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Thanks to everyone for their support in this past week. It's meant a lot to me. I've also been taking a break from reading LJ; I'll be getting back into circulation today.

The SL Town Hall on Dec 20, 1430 PST (2230 GMT) could be worth listening to, if the comments are any indication. It'll have a tech focus, so this is one for the geeks amongst us - want to find out if the client will be able to render HTML on a prim, have mesh-based avatars, or be available in a lightweight mobile version? Plenty of good discussion just in the comments.

I thought this short was worth sharing - it's about the life of an aspiring artist, making his way through University by way of the night shift at the local supermarket, and the fun that entails. There's something of a Clerks spirit in it, exploring the ways everyone employs to try maintaining their sanity through the drudgery. Not worksafe, as the artist's means involves the appreciation of the aesthetics of the female form. Cashback.

Or maybe the twenty second teaser for the Doctor Who special, The Runaway Bride, is more to your taste. ^_^ Quality's not too wonderful, but it's perfectly enjoyable.

What a fascinating Flickr pool. ^_^

Here's the Photoshop CS3 beta download link. Supposedly it's good for 30 days for anyone, unlicensed, but CS2 serial numbers should lift that restriction; there've been some reports of rejected serials, however. (For OS X users in particular, this is the first Universal Binary version)

There's a new 25th anniversary edition of The Last Unicorn coming, but - the rights owner, Granada Media, is still refusing to pay Peter S Beagle anything. However, if you buy your copy direct from Conlan Press, he gets around half the sale price. Anywhere else, not a penny. "This new edition is a huge improvement on the previous one. It is widescreen instead of fullscreen, it was made from the digitally-remastered German DVD (so the picture is gorgeous and the audio is 5.1), it has extras (including a video interview with Peter), and it has much better cover art."

kuma_chan amongst others might like (or be ticked off by =:) this tidbit: "Blake's 7 will be produced as a series of all new 36 x 5-minute audio dramas based on the original cult series broadcast on the BBC in the 1970s. The audio adventures were recorded last week and will debut in spring 2007." (And I never noticed until the other week that the original Roj Blake also played the present day version of the killer in the Ghost Machine episode of Torchwood)

SaveABunny - a rabbit rescue operation in the greater Bay Area. Like any such outfit, they can always use a few pennies to help with their expenses.

Yet another filesharing site: zShare. Looks quite clean, requires no registration, no tedious delay imposed on free users (indeed, it's purely ad-supported), and 100MB cap per file.

A new wiki, devoted to matters linguistic: LingWiki. Fairly sparse at the moment, as it's apparently only just come into being.

"A man has been charged with breaking into a barn, scattering pornographic magazines around, and then spray-painting the genitals of three goats orange."

How to reclaim bank penalty fees in the UK.

Amusing little quiz: "Hair Care or Digital Audio?"

You've probably seen it already, but having finally watched one person's rant on Pachelbel's Canon, I've got to recommend it.

If you find the amount of time it takes for an OS X sheet dialog to appear, you can affect it globally quite simply. For example, to make them appear immediately, enter this in a shell window:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSWindowResizeTime .001

That setting takes effect on application launch. (To return to the default, use a value of 0.2) This may be handy in sheet-heavy apps, or on particularly slow machines.

Rainbow Brite, yay!
I noticed Fujitsu's going to be shipping a 300GB 2.5" drive at the end of Feb 2007. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be the result of an increase in bit density, but seemingly just the addition of another platter, raising its height to 12.5mm - too tall for many laptops.

Cheap OS X giggle.

I'm pleased with that. I was puzzled how I might drag an image from OmniWeb to the desktop, if the image also had a link - OW will, by default, drag the link rather than the image. So, I bunded that up with a couple other queries off to the Omni Group, and promptly received a reply addressing each point in turn, including a solution to that: hold Shift at the same time. Voilà! Sure, I can click on a FA image's Download link to get just the image, but that saves that effort. ^_^

Yay! Got the mansion model from the HRA, for reaching 150,000 points in AC:WW. ^_^ Maybe now I'll sort the place out so I can actually walk around it again.

So, I suppose Torchwood's doing okay for itself. According to the newly relaunched Outpost Gallifrey: 'The 10pm slot saw Torchwood being watched by 971,000 viewers, while big US import Lost attracted only 863,000 viewers. This was the first showing in the UK for both episodes.' and that 'a second series has not been officially commissioned for the Doctor Who spin-off, but claims that scripts are already being prepared and that "both BBC Two and BBC Three are fighting for the right to screen it first - with writer Russell T Davies pushing for a slot on BBC One."' A battle that's apparently since been won by BBC 2.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the ending of Random Shoes gave me cause to cry again.. partially in sadness and regret, yet somehow, it also gave me some hope as well. I suppose it's Torchwood's Love and Monsters, but for me, this one succeeded well.

Want a really hot 3D card?

Rather a lovely sentiment here: "Santa is the belief that, even in the darkest hours — whether that be winter's depths, or poverty, or invading Romans — even then, there is benevolence. That there is a person, a saint, a god, out there somewhere, that is kind and giving and good. And that this goodness comes to you, when you are good to each other."

