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Mmmmmmmm. Ghirardelli chocolate is good stuff, especially as sumptuous as their caramel variety. Many thanks, arakinuk. ^_^

I would, of course, be quite remiss in not pointing out that the recent Doctor Who concert can now be downloaded from this torrent - much higher audio quality than the earlier RealAudio-derivatives, and now you get to see what the audience was enjoying as well. Even if you're not a fan of the show, it's an excellent symphonic performance.

As for The Runaway Bride - dashed good. It could, I think, have relented in the comedic pace in places, but a pretty solid adventure. Looks like season "three" will have more furriness, too - if you've not seen TRB yet, the trailer's just before the end titles.

The caffeine curve.

vandringar shouldn't miss this weezl photo - quite a superb shot. (Which leads me to wonder if atomicat has any snowshoe hare photos)

Referring to the erstwhile Whovian companion of the forthcoming Sarah Jane Adventures, the Sun reports "The costume designer will be buying my outfits for the series very soon and I fancy a bit more black leather for Sarah Jane to wear." Jolly good show, what?

Spam is often a source of bemusement, but this has me really wondering.. did I actually just see a price for "Viagra Professional"?

Fascinating article on a mediocre chocolatier in Dallas, selling their wares as the best (and most expensive) in the world. It goes into quite some detail about the work produced by several actual makers of high-end chocolate, including Amadei, Domori, Praius, Michel Cluizel, Valrhona, El Rey, and Bonnat.

Now here's a neat article, if you've ever lusted after a Wacom Cintiq, but can't swallow the price. The author wondered - how deep does a Wacom tablet function? Apparently, the pen can be some 9mm away. And an LCD is less than that.. so, he set about joining a tablet and LCD.

A new site that might appeal to some users of horseless carriages.

Ye gods. otter3 spotted something for the Depeche Mode fan - an iTunes Store offering of 644 tracks, forming their complete work, for $170.

Here is a posting about confronting death that's as potent as I've ever read, a situation made all the more poignant for Alzheimer's being involved.

For anyone who was enjoying The Lost Room: did it wind up fulfilling its earlier promise? I might get around to giving it a try, if so.

The soundtrack for Okami rocks my socks.

mycroftb spotted Macadamia Rosa (FLV; MP4 with correct aspect ratio), wherein Rose Tyler is given voice by Dot Warner. ^_^ (And if you've seen Azumanga Daioh, the version starring Tomo (FLV) is superb - very well edited and in sync)

And neko dancing in Wario Ware Smooth Moves proves I really should have a Wii by next summer.

The bun also uncovered this.. we'd known all along, of course.

Ghirardelli chocolate

Does anyone sell that over here? People (not least you *grins*) keep going on about how good it is, but I've never once seen it in a shop. Though I admit to a little inverted snobbery about chocolate occasionally, since some people (not you) throw up their paws in horror at the very idea that some people (ie me) actually like the British vegetable-fat-containing type. =;P

Incidentally, that Wacom link is case-sensitive; it should read:

Strangely, I've never seen Ghirardelli in the UK at all - quite an oversight, I feel, as their milk chocolate's quite high in cocoa (around 35%, IIRC), making it wonderfully rich in flavor, yet still delightfully smooth and creamy. That said, some poking around the other day turned up Dedicated to Chocolate, who do sell some Domori - but.. no Ghirardelli. ^_^; (Their web designer did, however, take the bizarre action of including tiny thumbnails of the cards they accept, in the top right of the front page - and that includes Visa Electron. What a strange idea, letting people know what forms of payment are accepted)

BTW, don't look too closely at the Domori prices. Just think of what it might be like. ^_^ (I've never tried it, nor just about any of the specialist brands. Something I'd like to remedy, though - gods know, there's a world of exploration possible in wine)

How odd! I could've sworn the link worked originally.. maybe they harmonised on lower case. Thanks for pointing that out, in any event.