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Perhaps the single cutest Flash game you've ever seen: Winterbells. I think djmermaid should give this a try. ^_^

As you may have read, the world's largest wind farm is to be constructed off the Kentish coast, near Margate and Clacton, with 341 turbines across 145 square miles. 'The DTI also approved another development at Thanet on the Thames Estuary - 100 turbines sited seven miles off north Foreland on the Kent coast. The combined output of the schemes could be up to 1.3GW - "enough to meet the needs of a third of homes in Greater London".' All being well, they're intending to complete construction by 2011.

Muzz loves children. =:)

Distilled genius: The Helsinki Complaints Choir. (Including, inevitably, "Our ancestors could have picked somewhere sunnier to live".. not that that's making me think of anyone in particular =:)

Or, if you're in more of a mad scientist mood, you really should try one of Doctor Steel's videos, such as Back and Forth (FLV) and Fibonacci Sequence (FLV).

If you're a Windows user who enjoyed that tender Sony lurve a little while back, with their delightful rootkit, here's the press release for the California settlement, and its Texan counterpart. If you spent money ridding yourself of it, in California, you can claim up to $175.

Interesting.. seems BBC Worldwide's testing the digital downloads market with a few series, including Doctor Who, amongst others. No word on pricing or what DRM may be bolted on, but the P2P platform in question, Zudeo, is based on the next version of Azureus, one of the leading BitTorrent clients. If it actually works out competitive against DVD pricing, I'll be somewhat surprised. Other series mentioned include Little Britain, Fawlty Towers, and The League of Gentlemen.

If you've been pondering getting a copy of OmniWeb 5, I noticed the license has been cut from its previous $30 to a very palatable $15. Get a copy of the world's nicest browser for the one you love. ^_^

(How can you not enjoy a recommendation from someone like John Siracusa? "Usually this level of functionality can only be found in the geekiest of open source web browsers, if it can be found at all. Finding it in a proper Mac OS X application from a respected developer with a proven track record is like finding a perfect 1/10,000th scale replica of the Eiffel Tower in a box of crackerjacks. Then the tower transforms into a tiny robot and makes you lunch.")

Pharyngula passes on some classic "diagrams". His response is priceless. I think it'd make an excellent t-shirt. ^_^

I'm sure plenty of folks have already seen this bun on CuteOverload, but.. I must repost him here. ^_^

(Notice the tiny tongue?)
The complaints choir is great, isn't it? :)

The diagram (the original) is pretty weird, too... funny how they apparently see individualism in particular as something bad. I can at least see where they're coming from when they condemn sexuality, although I think it's nonsense at best to do so and even though I think that the alleged connections they make are ridiculous, but how anyone could see individualism as a bad thing is totally beyond me.
Heh! Yep, that one leapt out at me as well. I suppose the angle they're taking is of an authoritarian mindset - that you must always accept the will of those in a position of power, whether in a family or governmental context.

It'll be interesting to see what comes of the guy who was set to become the new leader of the Christian Coalition, with his apparently heretic viewpoint that a Christian mission ought to embrace issues like homelessness and poverty, not merely gay marriage and abortion. It certainly would be good to see religious moderates make themselves heard more, rather than leaving the commentator spots in the US open for nigh exclusive population by the radicals.

"Ringtones are annoying" *grin* When I needed to have a cellphone with me, I wound up just leaving it on vibrate all the time - so when I was on the train, I wouldn't miss a call, but when I was sat in the office, I also wouldn't miss it (it'd then be on the desk), without the ring set to maximum and bouncing off the walls. Obnoxious devices. And then there's the inanity of most phone "conversations" on the bus, consisting purely of "I'm on the bus!" and location.. not that I usually hear then any more, as I'll be up to something on Hyzenthlay, with headphones, noise cancellation turned on if necessary. =:)
And NOTHING about what you had for lunch today! *grin*
Fresh from the freezer, two 1/4lb burgers, carefully fried so as to extract all the surplus fat the makers keep saying they need to leave in, along with a few tablespoons of canned ravoili. Which is remarkably similar to what was for dinner. Some days just need meat.

Last night I had a buffalo t-bone steak... Mmmm!
How is it? I've never tried it, regrettably, though it's gradually sneaking into US stores here and there - supposedly similar to beef, but leaner and with more flavor. :-9 (When in Australia a few years ago, I did try alligator, which was, yes, somewhat like chicken. I couldn't bring myself to partake of roo, though)
That is exactly what it's like. Man these steaks were soft! Unbelievable! My aunt gave us some venison tenderloin that was quite excellent, but I'd give the t-bones a 10 for sure.
Yeah, it's probably that... but it's still strange (and scary) that people are willing to completely abandon independent thinking like that. *headshakes* Oh well - opium of the people, indeed.

And the fact that many don't actually seem to care about injustice, poverty, homelessness and so on just proves that, once again, religion is about power and penises rather than spirituality.

Oh well.

But yeah, phone conversations like that are totally pointless, aren't they? The local bus company here actually forbids the use of cell phones on busses, so for the most part, I don't have to suffer them, but some people ignore that, of course.

It's still less annoying than the microsoft idiots I had to sit next to on my train ride to EF12, though; those two were constantly talking on their phones, too, even though they were seated in the part of the train which was explicitely "no phones". In retrospect, I should've asked them to stop.
Just had to say, it's so nice to see a good post with plenty of fun links, nicely formatted. Thankee!
Nooo, such a cute rabbit picture! It's a good job I'm an evil cynical sort, or I'd be doing some typical teenage squeeeeeing at this point in time. =;)
It might be the tiny droplets of milk on his tongue that just cap the whole image.. ^_^ Egad, to wind up as a bunny like that must require a phenomenal degree of karma. =:)
typical teenage squeeeeeing

Teenage? Can I have the Youth Elixir after you? =;P
Winterbells is cute and slightly annoying addictive. And I cringe every time I miss bells and plunge downwards. Current high score of 544500 thou... yayferbyrds~
Aww. I keep forgetting about CO, and I don't know why. The little bunny is just too cute.

Perhaps the single cutest Flash game you've ever seen: Winterbells.

I definitely have to agree with you on this one! That is just all kinds of neat!
OMG! The transcription of Atheism! (though they left out the editing and translation to what one assumes would be the protein of satanism :) ). I have to grab that graphic.
I scored 100 points on the bunny jumping! I would have got far more but I kept being hypnotised by the bunny.

I take it that's a cushion under Muzz's suit and not a Christmas baby. :)