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If you want some rather good - and free - retro electronica, produced entirely on a Synclavier 9600, look over here for "Light and Dark Sides of Indigo Blue". Well worth the time - and if you want a copy of the CD, they'll apparently send you one for the cost of shipping. (Many thanks to rabitguy!)

I submit that there must be a movie version of Buster Wilde.

Kerry meets up with one of the key supporters of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth here, in a Foreign Relations Committee meeting. Mr Fox strongly opposes 527s, and is "very concerned with the amount of money that is going into politics". It's delightful viewing. =:D

Pixar commissioned some absolutely gorgeous 1920s Parisienne style posters for Ratatouille, and the artist's been kind enough to share the results. Magnifique! (And best of all, the guy even links to high resolution versions of each poster!)

Very cool to see Paprika (from the director of Paranoia Agent, Tokyo Godfathers, and Perfect Blue) will be getting a cinematic release in the US. So, no longer do I have to make do with the low-res trailer I linked to a while back - there's a shiny HD version now. And a good trailer it is, too. Go see!

Finally, there's a cheap way to enjoy digital terrestrial TV on OS X: the TubeStick. Only DVB-T, so it's no use in North America, but elsewhere, it's a small USB2 stick with some very slick software, for an entirely palatable 40€. (Currently only for Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands; the rest of Europe's "coming soon" - but not Norway or Sweden, curiously, when even Albania's getting into the action)

Here's a nicely odd Flash platformer unearthed by mycroftb: Lars' Adventure.

And if you're in those regions, you might want to observe some of tonight's total lunar eclipse, where the moon falls into the shadow of the Earth, casting it a ruddy hue. "The eclipse begins at 2018 GMT, with the Moon totally immersed in the shadow of the Earth between 2244 and 2358 GMT."

Now worms have a new home.. seems some kind soul's repurposed the Warezov worm to spread over Skype, appearing to be a request from someone on your contacts list to check out a (malicious) link, leading to an unpleasant surprise for anyone running Windows.
Mmm... maybe I should try to check out the eclipse. :) But then, it's been pretty cloudy here again today, and FursuitTV is scheduled for exactly that time, too...

Ah well, we'll see.
Certainly worth a peek. ^_^ Looks like it'll be quite clear here, strangely enough.. whether or not I'll actually remember at the time remains to be seen. =:)

Hmm. Fancy the leading role in Buster Wilde? ^_^
*chuckles* Buster Wilde? Goodness, it's been ages since I read that one... ^_^ In any case, maybe... he's not very much like me, actually, but it could be fun nonetheless. :)

Buster Wilde! Woohoo! Yes, VERY well written comic and definite potential for a movie. Too bad it'll never happen. *sigh*
Oh, I don't know.. there's only the one furry character to worry about, and he could be done well with a suitably well-fitting costume, possibly with a bit of CG enhancement for toony effects. Other than that, it'd just be a matter of a good camera or two, given apps like Final Cut Pro offer broadcast-level editing on a laptop, and similar with Shake for compositing.

Hmmm. I may have to give this a bit of thought when I've got some money.. =:D
Nah, it'll never get made because if you ever shopped the idea, script, or whatever to anyone in the position to make it they'd look at you like you were insane. Hmm... perhaps Europe would do it..
Oh, no - I mean as a purely homespun project, no big capital involved at all. The tech's all there, at a pro-consumer level. After all, HD's even in "consumer" (ugh, I despise that word) camcorders now, let alone the more upmarket 3-CCD models. (My current one wouldn't be a lot of use - 1996 vintage Hi-8 Hitachi. Still works nicely, though - haven't had to spend a penny on repairs, just a replacement battery)

Finding willing accomplices would be another matter.. ^_^

As an example of what amateur furry filming can be like, have you seen Raccoon Daze?
Urf. Downloaded 12 megs at 28.8 and no end in sight. Will have to nibble at it. Love the idea of a home-grown project though, I bought Kaze just because of the guy's philosophy.
Eep! I'd forgotten it's not quite a small file - 64.8MB. There is a small version up there as well - a fairly tiny frame size, at 160x90 (compared to 480x270 for the one you're downloading), but it's 8.6MB.

