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Another artist looking for commissions, including detailed sculptures for very reasonable sums, in order to finance a golden retriever puppy's surgery for hip dysplasia.

Who needs a projector, when there's a head-mounted display like those of Sensics? "High resolution: Up to 4200x2400 pixels per eye (2400x1720 effective)", at up to 180 degree coverage, depending on the model. Price? Heh. "Feel free to tell us how much do you expect to pay, and we can often present to you several HMD configurations in this price range."

Lapinitude for the day, courtesy of Heather Bruton, both found by rabitguy. NSFW. (Though I can't help but wonder if that spare arm looks like there's a third fur trapped between them =:) On the more gently romantic front, this moonlit scene is quite beautiful.

This comp.sys.acorn.misc thread held some provocative and stimulating arguments for the state of RISC OS now, and possible future paths. Only of interest to hardcore OS geeks. Regrettably, most of the replies were relatively light on reasoned argument, heading straight into defensiveness.

<td align="center">As beautiful a snowshoe hare as I've ever seen.</td>
Tags: acorn, commissions, hdms, risc os, snowshoe hares, vr
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