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avon_deer recently had quite a novel encounter with furrydom crossing into the mainstream.. ^_^

An interview, ninety minutes long, with the director of Watership Down, kindly extracted from the Region 4 DVD. I've joined the three pieces up, removed the marker tones, and normalised the level, with the final file here.

cal_foxx found this fun 45 second short, on how to put on a bra. =:) (Available on YouTube here, signing in required)

Relive the heady days of the Stylophone with the DS Ukelele project! The second clip contained is more fun, I think, sounding more like - as the writer puts it - an 8-bit bagpipe. Wonderful, and almost as easy on the ears as the real thing. =:)

pandaguy noticed this rather impressive giant panda chair.

What happens when a cable company idiot tries connecting 110V to the signal input of a cable modem that's wired up to a PowerBook? This. (If your drive got toasted today, what would you lose?)

You will no doubt be greatly relieved to learn of the existence of the duck diaper, made by an outfit whose phone number is 888-412-POOP.

Handy for the linguistically inclined: Collins' bilingual dictionaries online for English to/from Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Italian, and Polish.

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves boss level (FLV)
So very, very gay. ^_^
Meh, I expected an actual instructional video on how to put on a bra. >.> (I'm pretty sure I know how to do it, but I'm not an expert, so some reassurance would certainly have been nice.)

Mmm, interesting videos about the DS ukulele - but I have to say that the audio and video are rather out of sync.

The panda chair is nice, too, but I'd probably use that one for a plushie suit instead of as a chair. ;)

The Powerbook story is also interesting. "Cable company idiot" indeed - seriously, mistakes happen, but THAT? That just takes the cake. :P

Mmmm, another dictionary... that's good. You can never have too many of those, so it joins the ranks of dict.cc, LEO (urgh), ODGE and Wiktionary for me. ;)
Of course, I'd advocate a universal solution to all problems with jiggly bits - lycra. Wonderful stuff. And comes in so many shimmering hues. ^_^

Mm, unfortunately, it does seem a fair few YouTube-converted videos wind up losing sync in the process. I'd much rather see Google Video used for anything people really intend to be enjoyed, as the results always seem superior in quality, with stereo rather than mono audio, and including download links of various flavors, even if the "Mac/PC" version goes via the remarkably unnecessary Google Video Player. But the latter point's easily worked around - once downloaded, the "GVI" file can be played like any AVI, though there's enough of a tweak to cause the DivX QuickTime plugin a little confusion, leading to audio stuttering. (VLC and MplayerOSX are fine. Hmm.. wonder if the Perian plugin can handle it instead? I'll have to try.. yay! Removing the redundant DivX and 3ivX plugins seems to let Perian handle a GVI file perfectly)

Mmm, definitely would be so nice to be fully inside that.. be a plushie. I definitely otter look into local suppliers of foam and fur - even though my real bunny next year will be with patch_bunny's assistance in vacuuforming plastic, I'd love to have something now. Maybe I could include some kind of earpadding too, for wearing at night, given The Horde's inability to do just about anything quietly.. would be so nice to be able to get 6+ hours of sleep a day in one go. And I'd be all fuzzy too. ^_^ (Are wolves allowed to admit they can be fluffy? =:)

It's fairly remarkable that cable guy isn't an ex-cable guy, by the sound of it. Ye gods! And they're even dragging their feet on paying up? There's a case I'd be happy to support going to court against said cableco, for punitive damages through negligence. With any luck, just the sound of the saber rattling would be sufficient to encourage a more prompt resolution. (I suppose it would be a good thing for the modem to have a fuse on the signal input, but, it's not maybe the most obvious design criterion..)

I may have to get a Wii just for that Wario Ware: Smooth Moves boss level. =:)
*noddles* Lycra is nice, yes... but sometimes, lace is needed, too. ;)

And yeah, I'm kinda sad that people use YouTube all the time when it's clearly inferior, too. The desyncing problem is well-known, too, and occurs under specific circumstances when videos are converted for the site, but nobody bothered to fix it, it seems. :/

GVI files used to be nothing more than (structured) text files, BTW - quite nice, because it always made it quite easy to download the actual videos without resorting to Keepvid and similar things. :)

Oh, yes, wolves are allowed to do that - I'm definitely fluffy, myself, especially when I've got my winter fur. ^.^ *preens* And yeah, being a big, living plushie would be wonderful, wouldn't it? :)

As for the video... yeah, that was OK. Interesting, certainly, but I'm not quite sure what the game is about. (And I've got to say I'm not a big fan of the uploader, either, which may have made me less inclined to view the video favourably; I shouldn't let things like that affect me, of course, but... well, I can't do much about it. :P)
I've always been more of one for smooth lines, myself - smooth silk, velvet, satin, or of course, lycra or latex, rather than lace. Perhaps I could make an exception on a nice corset, though. ^_^

