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Internet usage continues to rise, with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) now "claiming to be the world's largest public Internet exchange, after setting a new traffic record earlier this month of 233Gbit/s. It says it now shifts more than 1.5 Petabytes a day, on behalf of over 250 ISPs and carriers."

Speaking of which, I should do my part - here's the recent 20 second teaser for the forthcoming second season of Life on Mars. It's amusing. ^_^

It's not a title for serious hard-core gamers, but Dodge That Anvil is a load of fun. The rabbits of Eastwarren have taken to growing their own crops, relieving them of any reliance on humans - but now, anvils are falling from the sky. It's up to you to harvest the crops without getting flattened, and discover what secret lies behind this mayhem.

The Top Gear team go caravanning. Is fun. =:D

On the matter of just who outed Valerie Plame, breaking her cover, and that of the other covert CIA agents using that front company: "Ultimately, Cheney crafted an on-the-record statement to be attributed to Libby by name. Libby called Matt Cooper of Time, who had emailed questions to Martin earlier" (Cathie Martin, former top press assistant to Dick Cheney) Is anyone very surprised?

Handy - Trillian Astra is coming to OS X. "IMCore" is portable across OS X, Linux, and Windows, including all their in-house plugins. Won't make a lot of difference to me, given I only barely touch AIM, and iChat plus Chax is fine for my purposes, but more options are always a good thing, especially as multinetwork-capable as that is.

rabitguy spotted this Sly Cooper video (FLV), set to a cover of Smooth Criminal. Very easy on the eyes.

At the last anime con I went to (so far - maybe I'll turn up somewhere in the next year or so =:), I remember being quite amused by the hotel playing Air's "Sexy Boy" over the muzak speakers. Cool choice. (And watch out for their forthcoming Pocket Symphony in March - as technically complex as 10,000Hz Legend, but somewhat more upbeat. But it's Amon Tobin's "Foley Room" that will really demand your attention then..)

'"There are skeptics who think it's a bunch of hooey, but I can tell you things seem to have improved since the change." said Pat Patton, programming director at San Francisco TV station KRON 4, on his decision to change the station's street address from 1001 Van Ness Ave. to 1001552 after consulting with an "astronumerologist."'

First-hand information from someone attending the meetings in Idaho regarding the impending wolf hunting. Apparently they feel the wolves are no longer endangered, so they intend to hunt them back to the point where they are.

Where I was born still remains, but the beer selection is lousy now.

From this posting on Suicide Bots: "SRL had a guinea pig robot. It was kind of a four legged waldo that the guinea pig rode on top of. It is described in detail (with photos) in Re/Search publications PRANKS. IIRC the critter’s feet where strapped in and is motions were used to control the motion of the four legged bot he was riding. So if the pig walked forward, the ‘bot walked forward, if it ran back, the ‘bot ran back. Mark Pauline claims that they fed the critter lettuce the whole time and it enjoyed it very much."

w00t! Leggings for all!

So, the Oscar animation nominees are out - with the disqualification of Arthur and the Invisibles, there are only three rather than five this year in the running for Best Animated Feature: Cars, Happy Feet, and Monster House. For me, it's an easy choice - as technically impressive as Cars was, the writing felt much more entertaining in Monster House. Though I'll admit to not having seen Happy Feet.

I have to say, I'm really impressed with how well Doctor Who's maintained its unversal appeal across all ages. Gallifrey One notes viewer data here for 'the Christmas day showing of "The Runaway Bride". The programme achieved a final rating of 9.35 million viewers, which was a 38% share of the total television audience. Of that audience 50% were male and 50% female.'

20%4 to 15
9%16 to 24
13%25 to 34
19%35 to 44
17%45 to 54
11%55 to 64
12%over 65

NSFW! .. as is this.
Big hugs from Mexico, I got to be at Plushlover's place and he sends you big hugs too!! You're my hero! Thanks for everything!!!!!! Wish to meet you someday too. Oh, and you can screen this comment if you wish to. Big big hugs for you!!
*giggle* Oh, no need for any screening. ^_^ He's a good sort, no question. Very cool you managed to get up that way - beautiful part of the world, ne?

