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A load of fun, whether or not you're a musician - The Top 20 Synths of All Time, caught by rabitguy. (Actually, only positions 18-20 in the first part) Audio joy galore! Available in Flash, QuickTime, and WMV versions.

I think I must obtain this. A Kama Citra poster, starring a host of extraordinarily flexible citras. ("Note: Adam Wan and Sofawolf Press make no claim as to the applicability of the Citra techniques presented herein to the human form, and are not responsible for any injuries suffered in attempts to replicate them. However Adam Wan accepts full credit for any you actually manage to master.")

Or, for those on a more restricting budget, maybe just print a copy of this week's VG Cats out. =:D (So that's what a "donkey punch" is.. its application to Enron seems delightfully apt)

Seen by ysengrin by the De Young museum, "Child with Giant Hare" by Arthur Putnam.
Now this looks like a pretty cool projector. Only suitable for darkened rooms, at 25 lumens, but that said, it's palm-sized, weighs one pound, has native SVGA resolution, and is lit by an LED module rated for 10,000 hours, for $380. Perfect for guerilla cinema - just open up the laptop and start showing shorts in the street. =:D

Want to know what a Boltzmann Brain is? (Best read after the first caffeine of the day. Or other psychoactives =:)

Dragon Riding for Beginners

And Bob Bassett's latest is well worth a look. Never has ultimate evil been so utterly adorable. ^_^

Quite a fun look back at the Lisa, in the form of a Lisa emulator, available for OS X and Windows. "Another thing you'll notice about Lisa is that there is no Quit option. You can set everything aside, set the document you are working on aside, Save and Continue, and Save and Put Away, but you can't Quit. The reason you can't quit is because all of the programs are always open. The LOS is totally document oriented."

"The Rev. Lonnie W. Latham had supported a resolution calling on gays and lesbians to reject their "sinful, destructive lifestyle" before his Jan. 3, 2006, arrest outside the Habana Inn in Oklahoma City. Authorities say he asked the undercover policeman to come up to his hotel for oral sex." Reminds me, we never did get an answer as to just why Jeff Gannon had visited the White House quite so frequently, and at such interesting hours.

Hee! The poll results from the previous entry are looking quite amusing in places. I must give off some interestingly mixed signals.. =:D

And thanks to andy_squirrel for pointing out there's a third - and definitely the best so far, despite the absence of frolicking bunnies - trailer for the Simpsons movie over here. Speaking of which, the trailer for the ATHF movie is also now up, with a beautifully cheesy fantasy-style poster. (.. and what's Neil Peart doing in there?)

Wow, even jwz discovered bob_basset's work now? Pity he's about 20 years late. :) (Of course, bob_basset's work is great as ever, but jwz is, quite frankly, a douche...)

Nice Simpsons poster, too, although I can't help but wonder whether that's the same Flanders who once said something along the lines of "Hey Homie, I can see your doodle" upon seeing a naked Homer on the yard... :)
Not so much a poster (though it should be =:) as just a framegrab from the trailer, but quite a perfect moment. ^_^ I might well see the film, I think - I've not bothered with the last few seasons, but the movie's giving the impression of a final return to the old quality of writing. (Well, maybe not final - I just recall everyone involved saying, a couple years back, that they'd love to make a Simpsons movie, but that'd probably only happen when the show was done with)

I wonder how much BB would charge for, say, a life-size replica of slave rabbit.. though I suppose I'd sooner spend that kind of money on a wearable version. Even if I could change back..
Yeah, OK, a trailer frame grab then :)

Mmm, I'm not sure what he'd charge. IIRC, the Cthulhu doll was put up on eBay for 2000 or 2500 USD (or was it GBP?) or so; I'm not sure if it sold, though, and I'm not 100% sure I remember the price correctly, either. But that's probably what you'd have to expect, at least, and if it was supposed to be life-sized (which teh doll isn't - well, OK, naturally, since we *are* talking about Cthulhu, but you know what I mean), it'd likely be more.

But on the other hand, I'm sure he'd have the skills to pull it off.
Mmm, not cheap, but easily in line with what one might expect for work of that detail, especially in leather. Oh well. Buy me a commission when you're rich?

Reminds me, I need to try locating a cheap foam supplier locally, and have a go at making up a head or two. Just for fun, but if I could sell them, that'd be pretty cool too. ^_^
*chuckles* I'll keep it in mind just in case I ever win the lottery... ^^ In fact, I'd probably commission a full sculpted leather wolf suit for myself, then, too. ;)

Mmm, good luck with finding a foam supplier, too. I don't know any (naturally), but you could ask in fursuit, for example...