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I'm putting this up at the top as it's such an extraordinary piece of work - surrealistic in an Alice in Wonderland meets the Matrix way, if Hieronymus Bosch had directed: Jona/Tomberry (12 minutes, 47MB). (I should caution that the first sixty seconds contain some variable rate strobing; if that's liable to be problematic, you may want to enter at the one minute mark)

Track for the day: P-Model - Logic Airforce. [Edit: link fixed] Excellent, quirky piece of Japanese synthpop; reminiscent of Sparks, had they been Japanese, and a little more odd. (P-Model is another of Susumu Hirasawa's projects - the vocal style may be familiar from the Paranoia Agent opening theme; and if not, here's the opening and ending titles from said series)

How about Boards of Canada - Twoism? You may recognise the visual style - if you do, you're right.. Jeunet & Caro.

LittleBigPlanet for the PS3 looks fairly amazing. Penny Arcade's response is commensurately amusing. =:D

Do rabbits like to swim? (This one does, at least)

So, how many openings from (mostly) 80s tracks can you spot in Osymyso's "Intro-Introspection"? (Not to be confused with the excellent "Intro and the Outro" by the inimitable Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. How many folks know of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End? Extremely Stanshall. I'd hope patch_bunny knows of it)

rabitguy passed on this video which definitely should be heard to be believed: Te Quiero Puta. Visuals not strictly worksafe, lyrics not at all if you know any Spanish; but it's all for fun, and how often do you get to enjoy heavy mariachi? (Well, brass is a metal. Or alloy, rather) ^_^ (Not to be confused with the classic arrangement of The KLF's What Time Is Love, for brass band) The bun also pointed out an excellent introduction to a most wonderful device, the Kurzweil K250, a superb example of engineering an instrument to the point of squee, not merely fulfilling a list of requirements.

And from kyootfox, life as a bunny around the home. So very adorable..

Does anyone have any recommendations for sites offering an introduction to modern philosophers? (Maybe I should phrase that differently. Sounds like a request for a dating site)

sockscatt will enjoy this multi-part canine TF. Much fun. ^_^ And andysquirrel might appreciate this rendition of Tails.

Damn! How did I miss out entirely on Miss Potter? I must remedy this. There are, after all, bunnies. *nods*

You do have to love this logic. Can't help but agree with the title, too. ^_^

Two five-second teasers for Doctor Who, starting on the 31st: here and here. (Under 600K each, given their length) FWIW, it seems season four has been commissioned, and RTD's saying "his work here is - almost - done".

Here's a blast from the past: an episode of the long-running BBC1 science show, Tomorrow's World, from 1982. (The cognoscenti will recognise TW as one of the primary influences for the second season of Look Around You) The segment on robotics in Japan, at the end of the show, is probably the highlight.

Rather neat.. on this bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa, it makes a point of "ducks are employed to keep the grape vines free from snails. They are far more efficient and eco-friendly than harmful chemicals." So I get to enjoy a particularly good wine, and help the web-footed economy along.

arbutus might enjoy this clip patch_bunny found, on the size of Rachmaninov's hands. =:)

Going somewhat further back than 1982, ysengrin found the University of Utah has some Aztec codices available in digital form over here - fascinating works.

This really does need to be made into a movie. =:D

Oooh. Didn't huskyteer mention Kopparberg perry once upon a time? Finally found it locally, and it is indeed quite scrumptious, if perhaps a little on the sweet side.

Pr0n of the day, from Sheer.
Here's one of the best threads I've read thus far on the whole kaboodle of the iPhone, OS X, TV, convergence, and all that. Hard-core nerd territory, but mostly very well considered from all sides.

Two links that came from there which seemed worth highlighting: LLVM as key to trimming OS X down for iPhone deployment, and how the Apple Stores came to be. Did you know they prototyped a store within a Cupertino warehouse first? It wound up being organised much as the company was, rather than how people were likely to consider purchasing. So rev.A was scrapped, setting the rollout back by some six to nine months. The payoff? "Saks, whose flagship is down the street, generates sales of $362 per square foot a year. Best Buy stores turn $930 - tops for electronics retailers - while Tiffany & Co. takes in $2,666. Audrey Hepburn liked Tiffany's for breakfast. But at $4,032, Apple is eating everyone's lunch."

The TubeStick is now available for sale to UK peeps, same price of 40€, or about £28.

Want to learn Cocoa? You may find this free PDF book helpful: Become an Xcoder, available in English, Chinese, and Arabic.

