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w00t! Bunny Jam this year is set for Saturday, April 7th. Help setting up, or providing art installations for the night, is welcomed.

Interesting.. seems Toy Story 3 is a go after all, for 2009, directed by the co-director of Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, and Finding Nemo, with a script from the writer of Little Miss Sunshine. Also, American Dog is on track again, for 2008. "Catmull denied speculation that Walt Disney Feature Animation may become a 2-D-only studio, with Pixar handling CGI, though he did confirm the Mouse will bring back hand-drawn pics."

Elsewhere in animation, the head of Cartoon Network has quit over the fantastically inept response in Boston recently.

Little Miss Sunshine, I'm pleased to say, lived up to its promise. Dry wit and dark humor abound, with performances well up to the measure of the script. (Trailers here; I much prefer trailer 2) It's a simple enough idea - a family goes on a roadtrip to take the daughter to a beauty pageant in Redondo Beach, 800 miles away from Albuquerque. (I admit, all I recall of Albuquerque was we had breakfast there en route to CF2. Magnificent desert scenery all around, but I've always been fond of arid climates. And snowy ones. Even rain can be wonderful, like getting caught in a monsoon - not much point hurrying, as you'll be soaked in seconds, and besides, it's so warm =:) But that doesn't take into account the family involved, constantly under pressures and tribulations of their own. It's very much a character driven film, and it succeeds completely in ensuring you actually care about what happens to each of them. Add in a memorable score that nonetheless doesn't impose itself upon the film, and it shines.

Pity there's no such thing as fruit & vegetable taxidermy, else one could make quite a cool phone by putting one inside an ex-banana.

The chronicles of a taxi dispatcher - wonderful if you've previously enjoyed the gems of customer service of the inimitable Gord. Here's one example, of dealing with someone who'd stolen some corporate vouchers. Management thought banning the guy by name would work; he decides to ensure he'll never call back..

These boots are wonderful. ^_^ I hope I can wind up with them, but they don't seem easy to find, especially at any sane price.

Oooh. More Eva! Seems Gainax are working on a series of four movies, culminating in the "true conclusion" of the EVA saga. These will apparently be cinematically released, not OVAs. (Though OVAs are often of particularly good quality in Japan, compared to TV productions, with larger animation budgets to play with) Phil Yff states that the official site says, "The first part and the second part make the best use of 3D computer graphics and the latest digital technology to upgrade the animation and backgrounds from those of the old TV series. The story is completely new and will also include the appearance of new settings and characters. It will be entirely different from the old TV version and the old movie releases. Each movie is planned to last 90 minutes give or take." "The first movie will be shown early Summer 2007, the second movie Spring of 2008. The third and fourth movies will be released as a two-parter in Summer of 2008."

Good review of the final release of AmigaOS 4. The post-article discussion's worth a look as well, including Dave Haynie chiming in. I'm not sure what to make of it - the results don't look especially impressive, considering the competition, and the current owners seem to be well and truly in the mold of the original Commodore management, winding up with an OS licensable only on official hardware - except there's no official hardware available. Some might consider this a drawback in a business plan. Here's a journal going further into the platform's past; what it once was, and how things went wrong.

This article is an interesting brief read, on the topic of mutually beneficial evolution.

On the music DRM front, it seems as if EMI may ditch it, though Warner - publically, at least - is refusing to budge. The Reg also published a decent two-page commentary by a lawyer in the entertainment industry, formerly with Sony.
Fruit and vegetable taxidermy? A real gap in the market... :) (And "ex-banana" sounds very Pythonesque, too. :))

Mmm, chronicles of a taxi dispatcher sounds interesting - although so far, it doesn't seem to be a match for True Porn Clerk Stories. But then, nothing's been so far. (A few minutes later, I'm actually somewhat disappointed, though - it's just typical customers_suck stories. If you've heard one, you've heard them all.)

The boots are nice, too, yes, although I'd prefer something high-heeled and sexy myself, made from black leather. :)

And AmigaOS still exists? Bizarre. :)
It's a true master that can stuff the skin of a tomato. I wonder if freeze-drying and laser etching it out might work.. hm. I know I'm going to have to try this at some point..

I still lament the loss of Enter the Cow-orker. I kept wondering just how he managed to maintain his sanity there for so long.. (and just how impossible it seems to be fired from some jobs, compared to how difficult it can be to land them)

Boots like these, maybe? Classical style, superlatively crafted.. so elegant.