The author as a young rabbit.
Heh. Until I clicked on the link labeled "really hot 3D card", I figured that it linked to someone whose video card had cought on fire, most likely due to outrageous amounts of overclocking... :D
The ones who're truly serious about overclocking go with things like total immersion in non-electrically conductive fluids, it seems. ^_^ (Not so practical with laptops, though, unless your body temperature is down there with the Elder Gods)

That's one of the few shortcomings of laptops, of course - they can be overclocked easily enough, in many cases, but the consequences of a core chip going bibi are a little worse than needing to spring for a replacement graphics card or CPU. Hey ho. I'm fine with just about any modern computer speed as is, outside of Second Life, which is a resource black hole from which no gaming rig's ego never returns. =:)
Oh, and that video card also kinda reminds me of this /real/ video card... http://www.x86-secret.com/pics/divers/v56k/voodoo5-6000.jpg

Quad-GPU SLI tech from /1999/. And yet they have such issues even with dual SLI now, with having stacks of cards for dual/quad GPU SLI... :D
Hoo! I daren't wonder what the power consumption on that thing was. ^_^ (And the specs probably pale against a GPU you'll find free in the cornflakes now.. isn't tech wonderful?)

Such a pity 3dfx went under, but, it was a viciously competitive market then - arguably, it's quietened down a fair bit since, with basically just two players left standing, other than special purpose GPUs for mobile phones and suchlike. Not that the pace has let up that much, though, with AMD looking to integrate GPUs into mainstream processing duties.. how wonderfully quaint our toys now will seem in just ten years time. =:)
Well, looking at Wikipedia, a molex connector was used on the proto units, and the final product was meant to come with an external "Voodoo Volts" power supply! (PIC)

And supposedly the VSA-100 GPU it used could theoretically be scaled from 1 up to 32 GPUs per video card! (Imagine what 32 GPUs would do for your video even if they /were/ GPUs from 1999)
Mmmm, bunny bums. :)

"Police are still unsure as to exactly why the genital-painting incident happened. 'Obviously, it's not an occurrence you see every day,' Lt. Karst understated." - yeah, I guess. :)

I got 10/14 for the hair care vs. digital audio thing. :) (Nice prize, too - kinda reminds me of Weird Al and Larry Wall. ^^)

And the bunny picture is adorable. ^^
It's a bit of a pity that group is presumably intended only for RL photos, else I'm sure I could upload some good additions.. (Mind you, there's one I'm thinking of that would count as being from a real photo, but they and he might still object =:)

I managed 12/14, which surprised me a little, though several I knew beforehand, albeit all on the digital audio side. ^_^ Another pass, and I was able to see the terrible secret revealed. Hmm.. wonder what other computer doubles there are? Can't say anyone really comes to mind for His Steveness, nor even (former) Chairman Gates, though I would enjoy seeing Jobs wield a lightsaber at the next keynote. They should do something about that. Maybe Ballmer could be the Sith Lord? It's really quite difficult to see Gates as one.

Yet again, of course, my love for transformations suggests that could be a post-TF image, either after having come to terms with the new condition, or immediately afterwards, still not quite certain it's really happened. Ah, no question - 2007 needs to be the year I make a bunny for myself. Or rather, complete one - I started a snowshoe hare in 1996, but cut too much away from the body, so I wound up giving it to someone I knew at the time. Wasn't really complete, as the head still needed work to give it proper definition, and adding proper eyes. I was quite pleased with the feet, though. =:)
*noddles* Flickr is only really for photos, yes, not digital art and the likes. :)

The only one I knew was Ashampoo, and that's just because they've been spamming me relentlessly ever since I tried one of their apps years ago. Asshats. :)

Mmmm, yeah, Billy Boy wouldn't work as a Sith lord... I imagine you might draw parallels to Spaceballs' "Dark Helmet", though. ;) And Ballmer... I don't know. I usually think of an angry chimp when I see him, although chimps are, for the most part, better behaved and more intelligent.

Make a bunny? You mean a fursuit? That would be most cool indeed. ^_^
Ugh, I despise companies that stoop to spamming. But then, the line between "marketer" and *cough* "internet marketer" (aka spammer) is often fairly thin. Recruiters can be fairly obnoxious too, keeping details for years, then sending out some randomly useless job details as a pretext for pinging your address.

although chimps are, for the most part, better behaved and more intelligent

Mm, humans seem to be by far the worst of the primates for violence, sadly. (It always irks me a little when I hear the phrase "behaving like animals". A case of projection, it would seem)

Ooooh. I've found a Sith Lord if ever there were one.. check out the photo a little way down on the right side of this page. ^_^
*noddles* Yeah, spamming is really obnoxious, isn't it? At least when someone calls you or sends you snail mail spam, there's some cost involved for them; phone calls and letters aren't free, and they have to be made/written by someone who also wants to be paid. Spam is basically free, so I think it really shows which companies actually have ethics and which are only not spamming you with letters, phone calls etc. as well because it would be too expensive. x.x

And yeah, good point about animals and humans...

Heh, yeah, Darl would make a good Sith lord indeed. But given the relationship between SCO and M$, that'd also mean Billy Boy would have to be his Sith master, and that, again, would seem rather implausible. ^_^
I'm more excited by The Tripods *Cult of* programme on BBC3 on the 19th = my all time fave English Sci Fi [Life on Mars 2nd]
Mm, not sure I'd really count LoM as sci-fi - more of a drama with a mystery attached, though they've pretty much eliminated the mystery, unless they decide to pull a real surprise of some kind. But a very cool show all the same - when's it returning?