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You shouldn't miss this clip showing the time lapse construction of some dinos, including a triceratops and an extraordinarily cool raptor that would probably cause spontaneous public inconvenience for quite a few FC-goers. They're appearing in the Walking with Dinosaurs show, currently in Brisbane. (Thanks to ysengrin)

Anyone heard of Mouse Guard? Looks like a promising comic series of six issues. Not that I keep up with print comics particularly, but given it's been out for a year, I'm surprised not to've seen any mention of it until now.

"Why would the big four music companies agree to let Apple and others distribute their music without using DRM systems to protect it? The simplest answer is because DRMs haven't worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy. Though the big four music companies require that all their music sold online be protected with DRMs, these same music companies continue to sell billions of CDs a year which contain completely unprotected music." Stunningly obvious, except to executives of member companies of the RIAA. Now, a year ago, I'd never imagine the big labels coming anywhere near DRM-free music downloads, but - industry analysts (not paid trolls like Dvorak, or Enderle for that matter) seem to be finding reason lately for suggesting there are such musings being contemplated.

Speaking of music (dancing about architecture?), find for the day has to be Mika's "Life in Cartoon Motion" - as one description read, 'His sound - flamboyant, funky, quirky, grandiose pop - has seen him described as "a one-man Scissor Sisters" and has also drawn comparisons with Freddie Mercury.' And so it is. It's ~faaaabulous~. =:D

It's very early code (at the 0.1 release), but still, the OpenSim project should be worth following, being a GNU-licensed SL-compatible sim. For now, it's very limited in functionality, supporting login, movement, object creation & updating, and chat; server-side Lua scripting and script uploads are mentioned as being "in progress".

Cool beans - the second trailer for Life on Mars confirms its return date: Tuesday, Feb 13. (The trailer itself is unremarkable - just a collection of clips)

Word's emerging of a rather cool POWER-derived processor, potentially offering quite an exciting reinvigoration of the PowerPC family at the high performance/low power corner of the market, comparing remarkably favorably even with Core 2 Duo, especially once the support chips are included. The secret sauce, courtesy of a few Alpha veterans, is downclocking unused or underutilised segments on a hitherto unseen scale, offering power economy at a very fine level.

I'd been wondering how people actually recorded the footage for machinima, thinking it was just a matter of software. Seems, though, more common is just to record the system's video output on something like a DVD recorder, then rip that disc. But here's an alternative, particularly for Intel Macs, as it seems Snapz Pro is still not a Universal Binary. This is, and cheaper to boot - the blogger here uses it to record some 720p footage, making for a much cleaner, higher-res option.

I wonder if I can try inducing dreams? Not necessarily lucid dreaming, just ones that are coherent enough to remember. Last night's wasn't anything to write into a Nobel Prize winning novel, just pleasant, snuggling up to sleep with someone; no-one I know consciously. But then we were disturbed, causing us both to scamper out of the room, to the top of the stairs. "Well, that was awkward" the visitor said. It didn't seem to bother my companion, thankfully, who was just grinning.

The erstwhile newsreader MacSOUP is finally a Universal Binary, with the release of v2.8. The other changes are just given as "minor bug fixes", but the author nonetheless recommends it to all users.

sphelx noted an especially nifty APOD image, over here, on an Australian beach, the panorama at once including the comet, fireworks, and lightning.

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