It all reminded me of the way RISC OS has continued, partially as a genuinely commercial concern, used in set-top boxes, but my impression is that ground's been lost to Linux, for all the obvious reasons. On the desktop, there remains a staunch band of supporters, and even the occasional new hardware release, though obviously swimming against the tide even more than Amiga fans, given the relatively static nature of the Xscale family at this point, compared to the rather more dynamic development within the PowerPC family. But who needs superscalar architectures when you can have a 2MHz 6502A? =:)
Good luck with the tomato. :)

Mmm, I'll have to take a look at the Cow-orker site some time. One that's coming to mind again that I also enjoyed were the "I am a Japanese school teacher" stories on http://www.outpostnine.com, but those don't seem to be online anymore; IIRC, the author got an offer to publish a dead-tree edition at some point, so I can only assume he took them all down so everyone will have to buy the book once it comes out. :P

Oooh, yeah, like those boots. ^.^ Those are really sexy...

*chuckles* Mmm, the BBC Micro... that's a computer I occasionally hear about nowadays but never knew back then. :) But then, I didn't get my first computer until 1988, anyway, so...

Oh, you probably want to watch "Getsumen To Heiki Miina" at some point.
*grin* Done. =:D Even by general anime standards, quite an odd one. I'll definitely be wanting to see more, though I suppose I'll be disappointed in my hope of seeing bunnyboys as well as bunnygirls. Should be fun to see if anyone attempts Miina at the AnimeExpo masquerade this year. ^_^

Hmm. Maybe neonbunny would like to try the rabbit from Damekko Doubutsu - he's quite fond of open-face costumes, and Bunny Jam's not too far away. In time, at least. *sigh*
Yay! More EVA!
Wonder if we'll find out more about SEELE, and the other members thereof? Should be interesting seeing what new directions they take the story in - I found both current ones quite satisfying, actually, with the original explaining the events from Shinji's personal perspective, EoE from the outside instead. Maybe I'll even pick up the latest remastering on DVD when I can - it's not a series I'd exactly rewatch every week, but like B5, I could easily see myself actually opening the box up at least once a year, as well as being able to foist it upon friends. =:)
I still need to finish buying the Platinum edition of the series (I've got 4 of 7 volumes).
It's worth keeping an eye on their site for any special sales - pretty sure I've seen entire series, including Eva, going for around $50 up to $100 for a longer one like that. I'd love to pick up the complete Azumanga Daioh. ^_^ (Seen it at all?)
I find it easier to just buy a volume or two as I've got the cash (Best Buy tends to have them at $20/volume). I've seen most of the series, but I don't seem to ever bother downloading it, and I refused to watch the dub while it was on Cartoon Network.
Oh, that's not too bad a price. I've still only got (though it's all in storage) the two LDs, the remainder on VHS (subbed), and a wonderfully cheesy pirate VCD set from Singapore. How cheesy? It claims to be from "OSCAR", with a golden statuette for their logo. =:)

Gods, no.. not the dub, anything but the Eva dub! Ugh. The LDs have both soundtracks, and I could barely stand the first few lines from Misato or Shinji. (Thankfully, dubbing seems to've improved a *lot* since then - the dub for Cowboy Bebop's pretty decent. "Now with Real Actors™!")

I think I need to watch some Damekko Doubutsu again. ^_^
I think I listened to the dub for 10 minutes before diving on the DVD remote and switching over to the Japanese vocals with English subtitles. I couldn't hit the buttons fast enough.

I think I need to get around to putting Damekko Doubutsu on DVD.
Yes, those are nice boots. Can't figure out an outfit for them, though.

If one makes a bananaphone, one must use the song for the ringtone.
Come to think of it, I have one catsuit (with me, I think) that might work really well with those.. I should send it along with Marquis. ^_^ Of course, there's always the option of hand delivery..

Lycra divesuit, white, hot pink, and a little black, as I recall.

Though latex might work even better.. but my collection is but a single item, for now. :-P (Just a single black t-shirt. Buffs up nicely, though. ~shiny~)

*giggle* Well, goes without saying. ^_^ I may have to consult a lab tech or taxidermist somewhere and find out if there's any way of dry preserving a banana skin. Maybe alt.fan.cecil-adams can help - all human knowledge is there. A candybar style phone would fit in quite nicely. An iPhone would need something else, like a prickly pear.. probably best to remove the spines before use.
When are GAINAX going to stop milking every drop out of EVA they can ? Am I the only Gainax fan out there who thinks EVA is rather over rated and there earlier works like Nadia and Gunbuster seriously piss on it ?
*phbllbt* =:)

I adore Eva. ^_^ But surely, that doesn't take anything away from Nadia or Gunbuster? I can love Brave, and Ratatouille, Wall-E, and the Incredibles.

As for when they'll stop.. well, no time soon, apparently. =:) C'mon - wouldn't you enjoy seeing a live action Eva too?