Speaking of home-grown productions, Nina Paley's got a trailer up for Sita Sings the Blues, but horribly inefficiently compressed - here's a more svelte version, at 8MB, compared to the original's 70MB. When complete, hopefully next year, it'll be a full length feature, basically all her own work. (Hmm. Wonder if Taurin's thought of any longer animations..)

I still need to see Kaze. (And Star Wars ep.III, but I dare say Kaze's a lot better)
Whups! Svelt version ain't there. I'll take a look at some of the work in progress clips though to get a taste. Got 60 megs of the other, 28.8 may not be much but it is bandwidth. Kaze has excellent animation with a unique flavor to it but urf, I do so hate the hackneyed anime-style plot. Looking forwards to what this guy can do with a decent story-line.

P.S. Thanks for the links!
Really? The file is in place.. what error do you get when trying to fetch the smaller version?

Ah, pity about the lack of a good screenplay, but I imagine the furry visuals are more than adequate in letting one overlook that. Wonder if he does have another similarly grand project in the works.. I suppose it wouldn't be the first time an artist's found themselves to be a much better artist than writer. Gods know there's more than one strip out there that's floundered for want of a sustainable storyline.
Hmmmm... that's two days that Ringtail has been down. Strange. There is a much larger project in the works actually. Don't remember the name of it but it's a full-length werewolf picture that's drawing heavily upon online advice and feedback from the were community. Should be nice!
Ah, you mean you can't connect? That's a different matter. And not one anyone understands, actually - it's a bizarre problem that only affects some people, sometimes within the same ISP, preventing connection to the front-end of the domain, which selects where to redirect a given request. In this case, use this for the trailer, and this for the pn0y.

A full-length production! I should peek into what's going on. Though I think he'd be far better off using a were-rabbit for the star.
Ah, those work, thanks. Downloaded the Raccoon Daze vid, quite funny! Loved the scene at the end of the raccoon waking up as a human.
Whups! Forgot to log in.
D'oh! And of course, my reply won't trigger a notification..

Well, so I don't reply with nothing, have you seen this entry (and its comments)? ^_^
1996 vintage Hi-8? Could be worse. Could be 19?? vintage VHS. Or worse yet, the 19?? vintage Super-8 camcorder I have that I bought used but then never used myself because I can't find film for it...
19?? vintage VHS


"Is this.. digital?"
"It certainly is, sir! Look: you can turn it on, and off."

It always strikes me as puzzlingly exciting, in a way - that a technology like cine film can be so pervasive in home photography, not so long ago, and now, firmly the realm of enthusiasts and collectors. And packrats. =:)
Hmm...2018GMT is 1518 local...it's a bit early to be seeing much. Perhaps it'll be more noticeable towards 2300GMT.
Yep, looks like you should be able to see some of the totality. Wish I could take photos of it (and amazingly, the weather seems to be holding for clear skies), but the camera's not up to the task, lacking an optical zoom, so even if I could overcome the exposure trouble in such a shot, it'd only be a fairly small object.

Hm. Wonder when the next total solar eclipses are..
(Deleted comment)
Yep, the clouds came here too. :-P Not solid cover, but enough that I can't tell where the moon is, let alone see it. But I did remember! Got the contacts back in, jeans on, and stared up at the puffy grey stuff in the sky. Or maybe the contacts didn't get cleaned properly.
Well, there's always Curse of the Queerwolf. No wolves, but the guy does turn flaming gay at night. You kill him by driving a silver dildo... um... you know...
Good heavens. It's now on DVD
That's got to go on the shopping list, even with its lack of fur. ^_^ I love the way the reviews on the DVD listing bounce between 1 and 5 stars alternately..

If they make a sequel, maybe they can get Ted Haggard to star? =:)

You kill him by

Oh my. What a way to go. =:D
It's low-budget tongue-in-cheek (is that even a phrase in the UK?) camp. I enjoyed it, but it has to fit your tastes.