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Perhaps the best Bunny strip evar.

An interesting article on neurological differences between males and females, and the way such small - but real - differences are sometimes blown way out of proportion by those wishing to portray a chasm between genders.

So, the source for the SL client is now under the GPL. Full source, plus some closed-source libraries, along with build instructions for OS X, Linux, and Windows are all available immediately.

tania spotted an eBay seller with an impressive array of catsuits on offer, at very reasonable prices.

Track for the day: Fade to Grey - Noisia Mix, a powerhouse D&B creation that's very much its own work, though obviously based on the 80s classic.

Shannon Wheeler, late of Too Much Coffee Man, is still on good form with his new strip, How to be Happy.. caution: cynical humor ahead. =:)

Ever received or downloaded a file, and been unable to use it? Here's an extraordinarily helpful site: Media Convert. It handles a wide variety of audio, video, text, and archive formats, converting them to a similarly broad choice. As it's handled by the website's server, there's nothing to install.

This Imperial Stormtroopers photo will make murries laugh, cry, or both. =:)

Comment of the year on the speculation to the impending MacWorld keynote: "The big surprise product they're going to release is Duke Nukem Forever, iPhone edition." On the more earnest side, it seems the Wall Street Journal's claiming the "iPhone" to be real - and they noted the Intel migration just before it happened. Meanwhile, in cloud cuckoo land, this thread is just fun - it may or may not happen, but it's part of the ride. ^_^ It certainly would be fun to see something genuinely novel. After all, the basic WIMP paradigm has remained virtually untouched since its popular debut - a laptop now is pretty much the same beast as ten or fifteen years ago, just with grinningly more wonderful specs.

[Edit: the "iPhone", widescreen iPod, and "internet communicator" have been announced as one and the same device. And as that link claimed, it uses a multipoint touchscreen, for fingers, not a stylus. And it runs OS X.. ! Lotsa photos and commentary here]

Many thanks to rabitguy for noticing this!
*hug* It's got to be difficult when there's real money involved. I've only ever had stock indirectly, as part of 401(k) investments, under their management. And gods know, AAPL's one of the stranger stocks to predict - completely unrelated factors can knock it sideways. For a few years after Jobs' return, it seemed each MWSF held good financial news, only to see the price fall several percent. (Even now, of course, there's such jitteriness at times - a few folk misinterpreted that iTunes Store sales data and declared that sales were plummeting, and within a day, every tech column was proclaiming the end of Apple. Said market research company then coughed and pointed out that that wasn't what they'd found, causing The Register and a few others to rather snottily attack them, rather than be caught with egg on their face)

Still, that's a positive outcome, all the same - just not as good as it could've been. And better than this:

"Around 12:21 eastern, somebody sold 1.67 Million shares of AAPL at 85.28, bumping the price down about 2.50. Talk about panic selling. AAPL then began to rise and is right now just below 92. Nervous Nellie is so eating $8 Million on that smart move."

Just hope RIM isn't shaken too much - they've been a pretty neat bunch. I'm guessing they've got enough corporate lock-in that they're relatively safe. Palm, though.. meh. They've not done bad work of late, but I can't help but feel they've rather coasted along for a while. Maybe this can serve to give them a bit of a wake-up call.