It's a bit of a pity - I've been vaguely hoping YouTube's acquisition might result in the good points of Google Video (in particular, the tech side) might be folded into their own strong points (the social networking side of things), but at least on the surface, there's been very little change to either. Google comes up with some wonderful ideas, but actually making use of them seems to be another matter.. I can't help but feel they're an incidentally profitable version of Xerox PARC. (Still, they did bring us Smalltalk and the fundamentals of GUI computing, amongst other achievements)

I've no idea what the game's about - but the dance routine just made me giggle. ^_^ Still, for all the Wii love around, I'd really like to hear what Nintendo (and even Sony, if they can assume a modicum of humility for a moment) have in store for their next-gen portable.

Mm! This Polish cherry vodka's remarkably good. Not at all cheap, but it was a present to the family. ^_^ No harsh edge whatsoever, and even the cherry infusion's very palatable, and I'm not much of one for cherries at all. Without the flavoring, this might be on a par with something like Grey Goose.
*noddles* Smooth fabrics and lines are nice... but I can't deny I love things like stockings, garter belts, bras, lace gloves and the like, too. ;) Both on a woman or a cute guy... ^_~

Yeah, you'd kinda hope that YouTube will profit from Google's acquisition, but maybe they still will - who knows. I think Google's probably nervous about changing too much and driving users away, but the ability to upload larger videos, use less compression (and thus get less artifacts) and so on... that would be a good start, I think. And maybe they could actually make it possible to download videos without having to resort to tricks. And of course, the interface really could use an overhaul. :) I'm still envisioning something along the lines of "Flickr for videos" (Vlickr?)...

As for the Xerox PARC, don't forget about Ethernet - something else that was invented there that we couldn't live without today. ;)

Cherry vodka? Sounds interesting, although I'd be more interested in the cherry part than the vodka part myself. :)
That panda is /huge/... 96 inches, that's 8 feet (nearly 2.5 meters), isn't it??

Although something just seems /really/ 'not right' with the proportions on variousparts of that panda, not sure what all /specifically/, just... a number of things.

And now I shall use my userpic that has a (beanie-style) plush panda in it. That particular one is named "China Cat". Somewhere around the house I have a tie-dye one of those bears named "Cosmic Charlie", too... :D
Presumably 8' if standing up, by the looks of things, but still - fairly impressively substantial. ^_^ (I admit, the sale price makes me wonder if it might not be worth making one or two such, had I the equipment - there wouldn't be the degree of detail required for a fursuit, so even I might be able to make one. And even keep one here for The Horde..)

Ahhh! Okay, so that's whence the title of that Spray track, Cosmic Kylie, must've sprung. You'd think I'd've twigged by now, having wandered along the Haight enough times.. but there are always so many cool distractions along the way. ^_^
Ah, dictionaries!  I tried this, which led me to трахать, which was a cross-reference to трахнуть, which doesn't mention the word I started with.  So I'm not confident that the original gloss was correct.  Similarly, песец gives "arctic fox", but neither arctic fox nor fox gives "песец".  So, this dictionary is not "closed".
Hm! Wonder if that's something of a subtle inducement to lure people into paying for the more exp[a|e]nsive versions. I tried a few other variants, such as white fox, snow fox, and Siberian fox, but to no avail.

Though snowfox did turn up "снежинка", which is a positively beautiful word. Not one I'll often be able to use in casual conversation in the Bay or the UK, though. Unless humanity does succeed in its tireless efforts to shut down the Great Ocean Conveyor, which would bring at least the latter some much cooler climes. (Gods know, the mid-Atlantic fish stocks are severely depleted already compared to thirty years ago, so at least there wouldn't be much additional damage there)
(Deleted comment)
I admit, I'm itching to learn more about Smooth Moves now. ^_^ Like DDR, but moreso, I think the idea of motion controllers out in the mainstream is going to make a big difference in gaming, whether or not any other corporate players consent. Just look at the kind of gatherings - they're fun! Graphics quality's one thing, but what's 1080p if you're just stuck on your own?

I feel the urge developing to create some unworldly hybrid of PSP and Wiimote. =:)

(Cue vision of a Tetsuo-like figure plastered with DSs and PSPs, playing aetherial Highland harmonies to old Celtic dance moves)
OW!!! No computer deserves That kind of death!!
And yet, it did wonders for Frankenstein's creation!

Therefore, my liege, we can deduce that PowerBooks are not made of the bodies of the dead. Except the 500MHz iBooks.
Foxes have something alluring about them that just insists that one should tug their member thinking of their vulpine prettiness at least once in their lifetime!