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Perhaps the coolest music video ever: Cornelius, "Fit Song" (FLV). CG, stop motion, and plenty of compositing, supremely elegantly combined.

If you've some interest in visual special effects, you might enjoy this 1985 documentary, The Magic Picture Show, from BBC1's "QED" series, hosted by Kenny Everett. It's great fun, seeing how much graphic design and technology's come in that time - and Cuddly Ken's always good. ^_^ Marvel at the wonders of blue-screen separation, and the miracles of Quantel!

Quite brilliant French Hyundai advert (FLV). =:D

Jolly good show, what? Red Ken's made a deal with the Venezuelan oil company for 20% off all fuel for London's bus fleet, in exchange for tourism-related assistance.

One or two folks might be interested in this group, which is just what it sounds like: photo_squirrel. Some quite excellent images to be found there.

Cool beans! Seems the world's largest wave power farm is about to be deployed, off the Scottish coast, ramping up to supply 1,500 homes. 'Friends of the Earth Scotland chief executive Duncan McLaren weighed in with: "Wave and tidal power could supply a fifth of UK's electricity needs and Scotland is ideally placed to generate significant amounts of this pollution-free energy.'

rabitguy found these stories, available as free PDFs (or on paper): "Silver Squirrel, the novel. What's it about: A boy, a girl, and they're squirrels." "[...] a new series of adventure novels based in nature. Remember digging into the pages of a great story? Why not give Silver Squirrel a try, and you'll discover a whole new natural world!"

Well, that's a pleasant surprise - I'm not sure where it came from, but there's now a Budweiser Budvar stein in the cupboard, decorated with a scene of the factory, and a brief introduction to the lager in Czech, German, English, and Russian. ^_^

If you've used HandBrake for DVD transcoding in the past, you may like to know development hasn't halted - by virtue of it being an open source project, it's been reborn as MediaFork, available for OS X, Linux x86, and Windows.
That's good news about HandBrake/MediaFork. Unfortunately, the .dmg file up on their site is corrupted...
Eep? Odd.. worked for me - 0.8.0b1? Wonder if it could be a Panther/Tiger issue..

*cough* It does look that way; the same image fails on Ocelot, which is still running 10.3.9. ISTR there was another type or two of disk image (maybe the sparse types) introduced with Tiger, so I'm guessing they've packaged a Panther/Tiger app in a Tiger-only image. :-P If you'd like, I can easily upload a compatible version.
*wags* Yes, please!

Open a terminal window, and enter gunzip MFork.dmg.gz to decompress it first; once you've got the .dmg file, you should be able to just mount it as normal. (Just double-clicking the .gz file won't work)
Decompression worked fine! Haven't had a chance to test the app yet, but will soon. Thanks so much!
it's been reborn as MediaFork

Excellent! HandBrake is an app I use quite often for transcoding DVDs into iPod video files.

Wonder if it could be a Panther/Tiger issue..

Hmm... That would explain why I was seeing the same corrupt .dmg error on my Panther 10.3.9 box...
HandBrake's a pretty neat app. It'll be interesting to see if some of the features apparently intended for HB's next release will make it into MF - in particular, I'd like to see inverse telecine there, so 29.97fps DVDs don't have to be encoded that way, but at 23.976fps instead. mencoder's the ultimate solution for more intricate encodings, but that's far from a trivial tool.

ffmpegX is also quite handy, I've found, offering a nice balance between options and usability, but being just an AppleScript front end for a host of separate CLI apps means it doesn't have any concept of what foibles each has - it just passes across the correct input arguments, and assumes the apps will each perform their tasks. Which is normally the case, but not always

And I've got a Panther-friendly version of the image up now - peek upwards a comment or two. A bit surprising they'd let something like that past them, but, early days, I suppose.
Psst, have a link. Uejira!