Mmm - you could even set up a furcon if that plan you'd been considering came about! ^_^
The second NSFW pic looks rather fun.
I stand by my comment there. =:D

Far above technical competence, too, comes vivacity - quite a few of my old works were more or less fine, but stiff. That's something I want to overcome, if I'm ever to come up with something as fun as the first one especially. ^_^

Maybe I'll try getting the flow unclogged this week.
And now I'm tempted to go back and re-make the icon I made from the fun half of that pic you pulled that icon from.

*pokes at the clog in the flow with a sharpened duck*
*giggle* Like the time mycroftb wanted to bring out.. more of a certain BA pic.. and he did, oh yes. =:D (Oh, he really needs to draw more lapines! Or just more at all..)

A sharpened duck? Does it have a five dollar bill?
Seen BA's FA?

The duck had $5 until I took it while sharpening it.
That picture is very well drawn. Thanks for locating it and sharing.
Not an artist I'd known of before, either - quite a find! I'll certainly be looking forward to any new work from her. Isn't the upper jackalope's expression just wonderful? =:D
(Deleted comment)
I wouldn't be surprised it's in the majority by now, given the size of video files, and the sheer number of such - ISTR reading somewhere P2P traffic accounts for over half now, and then there's usenet as well, and IRC.

Even though I'm not really bothered much by cars (very handy sometimes, but I just use buses and trains. Much easier to enjoy a good laptop when someone else can be in charge of the vehicle =:), Top Gear's a show I'll watch anyway, just because of the enthusiasm of the presenters. Even when they're just reviewing cars, rather than embarking on mayhem like that, you can tell they're really having a good time. The show with the amphibious challenge is fun too, but the caravanning one I just had to share. ^_^

that srl hamster-run flamethrower robo was actually apocryphal, sad to say. they did attempt to design something along those lines but it never actually worked. I guess it counts as a meta-prank, since it was published in the pranks book as fact. o wells!
Aww! Mind, it would be fun to bring about in reality.. =:) Actually, that drawing might not be a bad way of going about it - have the hammy in a ball, and have the robot controlled by that, like a trackball that moves itself. I wonder if I could get a grant from Mark Pauline.. ^_^

Still only been to one SRL event, back around 1996, in one of the disused piers in the City. Not something you forget easily.. !
238 Gbps? Quite a bit! I wonder how much of that is BitTorrent.

Hmmm, I'm not really surprised by anything involving Cheney (or anyone else of those.. people).

*chuckles* Hmm, I've got to say that people who trust "astronumerologists" probably *deserve* to be parted from their money.

Mmmm, and the picture is cute, too. ^.^ Kinda makes me wish I was in the rabbit's position... *blush*
BitTorrent? Who uses that? =:D ISTR reading something like 50% or more of traffic is now P2P-based - I wouldn't be all that surprised, given the profusion of video material out on the net. A movie's typically 700MB or 1.4GB, and the total would include whatever seeding the recipients perform. (Just wish there were greater use of H.264 rather than "plain" MPEG-4 for video - better quality at a lower filesize. But more demanding of the system, which does become an issue with Hyzenthlay on HD files. One I'd love to share somehow is BBC HD's broadcast of the NYE fireworks from the London Eye.. unfortunately, the original's very generously encoded at over 40MB/min, but it does capture 1280x720 beautifully. Too much for H, though - I had to transcode it to about half the bitrate MPEG-4 to play well, and it does exhibit some pixellation in places. A positively spectacular performance, though! Don't suppose you've got 550 + 220MB available?)

How nobly Cheney sends others into battle, when he received five deferments. I'd be quite happy to see him found guilty of breaking top secret information - of course, he'd be immediately pardoned by The Decider, but at least he'd be out of the way.

I did like the note in that article that the station hadn't done too well financially since the change.. one wonders what other *cough* discretionary expenditures have been authorised by management there. ^_^

Ah, the other pic? Mmmm, indeed.. a new artist to me, too, which was quite a happy find. Think I was nosing through some other artist's homepage and clicked on a few of their selections. Definitely knows how to convey lapinity, and that expression on the upper jackalope is just wonderful. =:D
550 + 220 MB of HD space? Sure, I do. :)

I once heard estimates that P2P (and, particularly, BT) accounts for about 80% of all Internet traffic worldwide. I'm not sure if it's true, but I wouldn't be surprised...

Hmmm... jackalope? Are we talking about the same picture?