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Perhaps the best Bunny strip evar.

An interesting article on neurological differences between males and females, and the way such small - but real - differences are sometimes blown way out of proportion by those wishing to portray a chasm between genders.

So, the source for the SL client is now under the GPL. Full source, plus some closed-source libraries, along with build instructions for OS X, Linux, and Windows are all available immediately.

tania spotted an eBay seller with an impressive array of catsuits on offer, at very reasonable prices.

Track for the day: Fade to Grey - Noisia Mix, a powerhouse D&B creation that's very much its own work, though obviously based on the 80s classic.

Shannon Wheeler, late of Too Much Coffee Man, is still on good form with his new strip, How to be Happy.. caution: cynical humor ahead. =:)

Ever received or downloaded a file, and been unable to use it? Here's an extraordinarily helpful site: Media Convert. It handles a wide variety of audio, video, text, and archive formats, converting them to a similarly broad choice. As it's handled by the website's server, there's nothing to install.

This Imperial Stormtroopers photo will make murries laugh, cry, or both. =:)

Comment of the year on the speculation to the impending MacWorld keynote: "The big surprise product they're going to release is Duke Nukem Forever, iPhone edition." On the more earnest side, it seems the Wall Street Journal's claiming the "iPhone" to be real - and they noted the Intel migration just before it happened. Meanwhile, in cloud cuckoo land, this thread is just fun - it may or may not happen, but it's part of the ride. ^_^ It certainly would be fun to see something genuinely novel. After all, the basic WIMP paradigm has remained virtually untouched since its popular debut - a laptop now is pretty much the same beast as ten or fifteen years ago, just with grinningly more wonderful specs.

[Edit: the "iPhone", widescreen iPod, and "internet communicator" have been announced as one and the same device. And as that link claimed, it uses a multipoint touchscreen, for fingers, not a stylus. And it runs OS X.. ! Lotsa photos and commentary here]

Many thanks to rabitguy for noticing this!
Media Convert.... So I download a file that I can't play. I then have to upload it again and download the converted file? Some people just don't care about those of us languishing on 56k lines(!)
Eek! No, no, anything but that! Erf.. I remember the sheer joy of having to vacate the line every time someone wanted to make a call, and keeping my time down until 10pm or so. Let alone the speed.. just before I went for DSL, I spent about four nights trying to torrent an episode of Twin Spica, and gained about half the 175MB file. When the DSL went active, I completed it in an hour or so.

It's still amazing, I feel, that megabits can be squeezed down a piece of wet string only ever designed with 2kHz of voice in mind. (And with voice calls able to take place at the same time, too) And it'll only get better once VDSL becomes the norm, as FTTC rolls out - then we're looking at around 100Mbps, as the signal would then only be travelling from the street cabinet. Much cheaper than laying fiber to every home, and with comparable throughput, for now.

As for the site - don't forget it'll handle textual formats too, like Access and Excel, which needn't be gigantic. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
D'oh! Bit of a typo in the URL. :-P
bwa-ha-ha... cardboard troopers!!!!
o/~ I lost my heart to a cardboard trooper o/~

Everything I know about male/female relationships I learned from Dave Barry.
Wow.. that's neurotic enough (in the good way =:) for Woody Allen or Shannon Wheeler. Maybe you should point him in that column's direction - it's calling out to be illustrated. (Life in Hell might suit the narrative, but not its loquaciousness)

(For some reason, I'm now thinking of that series of books, "How to Live with a Neurotic..." [Dog/Cat/Husband/Wife] - ever seen those?)
Every brain begins as a female brain. It only becomes male eight weeks after conception, when excess testosterone shrinks the communications center, reduces the hearing cortex, and makes the part of the brain that processes sex twice as large.

You can tell it was written by a women. Else wise it might have read

Every brain begins as a female brain. It only becomes male eight weeks after conception, when lack of testosterone shrinks the logical arguement center, increases the worrying about looks cortex, and makes the part of the brain that provides moodiness twice as large.

Though as the next Bunny strip showed.. ^_^ (Which is, of course, where I first came across that link. It may not be as wonderfully geeky as xkcd, but Bunny's another strip I follow regularly, thanks to the RSS feed here)

Blotch ROCKS! Without a doubt the best artist I've seen in ages, perhaps the best in the anthro world. Really! He's an ARTIST, not some hack-job yiff-scribbling fanboy.
Oh, there's some amazing "competition" for the top spot. ^_^ Ursula Vernon's got not just technical skill (largely self-taught, AIUI), but a bizarrely wonderful imagination to go with it; and then let's not forget Kenket or Kyoht, either.

Not that there's anything wrong with yiffiness in artwork either, of course. ^_^ ~polishes halo~
Those cardboard box outfits are strangely sexy, I must admit.

And the article about the differences between males and females (or the lack thereof) was very interesting, too.
*giggle* It's weird how well they work. Quite inspired. ^_^ makes you wonder what other costuming endeavors could be "simplified" thusly..

That's something I enjoy about Bunny - not just a cool strip in its own right, but it included the link to that article in a recent strip, as I included in a reply above. The appeal of the article's as much about the information it conveys, as the way such data can be blown out of proportion, making quite subtle differences seem vastly more significant than they are - and from there, the passage into "common knowledge" begins, unfortunately. Which is where the net can come to the rescue.
Damn. I sold my AAPL stock at 52. What an idiot I am...
Agh, none left now? *sigh* Still, you did pretty well out of it even then, as I recall.

Certainly, Wall Street seems happy - up from $85 to $92, on volume over four times the norm. I doubt they'll be able to make enough of them, initially. It's not cheap, certainly, but considering it's all but the return of the Newton (I wonder if this version of OS X includes Ink? Seems perfectly suited, but then they'd have to demonstrate it with a stylus), it's pretty damn good value - it's not a phone, so much as a tiny tablet that's also a very good phone. If I had the money spare, and they were shipping now, I'd be in line for one - I'd use that on the move, and Hyzenthlay (or its successor) when I'd arrived. Absolutely gorgeous UI and physical design.

"The big surprise product they're going to release is Duke Nukem Forever, iPhone edition."


Dude, that's SO funny!
That game doesn't exist! It never existed! It is NEVER COMING OUT! EVER!

The Brer Rabbit pic is awesome.
Though, with ears and feet that big, maybe it's his cousin, Brer Hare.

Warning: if you ever use your "iPorn" icon in any reply on my LJ, I will kill you.

Wow... I ju.. wow.. I want it now! ;-P
I'm really impressed. This isn't just a phone, so much as a little tablet - with a multitouch touchscreen, all on top of what sounds like a real version of OS X, with all the nifty libraries, like CoreAnimation.

And a little tablet, for $500? That's really not bad, just by itself. Make it a modem and phone as well, running serious software to boot? Able to resize images just by opening your fingers on the screen, shift them around with one finger? And a presumably decent 2MP camera too, the whole thing able to act as a modem for my PowerBook?

It's slick. It's gorgeous! And gods know, while I do enjoy the kind of things Apple does, I'm not one for gadgets - I like keeping things simple, and Hyzenthlay lets me do pretty much anything I can do on a computer, anywhere. But this I could so easily use on the move, and just whip out Hyzenthlay when I arrive - H will be better at running Second Life, most likely. =:)

Though maybe you were referring to Brer Rabbit. ^_^