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If you've ever wondered about the person behind Stephen Colbert, here's a rare look, during an appearance at a forum at Harvard's Kennedy School of Politics. It's about an hour long, in all, so it'll take time to load - the GVI download is 415MB.

Rabbit versus Snake - most cool. ^_^ (FLV)

Interesting community: day_on_earth, featuring simply photos of every day from different parts of the world, contributed by community members. And here's a slideshow (Flash required) from recent news events, courtesy of the Guardian, with some excellent photographic skills on display.

Yay hoofie costumes! Here's a very cool quadrupedal goat.

relee's set up a weblog for matters pertaining to SL happenings, its future, scripting advice, and more. You can subscribe to it here, as relee_sl_rss.

For SL news with an Australian perspective, I noticed there's SLOz. Perhaps the writer can be proven wrong on this count? "There certainly is no cohesive Australian community in-world that I’ve been able to nail down."

A particularly good Doctor Who video starring the Daleks, set to an eminently appropriate EBM track by Rotersand, "Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy". For a high quality downloadable version (with the correct aspect ratio too), look here.

Yay bunny doll TF! And this time, with added 'yeena goodness. Finally, just some good ole ~shiny~ latex, starring Micah's Geoff and Trevor. ^_^

Oh, one more: a costume. Not at all worksafe. *giggle*

Hm! You can tell I'm not a hardcore Star Wars fan, when this is news to me.. "The language spoken by the Jawas (the hooded aliens of Tatooine) was created by recording speakers of the African Zulu language and electronically speeding it up. The language spoken by Greedo, the green alien killed by Han Solo, is the Peruvian language Quechua played backwards."

You do work here?

So, The Sarah Jane Adventures began - and very well. Supposedly aimed at a slightly younger audience, it remains eminently suitable for a much broader range, just as the Doctor always has. It struck me, though, that whereas the central characters here were attempting to prove (successfully) their ingenuity and guile, those of Torchwood often seemed more intent on proving how idiotic one can be and get away with it. (And why is there this seemingly inviolate wall preventing anyone in Torchwood mentioning the Doctor, when SJS was reminiscing in this taster episode?) Anyway - suffice to say, it's good stuff; the series itself won't be starting until "later this year", however.

Still - ep.10, "Out of Time", showed far stronger promise for all concerned than any of the opening episodes, Owen especially, going from a nasty creep with a penchant for using alien tech to mesmerise clubbers into having sex with him, to someone so fragile and in love, only to have that togetherness wrenched away from him. And Jack's.. responsibility? Was it a duty, or a reflection of his own self, of something he can never permit himself?

Ep.11.. eh, seems fairly safe to skip it. Why the need for a Fight Club remake? Ep.12, though, from the same writer as Out of Time, opened with quiet style. Some "huh?" moments, like Toshiko's claim that pencil would fade, but - that dance. That moment of dancing will remain one of the series' highlights for me.. simply beautiful.

Now for the season finale.

I just noticed the Manage Settings page here now has a checkbox to turn off the hover menu you now see when your mouse is on top of someone's user icon. A harmlessly useless feature, but also perfectly positioned (in my journal's appearance, anyway) so that after clicking on the "previous entries" in my flist, the pointer will then be on top of everyone's icons.

Unfortunately, the "use placeholders for embedded video" option does literally replace the entire area with a simple placeholder of the same size, so it doesn't get rid of those huge voids. (I never watch clips in those embedded spaces - much more convenient to open them in new tabs and let them load in the background)

On the other paw, using that kind of area for this.. ^_^


I thought you might like this, though I;d be surprised if no one's sent it to you already!
I can't begin to fathom the level of karma required to come back as a bunny as cute as the lower one especially. ^_^

Oh, thanks for that thoughtfulness! I did come across it, indeed (in this entry), but it's so worth pointing out - the guy's been producing Flash games for a while, but that one's exceptionally good. Even if I'm useless at it. ^_^; (The bun in the snake video would be much better, I think)
Latex and bunnies and penises, oh my!
Two or three great tastes that go great together. =:)
*chuckles* That was one cheeky bunny in the "bunny vs. snake" video. :)

The goat suit is great, too. And the other "costume" picture... well, that's just weird. :)

And what's that bunny doing in the last picture - eating eyebrows? ^^
That bunny is officially my hero. ^_^ I wonder if she may've been protecting a nest? Either that, or she's just tired of him..

