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Perhaps the best Bunny strip evar.

An interesting article on neurological differences between males and females, and the way such small - but real - differences are sometimes blown way out of proportion by those wishing to portray a chasm between genders.

So, the source for the SL client is now under the GPL. Full source, plus some closed-source libraries, along with build instructions for OS X, Linux, and Windows are all available immediately.

tania spotted an eBay seller with an impressive array of catsuits on offer, at very reasonable prices.

Track for the day: Fade to Grey - Noisia Mix, a powerhouse D&B creation that's very much its own work, though obviously based on the 80s classic.

Shannon Wheeler, late of Too Much Coffee Man, is still on good form with his new strip, How to be Happy.. caution: cynical humor ahead. =:)

Ever received or downloaded a file, and been unable to use it? Here's an extraordinarily helpful site: Media Convert. It handles a wide variety of audio, video, text, and archive formats, converting them to a similarly broad choice. As it's handled by the website's server, there's nothing to install.

This Imperial Stormtroopers photo will make murries laugh, cry, or both. =:)

Comment of the year on the speculation to the impending MacWorld keynote: "The big surprise product they're going to release is Duke Nukem Forever, iPhone edition." On the more earnest side, it seems the Wall Street Journal's claiming the "iPhone" to be real - and they noted the Intel migration just before it happened. Meanwhile, in cloud cuckoo land, this thread is just fun - it may or may not happen, but it's part of the ride. ^_^ It certainly would be fun to see something genuinely novel. After all, the basic WIMP paradigm has remained virtually untouched since its popular debut - a laptop now is pretty much the same beast as ten or fifteen years ago, just with grinningly more wonderful specs.

[Edit: the "iPhone", widescreen iPod, and "internet communicator" have been announced as one and the same device. And as that link claimed, it uses a multipoint touchscreen, for fingers, not a stylus. And it runs OS X.. ! Lotsa photos and commentary here]

Many thanks to rabitguy for noticing this!
Blotch ROCKS! Without a doubt the best artist I've seen in ages, perhaps the best in the anthro world. Really! He's an ARTIST, not some hack-job yiff-scribbling fanboy.
Oh, there's some amazing "competition" for the top spot. ^_^ Ursula Vernon's got not just technical skill (largely self-taught, AIUI), but a bizarrely wonderful imagination to go with it; and then let's not forget Kenket or Kyoht, either.

Not that there's anything wrong with yiffiness in artwork either, of course. ^_^ ~polishes halo~
Mrrr! Oh no! Not at ALL! *grin* *polishes his 10 gigs of SMUT!*

Um, would you do me a wee favor? Toss me a url or two for those artists? It's so excruciating digging around at 28.8. *SIGH*

Ah, never mind on Ursula... Feh! I'm just lazy! Mmmm, good yah, but there's something so lush and fun about Blotch's style. Fun and loose.

Only 10GB? I'm sure someone or other reading this can help you out. =:) (Actually, I don't think I've got all that much artwork - ye gods, only 2.32GB for my entire Furry directory! But then, I don't often visit VCL now, given what a comparative nuisance it is to browse through page after page of.. work I'm not interested in. *cough* Being able to keep a "watch" list on FA simplifies matters a lot)

Kyoht, Kenket. And there's always Dark Natasha as well (though the site seems to be down at the moment), who's come up with a few very good lapines, amongst others.

Definitely, the composition of that pic's just wonderful - the way the background lightens subtly against him, casting him straight into the foreground, let alone the expressivity of both of them. I'd love to see that made available as a 24x36" poster..
Ah thanks. Yah, Dark Natasha is great, albiet a bit snotty from what Azzy tells me. Ah, I'm a bastard... one of them's that dloaded that HUGE Bittorrent thingie that Sibe posted. Sue me, I'm poor!

Mmm, I'd love to have some big-ass posters of his work! Should really press him into it. On the other hand, I AM starting up a business where I hope to offer up good prints, framed, from artists to customers. Be the go-between so to speak.
Well, there's often a degree of ego involved in creative endeavors - not always, of course, but not so rarely either. (In the computing world, just consider His Steveness. Not an easy guy to work with, but, he does make Cool Stuff™ happen - just look at the fruit company before and after 1997)

And there's no few folks torrenting furry work, I'm sure. There's only so much money to go around, after all. (Must the RIAA and MPAA persist in these fantasies of these gargantuan sums "lost to piracy"? If they enforced perfect, unbreakable DRM, I doubt either group's members' incomes would rise noticeably; there's no more money magically entering the system)

Ooh, might you even be looking into making the frames? Could be a nifty selling point - made by grizzled monastic artisans, you know. =:) (No, I've seen your portrait - definitely not grizzled!) Presumably it's mostly conifers around there? Not that I'd know what wood would make good, lasting frames.

I wonder how much good wide format printers cost now? As I recall, they've always been fairly costly, presumably just out of comparatively low sales volumes, compared to the nigh disposable letter-sized inkjets being all but given away with the cornflakes. (They stay crunchy in milk too)
Oh too true on the ego. Necessary component I think. Part of that knowing you can do it.

Piracy! They keep making it, we keep stealing it! It'll never make a real dent. People still wanna have the real thing and it's been shown time and time again that it DOES have an impact on the big boys (but they can afford it) and does boost up the small guys.

I don't think I'd make frames as they're tricker than most people imagine. It's easy enough to find a local wholesaler who sells stock stuff that costs far less than what it would take for me to produce, but we're figuring under $20 for something to fit a 13x22 print, speaking of which... check this beauty out (for about $500!!!)
And to be fair, I suppose, if you are good at your game, there's nothing too bad in admitting it. =:) 'Course, there's little to excuse demeaning others - I'd say never, but I admit, if someone could appear to be a benevolent and worthy ruler in public, yet be horribly high maintenance privately, that's not such a bad combination.

The odd thing with the MPAA/RIAA's efforts is they seem to pay almost no attention to those copying their work for commercial gain, on a commercial scale. Even in Western countries, it's not exactly difficult to find markets and street traders offering fresh cams on DVD - even moreso in, say, Kuala Lumpur, where they have their tables set out en masse by the main bus station. ^_^ (Roll up, roll up, yours for 5RM! Sometimes better quality than others, of course, though they do go to interesting length to make up plausible "covers", despite selling them in CD case sleeves, compositing maybe a publicity poster and a review quote, some logos (they're all DVD, even if on CD) - really quite well done, though sometimes let down by the color photocopying quality)

That does look like rather a good little printer! 'Course, I keep thinking of the ALPS dye-sub I saw a few years back in Fry's - dinky thing, only really useful for photo prints, but the resolution was exceptional. Slow, though - that one took about 90 secs per color pass. But it was genuinely photographic quality, as the dye sublimation process permitted very small, very accurately measured amounts of color transfer per dot.

Come to that, I've heard some pleasant reviews of the Xerox Phaser lot - any idea if they're suitable for the task?