And yeah, I suppose a realistic fall is quite difficult, too, yes. Ah well - still a cute animation. What WAS the song, BTW? I know it, too, but I couldn't recall the title again now...

As for the Hawaii one... I'll have to try that. ^.^
Holy crap, those sculptures are amazing. Why don't we ever get stuff like that in Minnesota, hmm? :P
Maybe you've just found your calling in life? ^_^

(Come to think of it, I've not really played with 3D media in ages.. perhaps I should pick up some polymer clay and see if I can come up with anything recognisably lapine)