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By way of clawz_skunk, I must present one of the niftiest little Flash demos. (When I make my first billion, I want to stage an RL performance of this in the Palace of Fine Arts) Irritatingly, it seems to chain the actual Flash file from within a little stub, making it tricky to save the animation for offline viewing. Any ideas?

From the Silly Panther Tricks department: open a Terminal window, and type - without pressing Return yet - killall Dock. Have another window from any app sitting behind this, and shift-click on that background window's minimise button, to make it shrink into the Dock in slow motion. Then press Return to execute the "killall". (It's quite safe, and won't disrupt anything. It's just cute. Use cmd-W to close the window, if necessary)

Yes, it works with a playing movie too. ^_^

-- Edit: the actual 3MB Flash file can be downloaded here. Yay!
What exactly does 'killall Dock' do that shift-clicking on the minimized icon doesn't also accomplish (with the same slo-mo result?) Or did I miss something?
Be sure to get the order exactly correct - the window you're slowly minimising should be shrinking away at the point where you execute the 'killall Dock'. Which kills the Dock (which automagically reinitialises, none the worse for wear).. where the window was heading towards.. ^_^

I've got to work out how to keep a local copy of that Flash, too. Why on Earth would they make it deliberately difficult to save? But then again, I am a panda of very little brain.
Ack! Okay, yes, now I see the trick. Pretty goofy, but I couldn't reclick the 'minimize' button to get the frozen window back :)

Still pretty nifty, though.
Impressive!!! The Flash export features of 3D Max and Maya can produce some nice results, especially with the ability to export snippets from these apps and then load them back into the Flash editor to slice/dice/layer/rearrange/actionscript them in various cinematic ways. It's a shame that Macromedia seems unwilling to extend Flash to support OpenGL accelerated effects, such as the amazingly fun Touch Designer.
O.O kickass flash. Another thing to show people.

Mmmm, I missed the shift key the first time around and caused my safari window to shrink down into a non-existant dock... so the minimalized window just kinda sat on my desktop and didn't work when clicked... had to select "Minimize" under Window to get it back once the Dock recovered itself. Did it the second time... It is quite cool...

^^ I suppose you know that a minimized movie will continue to play in the dock? (or I believe it used to.. you just have to turn on magnification in order to see it play...)