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Enjoy this article, if you will, on the world's five most dangerous roads, complete with many very scenic photos. ^_^ But if those seem a bit easy, why not try some cycling instead, as in this Irish example? Pics: 1, 2, looney.

mycroftb discovers some people have difficulties with phones.. =:D

Just hypothetically: if you were commissioned to produce a six part series on companies that had it all, at one point, and then lost it, which companies would you feature? The loss needn't be absolute, just a sharp reduction from top dog to also-ran. Commodore comes to mind, but then, 80s computer companies could fill the entire run..

Does anyone have any or all of Captain Star? It seems to've eluded any VHS or DVD release, let alone gone out of print.

According to this site (be warned: 1998 design aesthetics) states the world record for the rabbit long jump is 300cm. (High jump: 99.5cm) That seems implausibly long, surely? Then again, looking at this compilation of clips (FLV), maybe not so much. ^_^

Here's a classic episode of Room 101, a show wherein a guest each week chooses various things, people, places, or habits they'd like to dispel into the depths of the infamous "room 101". This one features Stephen Fry - it's very well worth watching. ^_^ Download here, and here's a thumbnail icon - it'll play on a PSP, and theoretically, an iPod, or any MPEG-4-savvy app, like VLC, Mplayer, or anything QuickTime-based.

Lunch on Wednesday was a happy affair, with the Horde out for much of the day, leaving me in a house of peacefulness - a rare event, and so lovely to experience again. Anyway, I started with a plain cheese deep pan pizza, added some smoked hot paprika, garlic, and rosemary, then a veritable pile of shrimp, and some lean sweetcure bacon. It was.. good. ^_^

What higher fame than your own ice cream? Stephen Colbert's "Americone Dream" - vanilla ice cream with fudge covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl. :-9

What happens if you take a long exposure photo of Tempest? This. ^_^
(Eep! The original link's gone down)
Heh, some of the roads in that first link kinda remind me of some of the roads in this movie...

As for that picture at the end, if you chop 30 pixels off each side it'd be the right ratio for a desktop. Or you could horizontal stretch it 93% to get that ratio, I suppose...

And that icecream sounds pretty good...
Hmm - do the credits give any clues as to the locations used? Looks like it could be quite a fun flick. Going to retrace their steps? =:D

I just cheated and simply resized to 1680x1050. ^_^ And applied some utterly gratuitous filters to it, to add ~sparkle~.

I could certainly enjoy that. It'd make a nice complement to the sheer decadence of Phish Food or Chubby Hubby. Mmm, they do make good stuff.. :-9 (Come to think of it, there isn't any good ice cream in the house.. hafta remedy that sometime soon. Maybe some crêpes as well - one of those warmed up, then wrapped up with some good vanilla ice cream inside, is so good)
Those roads looked like fun.

WheN I was in Xi'an, China, I climbed a mountain--but it wasn't terrifying like that one in the picture! I'll have to go find out exactly what mountain I climbed, though.
I've been on some roads not too different to those, in Spain.. quite a good justification for burying one's muzzle in a good book, I found. ^_^;

I did love the positioning of the toilet on the mountaintop. Not sure I'd be able to relax there.. what are the odds it's there for easy expulsion down the side of the mountain? :-.

Got some photos of your expedition? Scenery and food especially. =:D
I used to have a link to pictures of those whacky Spanish roads! I've long since lost the link though. Breathaking for sure, fun to drive? Debatable.

The odds it goes down the mountain is very high. I spent probably a few days in different parts of rural china back in '00 or '01.

I have tons of pictures from my more recent 2 month trip to my dad's factory in Wenzhou, China that I'll be glad to link you to! As for food, I had much more fun with that on my '00 or '01 trip since my family went as tourists and the country while country was far less westernized (westernised?) back then.
Some of the best food I've ever had was in Xi'an, as well. Chinese cooking that conforms to Islamic dietary restrictions is suprisingly good. It sometimes includes a spice that makes your tounge feel numbed, but manages to taste slightly spicy. Steamed buns that countain a mountful of soup when you bite into it and the *best* beef I've ever had in my life. Food varies wildly throughout china, depending on region. North of the Tropic of Cancer, people tend to eat more noodles and soups, south of it tends to be more rice and fried cooking. No word on the interior of China.
Where does this somewhat recent trend of ordering a 'Top #' list incorrectly originate? It irritates me no end. David Letterman still manages to do it correctly!
It'd be quite good fun to make a video version of that, come to think of it. Can you do a suitably Letterman-ish TV voice? ^_^

BTW, if you enjoyed Acts of Gord, this is worth a peek. =:D Definitely going into the next entry.
If I tried quite hard after lots of practice beforehand, I could manage a pretty poor imitation. I don't have his sonorous expression. All I can manage is the laugh, the "ee-heeeeyah" and "got any gum?"

Oh, truly fun stuff there!
Interesting roads, to say the least. :)

mycroftb's post was interesting, too, but I can't shirk the feeling that the user who was reporting this problem was either having some fun or making some bitter comment on today's society - but that they weren't serious either way.

Cute bunny video. :) And interesting ice cream, too. Oh, and what's Tempest?
At least there's little risk of merely being injured if you fall off one of those roads. ^_^ Some stunning views, though. If I manage to tour around South America sometime, I should make a point of checking the routes first.. :-/

I think he's hoping that's true, though some tickets do make one wonder.

I'm quite impressed by how high a bunny can jump, no prior movement required, just *sproing!* I get the impression those courses must be a lot of fun for them, and over all too soon. I do wonder whether the giant rabbits we see sometimes are better or worse at jumping, or just running - does their extra weight slow them down, or can they offer more power in their legs as a result of their size? I must research this. ^_^

Ben & Jerry's always make good stuff - Phish Food's quite superb if you like chocolate, but outside the US, it can be unfortunately expensive. *sigh* (There's transportation, certainly - as I recall, it's imported from the US - but still, almost £4 for a pint tub? Ow)

Tempest, an early arcade classic. Worth setting up in an emulator.
*noddles* Yeah, I'm pretty sure the bunnies enjoy it - they sure seem to. :) I doubt that the huge ones can really jump much higher, though - especially when you look at the relative distance compared to their body size.

But yes, it's really interesting to just see them go "sproing" and jump across a huge (for them) barrier with no running or anything. :)

Mmm, I've never seen Ben & Jerry's in stores at all, so I can't say, but I wouldn't pay that price, anyway. :P That being said, does this variant actually exist, or...?

Ah, thanks for the Tempest link, too. :)
(Deleted comment)
*noddles* With some luck, he won't be able to figure out how to reproduce on his own, either. :)

See stinkygoat's LJ for more. ;) (That's Jeff Minter's LJ, you know, the guy who made tempest. ;)
And one-time poster to alt.lifestyle.furry under the name "Yak", though it was a while ago. =:) (See this thread from 2002, for example.)

I finally just watched that Room 101 segment. Thanks for that. I love that man and would watch (almost) anything with him in it.

I remember back in the early days of the web, one of the only mentions of Mr. Fry that I could find online was a fansite in Spanish with a very sweet song about him. I think it was called "Donde esta Stephen?" and simply mused about what he might be doing at the moment, taking a walk, brushing his teeth, stuff like that.

BTW, the only other Room 101 episode I've seen was with John Peel. I remember the things he wanted to banish being surprisingly mundane -- like traffic!