Their wares are of no interest to me, but Dell's to be highly commended for adopting a policy of recycling any of their computers. "Dell is now the only computer maker to offer consumers free recycling, whether or not they are buying a new Dell product. You can go to a Dell website, and print out a prepaid shipping label to return your Dell desktop, laptop, printer or ink cartridge, free of charge. They'll send a service to pick the equipment up." Excellent! In the continued absence of legislation requiring such, it's obviously to be hoped other manufacturers will catch up.

I hadn't noticed until just now, but apparently RISC OS is now open source. Commercial usage still needs to be paid for. It's only suitable for deployment on RISC PC style architecturel; there are emulators around, however. If RISC OS is a bit too new-fangled for you, though, try this BBC Micro emulator in Java. ^_^

While nosing around for potential positions involving ARM or PowerPC assembly, I noticed this company's vacancies - it's the bit at the bottom that got me. =:D (Obviously, how could I refuse to send my resumé in?)
According to arakinuk, Kopparberg is now available in Sainsbury's! I will be checking mine tonight.

I'd never heard of the TubeStick; tempted, very.
Oh, that's good to hear! They seem to be pushing their distribution to great effect. (Ah, would that the same could be said of Westvleteren Abt.12 - if you ever see it around, don't hesitate. It's indescribably wonderful) Or, more easily found, have you tried Weston's Scrumpy, in two liter glass jugs? It's pretty much authentic farmhouse cider - not sparkling, only moderately filtered, and positively brimming with tangy appliness.

The TubeStick's an excellent idea. The hardware's just something rebadged, but it's the software that makes the magic - and, remarkably, not commanding a hefty premium. Now, if we could only find someone making a Cintiq knockoff for half Wacom's prices.. =:)
The mariachi song "Te quiero pu**": yeah, absolutely not safe for work unless using headphones
*grin* Thought I'd mention that, in case someone accidentally played it in the wrong location.. ^_^

Now to watch Jona/Tomberry yet again. I wonder if there's a HD version available somewhere.. I notice it had credits suggesting a cinematic release, so there's a chance it was rendered at higher than DVD resolution.
You could apply as a Tools-programming rabbit!  That would be a double-fine™ job!
Well, I am looking at getting into Lua, for PSP homebrew, but if I could find something that spanned the breadth of high and low level coding, I'd be a very happy bunny. ^_^

I might not have properly established my lapine credentials, though. Perhaps a screenshot or two will help. =:D (Though that hasn't yet lured Linden Lab into replying - hafta rework the resume a little to reflect more recent knowledge, and try again. I'm quite positive they don't have enough bunnies on staff)
(Deleted comment)
Oooh, definitely. (On both counts, though thankfully Dad was never one to push things onto me, military or otherwise. I did enjoy the telescope we had, though, originally a WW2 gunsight of some variety, made of brass about 4mm thick. Hefty!) Sadly, I didn't really know of them until I discovered furrydom, despite enjoying the few episodes of The Innes Book of Records I'd caught, which should've been a honking big clue.

Most of my earlier music was via my brother - being older than me, he was the one to get a sound system first, and get into building a music collection. Yay siblings! (Regrettably, that was before CD-Rs were affordable, so my collection was all on tape, other than CDs I'd had friends transfer onto tape) Oddly, he and I both have an active love of music, but neither parent's really particularly bothered about it.

Oh, and if you follow Fur-Piled, it's just received another seven pages. ^_^
Hmm, the "track of the day" link doesn't seem to work.

The wabbits are cute, though. :) (Although I really wonder why YouTube has to be *so* slow...)
D'oh! Had a surplus dash in the URL. (Normally I copy the filename and add the %20 substitutions, but that time I knew the filename, so entered it all manually..)

YouTube's performance does seem highly variable - sometimes, it seems I can have the data flood in, other times, it's almost like a return to the days of modems. (Well, technically, DSL goes over a modem, I suppose) Would be nice if I could tell the site not to try auto-starting - even with a generous lead time, as the QuickTime plugin tends to do (even if I've got the autostart pref disabled), it'll usually wind up running out of data at some point, but YouTube likes to start as soon as it's got anything coming in.

I wonder if there's a "making of" for Jona/Tomberry around somewhere.. there's live action involved, apparently, but very well merged in with the CG. Wouldn't mind a HD version of the short itself, either.
OK... I'll give it a listen once it's finished. ^^

Yeah, Youtube's service quality often seems to vary quite a bit, but it's especially bad today; I had to wait for 20 minutes or more so the five-minute wabbit movie was actually cached.

And yeah, I wish I could disable autoplay on there (and on Google Video etc.), too.

As for Jona/Tomberry... I'm just watching that myself. :)