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Another artist looking for commissions, including detailed sculptures for very reasonable sums, in order to finance a golden retriever puppy's surgery for hip dysplasia.

Who needs a projector, when there's a head-mounted display like those of Sensics? "High resolution: Up to 4200x2400 pixels per eye (2400x1720 effective)", at up to 180 degree coverage, depending on the model. Price? Heh. "Feel free to tell us how much do you expect to pay, and we can often present to you several HMD configurations in this price range."

Lapinitude for the day, courtesy of Heather Bruton, both found by rabitguy. NSFW. (Though I can't help but wonder if that spare arm looks like there's a third fur trapped between them =:) On the more gently romantic front, this moonlit scene is quite beautiful.

This comp.sys.acorn.misc thread held some provocative and stimulating arguments for the state of RISC OS now, and possible future paths. Only of interest to hardcore OS geeks. Regrettably, most of the replies were relatively light on reasoned argument, heading straight into defensiveness.

<td align="center">As beautiful a snowshoe hare as I've ever seen.</td>
(Deleted comment)
*giggle* It's a calling of sorts, I suppose. ^_^ There's so much of wonder and worthy of contemplation that I feel compelled to share and discuss it.

And likewise, please do continue your own considerations; you're one of the most insightful people on LJ, in my estimation, not to mention a credit to bunnykind. ^_^
Heather is a good artist. I volunteer to have my shoulder bitten like that. :D
Bunnies are made to nibble, you know. =:)
(Deleted comment)
There's some good stuff out there, current and past. ^_^ RISC OS was definitely one of the best, at the time - v.2 managed to fit in a very fast Basic interpreter with embedded assembler, nicely layered sound system, GUI framework, and so on, in a massive 512K of ROM. ^_^

Ironically, it was their own success that killed them - the company was dismantled basically to suck on the juicy ARM goodness, as I understand it. So while the ARM's gone from strength to strength in mobile/handheld devices (DS, yay!), RISC OS seems to've all but vanished, with the set-top box market shifting inexorably towards embedded Linux and traditional RTOSs.

Sad, really. One thing I really liked about RISC OS was the use of its three mouse buttons - absolutely, completely consistent. (For anyone reading this and not knowing what I mean, left was "select", middle "menu", right "adjust". The menu button always brought up the contextual menu for the application, left toggled/selected the highlighted option and removed the menu, whilst right toggled the option and left the menu up, permitting easy twiddling of multiple options without having to invoke the menu multiple times)

I sometimes wonder about getting something like an old RISC PC or even Archimedes, but then I'm left wondering just what I'd use it for - and space is fairly tight anyway. After all, with Hyzenthlay I've got a system for browsing quickly and elegantly (yay OmniWeb 5!), video compression, AAC/mp3/Vorbis playback, watching video, editing and compositing video, Second Life, and more.

Perhaps if there were a cheap emulator option, but then there's the OS itself - Red Squirrel's somewhere around £100, IIRC. :-P I'd probably sooner put that into a spare battery, or towards a MacBook Pro, to be honest. Still, maybe when I've got the space..

I never really got to play with Amigas much, unfortunately. They always seemed so neat, with such a vibrant demoscene. 'Course, now it's possible to emulate one - and just about any console you can name. ^_^ Ah, for a good PS2 emulator.. Okami looks so nifty.