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(Thanks to plushlover for the original compilation =:)
Superb! I wish people on my Friends list had managed to post in between your signs!
*grin* I wasn't really sure what sort of gap to leave between each - it should've been longer, really. Of course, that's easily tweaked..
(Deleted comment)
You'll be able to catch up in no time. Youse guys are even faster than us. =:D
*chuckles* I just read about these ads in a Bill Bryson book less than two months ago...
Heh! Just as well, or you'd've been even more confused by this posting than my usual ones. =:)

It's a great example of a simple idea, maintained for quite a while, becoming something of an industry classic, and even part of popular culture as a result. (For quite a long time, Guinness and Heineken maintained consistent advertising themes as well - indeed, still do, more or less)

Hm. Maybe I should post a few of my favorite ads sometime, like the Guinness wild horses, or the Smirnoff action adventure movie.. and, of course, the Cadbury bunny. ^_^
Yeah, do post them. ^^
I never quite saw the appeal of the Guinness White Horses ads. Certainly not when put up against the original "Guagoline" dancer or the current "Hands" ones.
Not sure I've seen the dancer, actually. "Hands" is certainly a neat one, though. I think I preferred noitulovE - nicely daffy. ^_^ (Is it just me, or does spelling backwards require a surprising degree of thought?)

As for the horses - ah, it's probably just a matter of appealing, or not. It struck me just right. Rather good on the big screen, too.

(Whatever happened to local advertising in cinemas?)
(snickers) Magnificent.
Why so many separate posts for this?
Voici: "Four or five consecutive billboards would line highways, so they could be read sequentially by motorists driving by."

So, in the style of the original, they're separate, not presented together. ^_^
You're quite welcome! ^^
Most playful!
o/~ Machadaynu, machadaynu.. machadaynu-daynu-daynu o/~
This, to me, hightlights the backwards nature of Livejournal's sorting. I realise that Newest First means new posts show up without scrolling, but all posts are in reverse chronological order. It makes more sense for me to read down a post and then have the one below it be newer so that the flow of time goes:



        / v
    /v /
   / v/
v / 

However, my views don't match with the rest of the world and I know that US streets are going to confuse me with something like "Ahead Xing Ped"
Oh, absolutely. I've never thought much of this reverse order, but it's pretty much impossible to override on a web-based system like this, short of a cunningly-crafted Firefox plugin, or a LJ-usenet gateway. (Which would be quite a neat idea, though shoehorning images and text styling in might be rather grody)

Web forums are usually fairly brain damaged as well, compared to usenet, considering it's trivial for a newsgroup discussion to be fully threaded, and readable offline.
Neat! I had it figured out by about the third one down. Sometimes that history degree does come in handy!

It's a shame we don't see this kind of advertising anymore, too. I guess regular billboards were more popular, or maybe more effective. So now the only place I've ever seen this idea being used is in roadside proselytizing, which is nowhere near as interesting to read.
Amusingly enough, the music I'm currently listening to is 08-bowling_for_soup-lil'_red_riding_hood-h8me.mp3 :D
*Grins* I love these things - like schnee, I have Bill Bryson to thank for introducing me to them. =:)
That reminds me.

I need to shave today. :)
*giggle* Well, whaddyaknow.. it works. =:D

Tried a beard? They can look quite distinguished, and much lower maintenance than shaving. (Or there's laser hair removal or electrolysis to be done with the whole matter entirely.. I'd love to go for full-body hair removal below the neck, but the cost of such laser treatment is, as they say, quite hair-raising)
I guess, but beards bother me. Not on others, it's quite "teh sexy", but on me, I just can't do it. I had a goatee there, but I got rid of it because it itches, it's hot, it gets in the way, and I just like to be clean shaven if I have the choice.

That and I like short hair on my head, and facial har longer than your head looks just goofy. :P
*Plays "I saw the sign" by Ace of Base*

I read my friends list from bottom to top, so it didn't work for me!
Nice try though...