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Music video for the day: Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane. One of their newer works, and still as nifty as ever. It's only a mono audio track, and a small frame size, but still good listening.

Web advertising on a busy site must rake in a few pennies - I see RapidShare is now claiming 1PB of storage and 80Gbps bandwidth.

I suppose I see what they mean, but still, it caught me a bit by surprise to see, on the back of the bubble bath container last night, "suitable for vegetarians".. does this mean some bubble baths do contain, say, lard? (Cheaper than milk, one supposes)

Oh, if only this "Vista Transformation Pack" really did what it claimed.. that'd easily be worth firing up a Microsoft OS for. ^_^

I'm thoroughly enjoying the soundtrack to Brave Story, an anime feature released this year. It's largely orchestral, but with the score composed by Juno Reactor - it sounds surprisingly traditional, though, dipping into the positively classical with tracks like Juno Waltz, then steering into Gaelic melodies like A Wish For Each Other.

Ah, it's Christmas. ^_^ Here it is, along with an unrelated bonus of interest to anyone who enjoys Infected Mushroom or psytrance in general: Skazi: Animal, an outfit, like IM, also from Israel.

Here's a TV show I thought worth passing on - The Lost Gospel of Judas (46 min, 40MB). It's an interesting look into the early days of Christianity, wherein some thirty gospels existed, prior to an apparent culling by church leaders down to the four known today, on the basis of being the simplest to communicate. In this case, it's believed the Gnostics were responsible. The restoration of the manuscript is quite an achievement, as it had spent sixteen years sat unprotected in a Long Island bank deposit box. The sight of it, pre-restoration, may give bibiophiles palpitations - yet, with quite extreme care, they were indeed able to piece most of it back together, into a form where it could then be translated from Coptic.

Judas Iscariot is the apostle who betrayed Jesus Christ to the Romans, resulting in the crucifixion. The name Judas, which means 'Jew', has become so closely associated with treachery that it has fanned the flames of antisemitism for almost 2,000 years.

In 180AD, an early church father denounced as heretical a book that he referred to as 'The Gospel of Judas'. This claimed that Judas, far from betraying Jesus, was his closest collaborator. The document disappeared, apparently without trace, in the 2nd century. But an ancient papyrus manuscript has been discovered in the Nile Valley. Traded on the antiquities black market for 25 years, it could be the lost Gospel of Judas.

Now a team of experts sets out to restore the disintegrating manuscript and determine whether it is real or fake. This could be the most important discovery in Biblical archaeology in 60 years. Using Carbon14 dating techniques, the book is found to have been written at precisely the right time – around 300AD. The experts can decipher 85% of the text, which gives an unorthodox, mystical and joyful perspective on Jesus' relationship with Judas, who is his closest follower.

This Gospel belonged to a group of mystical early Christians called Gnostics, who believed that every human being contained the divine spark. In this version, Jesus says that the divine spark needs to be set free from the 'body which surrounds me'. The kiss which identifies Jesus to the Romans, which the orthodox version of the Bible interprets as betrayal, is portrayed in this version as an act of sacrifice. There is no crucifixion scene.

The Gnostic Christans were marginalised and eventually disappeared, but the text contained in the Gospel of Judas shows that there is another interpretation of the role of Judas Iscariot. And if the Gnostic version had survived, perhaps the world could have avoided the thread of antisemitism that has run through most incarnations of the Christian church since then.

I'm downloading the Judas documentary now. Thanks dear!

PB is Petabyte, isn't it? And not peanut butter!
It's quite a good production - could've been edited a little more tightly, but they did a pretty good job of telling the codex' recent story, up to its acquisition, and offering some initial background into the situation in the first century or two after the crucifixion.

I'd like to find out more about Jehovah's rise to prominence in the area - as I recall, he was one of a dozen deities in the region, with the followers of the others more or less wiped out. Ah, for a TARDIS.. (and I'll be watching the Special later tonight, yay!)

Well, for them to have 1PB would then be grammatically improper. =:) (I resisted the temptation to try coming up with a term beginning with J, so I could reasonably state they had that too =:)
I'm not entirely sure I trust RapidShare's own claims, actually - sure, they won't be *totally* wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if they "adjusted" them a little in their favour, either. Still, quite a lot. (It sure makes you wonder how much bandwidth/storage space Youtube has, too, doesn't it?)

The note on the bubble bath probably means that if you drink it, while you will still die, you will at least die knowing that you didn't consume any animal products. :P

I'd love to find out YouTube's stats. ^_^ Maybe they've got some kind of corporate factsheet kicking around, or might respond to a query. (And the Internet Archive must suck a few kbps too, especially given they serve full-length movies and albums. Quite a fantastic resource, yet rather curiously underpublicised)

*giggle* But what about Jews? I definitely didn't see any indication of it being kosher. =:) (Of course, that leads into the age-old chestnut of whether or not cawk is permissible for vegan consumption =:)
Cawk? Oh, cock. Hmm, I'd say that since you're not actually consuming it, it should be OK; and swallowing sperm should basically be fine, too, since the idea behind veganism, as far as I can tell, is (usually) not that animal protein is bad for your health per se, but rather that using animal products (even milk or eggs) is ethically unjustifiable since it amounts to exploitation of animals. Sperm, though, is definitely given freely and voluntarily during an orgasm, so it shouldn't be a problem. ^_~ (Of course, individual vegans who also cite health reasons or similar things may still avoid it, but those who don't eat meat/eggs/dairy products etc. because they're worried about exploitation shouldn't have a problem with it).

As for whether it's kosher... no idea, but I'd assume that if it doesn't say otherwise, it's non-kosher. But then, does it matter? I'm not really familiar enough with Jewish beliefs, but doesn't kosher only apply to things you consume? (If so, I'd expect that things like bubble bath that aren't meant for consumption are not marked as kosher even if they would qualify - even if they are marked as "vegetarian-safe".)

As for YouTube and the IA, I have no idea - Wikipedia says that "[a]s of 2006 the Wayback Machine contained almost two petabytes of data and was growing at a rate of 20 terabytes per month", but other than that, I didn't find any data on how large the rest of the site is or how much bandwidth it uses.

Ah well. :)