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I've seen that ASB poll making the rounds again, and thought I'd ask you who I'd be, rather than just pasting my result in. ^_^ (Here's a handy summary of everyone involved)

Poll #936389 Which ASB character am I?


Danny (Lion, lead character)
Marcus (Wolf, Danny's partner)
Steven (Collie)
Tina (Skunk)
Nigel (Wolf)
Tiny (Hyena football player)
Ricky (Raccoon)
David (Tiger dom)
Vincent (Artist deer)
Gerald (Goth cat)
Timothy (Meerkat)
Alex (Fox)
Thomas (Chubby fox geek)
I understand a lot of furs think ASB holds a ton of weight in the furry community, and probably for its time it was pretty good but reading it now... too many stereotypes. I mean every character is a stereotype, oh wait - a stereotype plus craves a lot of sex.

So to answer your poll, I dunno :P
I went with the one I though was you. But since I have not read the comic I really don't know.
Hmmm. Yeah, haven't read the comic, and I don't think I actually know you well enough to peg you as a certain character. Still... :: goes to hunt for the comic::
I would seem to need to leave more clues about myself in my journal. ^_^

Mm, I enjoyed ASB a lot. True, there's no shortage of stereotyping, but I didn't find that got in the way of the pleasure of it all. It's not meant to be a perfectly realistic portrayal of college life, after all, much as I wish it were. =:D

Oh yeah, Anti-Social Behavior!!
I remember this comicbook!!
I remember avoiding it assiduously.

After looking over the character list, I am forced to conclude that I am, in fact, none of these people.
I'm straight.
I'm not religious.
I'm not sex-crazed.
So right there, that leaves me out.

Thank you for playing!
Please drive through!

And now, I realize that I read the question wrong.
It's not "Which ASB character are you?".
It's "Which ASB character am I?".
Sorry about the mix-up, old chap.
And I have no idea which one you are.

*COUGH!*obvious*COUGH!* :D