I do like that goat, definitely. I'm hoping to get a My Little Pony made up later this year, in conjunction with patch_bunny, so this kind of successful report's always encouraging. I'm still surprised there's so little MLP costuming, within furrydom or at large, but so it goes - like Pokemon or Digimon, the shapes would seem to lend themselves well to foam carving, though I anticipate we'll be going with a latex facial prosthesis.

Well, you know - it takes time to groom a partner when you have a dainty bunny mouth. ^_^
*chuckles* True.

Mmmm, I suppose the reason why there's no more costumes like that is simply that furry fandom (unlike anime fandom, for example) has always put very much emphasis on creativity and coming up with your own characters. Most people probably just wouldn't be happy with playing a character created by an evil faceless megacorporation. ;)

As for the bunny... I think she was just annoyed by the snake. That, or she was on a sugar rush. ^.^
Good stuff Porsupah. ^.^

I really enjoyed the Colbert thing, and I love the work of Rip Kackel.

Of course, thank you very much for the name drop for my new blog. ^.^
I try. ^_^ Well.. not really. ^_^ I just like talking about all this, and hope it stimulates some kind of conversation. There's so much of wonder, after all. I just need to try being responsible for some of it. =:)

I do wish RK had some kind of contact address, though - his VCL page lacks anything but artwork, and he doesn't seem to be around anywhere else. So I'll just have to settle for adding to the good wishes on drawing bunnydoll TFs. ^_^ True, the waist did flex a bit much in that pic, but not so much as to ruin the feel, by any means.

Maybe you should consider trying to put together a book on SL? There's one for sale now, as kuma_chan can verify, and surely a need for something free as well, perhaps on a donation basis. LSL docs are one thing, but as you noted with the adornments, there's always more to a language than just its basic functionality.
Actually on the submission text of this pic it says:

"I digitally colored this one...it took FOREVER! But I guess it turned out okay. Out of curiousity, is anyone else into thsi kind of thing? Like being turned into a doll/mannequinn thing and being used as a toy? If so, let me know. You might get a pic out of it. ripkackel@yahoo.com

Felix Path © his player
Pupperz © his player
Artwork © Rip K. "

So I'm guessing ripkackel@yahoo.com is his contact.

I've considered writing a series of books inside SL and in a web-based format called "The Book on Second Life" series, so I could honestly claim to have written the book on Second Life. It would be made up of sub-books that all fit together into an arcane tome. ^.^

Wagner James Au, known as Hamlet Au in SL and formerly Hamlet Linden, asked me for quite a bit of information for his book on Second Life. Of course I spent most of that talking about Arito Cotton. XD

I'll be disappointed if he doesn't quote me directly like he said he would.
I remembered seeing adverts on Log in for submitions for the book back in my SL Noob days

I kind of Impuse brought the book to be honest, saw it on the main page on a Crash day while checking Status

I think www.killerguides.com do D/Loadable PDF SL guides
Mm, fairly sure they publicised the book somewhere on the site - I know I've seen that cover around before. Pity I came along too late to be of any use in contributing. ^_^;

Ah? I'll have to check them - there's certainly space for some good works on scripting and building, av design especially.
D'oh! I completely missed that, despite wondering if he might include contact info in a comment somewhere. ^_^; (I am but a bunny of very little brain)

Do give serious consideration to such a SL work. You're very well positioned indeed to help thusly, and there's really quite a yawning gap waiting to be filled in how to really make the best of what SL has to offer.
That's one tough-ass bunny drivin' that snake up the gol-dern tree!

(This little bitty avatar is for you!)
Well, then, I shall have to retaliate with this icon. =:)

Said snake chaser is my hero. ^_^ Wow, such nimble bouncing evasion! And such fearlessness.
Bear noises where used for Chewie
Heh! Okay, I can see that.. they definitely had some very creative folks working on the first films, but such is the stock in trade of the sound effects designer. I recall one basic element of the basic laser firing sound was from striking the metal wire support of a telephone pole..
I can't help looking at that design without getting lascivious thoughts.. I'm a bad bunny. =:)
That might just be the cutest damn bunny Ive ever seen in my life (referring to the last pic). *cries* I want one!
Fairly astonishingly cute, even for a bunny, no argument here. ^_^

Oh, did you catch this clip of a very helpful bun?