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Yay! More by lapinbeau: Naughty Secrets. Worksafe, remarkably enough. =:)

Now here's a truly superb method of dealing with a 419 scammer - get him to send along examples of his carvings. And they're actually really rather good, especially considering one's of a pair of Creature Comforts characters on a sofa, and the other a Commodore 64.

Confused about the nature of matter and energy?

Cellofan's Les Proverbes - Le Cri (FLV) is an 80 second short of many strange qualities. (And also perhaps the first time I've heard stereo audio on a YouTube file. Maybe some of that Google goodness is finally rubbing off on them)

Ought to be entertaining, even if you're not involved there.. Warren Ellis, a writer who'll be known to the elite some of you, is going to be writing Second Life Sketches on a weekly basis for Reuters.

What do I celebrate around this time of year? Well, there's plenty of Christmas around the house, but for me, I think the solstice has more significance - it is the point of the shortest day of the year. From hereon, the days just get longer - and, as much of a nocturnal sort as I may be, I do still enjoy a bright, warm day. As is, having to turn the lights on in the middle of the afternoon feels almost unworldly, let alone being in darkness otherwise by 5pm or so. Either way, it's a pleasant time, if not necessarily much more peaceful than usual. ^_^;

Quite a fun idea: A Holiday Cocoa Duel. "Each dev has written a small holiday app and is providing it for free, with source code included. Check them out using the menu on the left. If you like a developer's application, please donate to his charity. At the end of the event [on the 26th], all of the devs will reward the developer whose charity has received the most donations with a small gift!"

Of all the things to dream about, why did I have to dream about.. visiting a Whole Foods Market? (And momentarily fearing I'd forgotten Hyzenthlay there)

And I can, finally, state that Loco Roco is every bit as much fun as it looks. Sheer brilliance.
The "naughty secrets" picture is very nice. *smiles* I wish I had a nice leather wolf like that to take care of me.

The carvings are good, too; always nice to see people getting trophies from scammers. :)

Funny short, too, yes. (I wish my French was better, though.)

Blessed solstice! *gives you a warm wolfhug*

I can so easily see myself as Lapin le Beau.. such magnificent taste in clothing. ^_^ I really need to experiment with some fun tops on SL. The fabric kind, that is. =:) Ah, to be able to snuggle up to someone special at night..

And really quite good carvings, too! One can but wonder how such folks might fare if they simply traded in such, honestly, rather than running the same tired scam, week after week. Still, I suppose they only need one sucker every few months to make it worthwhile, and spamnets can deliver untold millions of copies every night - and indeed, we do occasionally read of people who, somehow, actually fell for 419s. (One imagines there are more we don't hear of)

It's a beautifully bizarre short, ne? I ought to try making a couple animated icons from it, like the.. ah.. aggressive little character who pops up again in the end titles. Of course, it'd only be of any meaning to a few people, but still.. ^_^

*hugs back warmly* Yeah, I could see myself as him, too. I wouldn't be a bunny myself, of course, and I suppose I would be less muscled, too, but outside of that... the bra/top is cute, and so are the gloves (I love gloves). And while the "slut" necklace is a bit too bling-y for my tastes, too, I'd enjoy wearing a collar or something similar that says "slut". *smiles a bit*

About scammers... many (or at least some) could probably make a decent living if they didn't scam, too, but from what I know, the successful ones at least are really quite rich (in the local economy, at least), so it's probably still lucrative to scam. And there seems to be a prevalent idea that nobody actually really gets hurt, either, since Europeans/North Americans/... all have so much money that it doesn't matter to them whether they lose a bit, but I'm not sure whether people really believe that or whether it's just being used as a convenient explanation for why it's OK to scam. Well, a little bit of both, I suppose, depending on who you're looking at.

And yeah, the short is a bizarre - but also rather nice. And yes, icons would be cute, and even those who don't get the connection would probably still think that they are.