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Perhaps the single cutest Flash game you've ever seen: Winterbells. I think djmermaid should give this a try. ^_^

As you may have read, the world's largest wind farm is to be constructed off the Kentish coast, near Margate and Clacton, with 341 turbines across 145 square miles. 'The DTI also approved another development at Thanet on the Thames Estuary - 100 turbines sited seven miles off north Foreland on the Kent coast. The combined output of the schemes could be up to 1.3GW - "enough to meet the needs of a third of homes in Greater London".' All being well, they're intending to complete construction by 2011.

Muzz loves children. =:)

Distilled genius: The Helsinki Complaints Choir. (Including, inevitably, "Our ancestors could have picked somewhere sunnier to live".. not that that's making me think of anyone in particular =:)

Or, if you're in more of a mad scientist mood, you really should try one of Doctor Steel's videos, such as Back and Forth (FLV) and Fibonacci Sequence (FLV).

If you're a Windows user who enjoyed that tender Sony lurve a little while back, with their delightful rootkit, here's the press release for the California settlement, and its Texan counterpart. If you spent money ridding yourself of it, in California, you can claim up to $175.

Interesting.. seems BBC Worldwide's testing the digital downloads market with a few series, including Doctor Who, amongst others. No word on pricing or what DRM may be bolted on, but the P2P platform in question, Zudeo, is based on the next version of Azureus, one of the leading BitTorrent clients. If it actually works out competitive against DVD pricing, I'll be somewhat surprised. Other series mentioned include Little Britain, Fawlty Towers, and The League of Gentlemen.

If you've been pondering getting a copy of OmniWeb 5, I noticed the license has been cut from its previous $30 to a very palatable $15. Get a copy of the world's nicest browser for the one you love. ^_^

(How can you not enjoy a recommendation from someone like John Siracusa? "Usually this level of functionality can only be found in the geekiest of open source web browsers, if it can be found at all. Finding it in a proper Mac OS X application from a respected developer with a proven track record is like finding a perfect 1/10,000th scale replica of the Eiffel Tower in a box of crackerjacks. Then the tower transforms into a tiny robot and makes you lunch.")

Pharyngula passes on some classic "diagrams". His response is priceless. I think it'd make an excellent t-shirt. ^_^

I'm sure plenty of folks have already seen this bun on CuteOverload, but.. I must repost him here. ^_^

(Notice the tiny tongue?)
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