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Two FC2007 videos just came out! bigbluefox's in two parts, ein und zwei (MPEG-4/AVI, about 450MB each part, three hours in total), and timduru's, over here (640x480 MPEG-2, 430MB, ten minutes), or for the bandwidth constrained, over here (512x384 H.264, 50MB).

Mario, Soviet style.

kyootfox pointed out a particular piece by the inimitable bob_basset: Gloomy Rabbit. Dour, but still so adorable. ^_^

If you've got a dead first generation iPod mini, here's an excellent article on how to replace the hard drive with a Compact Flash card, supposedly offering improved battery life into the bargain.

Collaborative game design, of a sort, in MIT's The Restaurant Game. They're seeking at least a thousand people to have a go (OS X and Windows), with everyone's names winding up in the credits, ranked according to the 'quality of their performance'. The finished title will be entered into the 2008 Independent Games Festival. "This project attempts to address two frustrations I experienced as a professional game developer. 1) Convincing human social behavior is difficult to model with existing hand crafted AI systems. 2) Play testing by people outside of the development team typically comes too late to have a major impact on the final product. This experiment aims to generate AI behaviors that conform to the way players actually choose to interact with other characters and the environment; behaviors that are convincingly human because they capture the nuances of real human behavior and language."

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I can accept Vincent as a good answer as well, though. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Sounds like a job for mycroftb. ^_^ Once he's done with cleaning and reinstalling, that is.

Oh, definitely snag QT7, and a new VLC - 7's got some decent UI improvements, not to mention much better H.264 support. (The MPEG-2 version, though, won't play under a plain QT installation, due to MPEG licensing costs - you need to buy a separate MPEG-2 plug-in. Or use mplayer or VLC, of course)

We need bunny vampire tales.. people waking up with an odd nibble mark, later finding themselves growing an affinity for crunchy vegetables and opening letters with their teeth.