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If you want some rather good - and free - retro electronica, produced entirely on a Synclavier 9600, look over here for "Light and Dark Sides of Indigo Blue". Well worth the time - and if you want a copy of the CD, they'll apparently send you one for the cost of shipping. (Many thanks to rabitguy!)

I submit that there must be a movie version of Buster Wilde.

Kerry meets up with one of the key supporters of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth here, in a Foreign Relations Committee meeting. Mr Fox strongly opposes 527s, and is "very concerned with the amount of money that is going into politics". It's delightful viewing. =:D

Pixar commissioned some absolutely gorgeous 1920s Parisienne style posters for Ratatouille, and the artist's been kind enough to share the results. Magnifique! (And best of all, the guy even links to high resolution versions of each poster!)

Very cool to see Paprika (from the director of Paranoia Agent, Tokyo Godfathers, and Perfect Blue) will be getting a cinematic release in the US. So, no longer do I have to make do with the low-res trailer I linked to a while back - there's a shiny HD version now. And a good trailer it is, too. Go see!

Finally, there's a cheap way to enjoy digital terrestrial TV on OS X: the TubeStick. Only DVB-T, so it's no use in North America, but elsewhere, it's a small USB2 stick with some very slick software, for an entirely palatable 40€. (Currently only for Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands; the rest of Europe's "coming soon" - but not Norway or Sweden, curiously, when even Albania's getting into the action)

Here's a nicely odd Flash platformer unearthed by mycroftb: Lars' Adventure.

And if you're in those regions, you might want to observe some of tonight's total lunar eclipse, where the moon falls into the shadow of the Earth, casting it a ruddy hue. "The eclipse begins at 2018 GMT, with the Moon totally immersed in the shadow of the Earth between 2244 and 2358 GMT."

Now worms have a new home.. seems some kind soul's repurposed the Warezov worm to spread over Skype, appearing to be a request from someone on your contacts list to check out a (malicious) link, leading to an unpleasant surprise for anyone running Windows.
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