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In the last entry's comments, schnee pointed out a wonderfully useful little app - Pathway. "My idea for Pathway originated when browsing Wikipedia. I would always start off quite focused on a certain subject. Unfortunately, Wikipedia articles tend to be full of distracting links, just screaming to be clicked on… Soon enough, I found myself totally lost in myriads of loosely related pages. I can't count the time I wasted on backtracing them, and if you have a bit of wiki-experience, you’ve probably encountered it too."

I shan't go into depth discussing it, as it'd be too easy to delve into spoilers, and besides, I'm disinclined to read reviews of films before watching them, preferring to enjoy them on my own terms - perhaps you feel similarly. Rather, I'll simply offer a strong recommendation for Pan's Labyrinth (El Laberinto del Fauno), a fantasy/wartime drama set in the days of General Franco's ascension, from Guillermo del Toro, known for The Devil's Backbone and Hellboy. This is a long way from Labyrinth, be warned; "But Captain, obey for obey's sake... That's something only people like you do."

It's both brutal and wondrous. Perhaps this from the IMDb comments puts it succinctly: "People will watch Pan's Labyrinth in a way that most won't watch Land and Freedom. In doing so, they will also discover a world of fairy tales which existed before Disney sunk its claws into them: a dangerous world, where nothing is as it seems and every step is a possible death – a place which may leave even adults shivering under the duvet, part in terror, part in wonder. And all this backed up by the finest cinematography I've seen."

So, you know about the app for using a Wiimote as an OS X input device. So did someone else, who came up with - of course - WiiSaber. Video clip here.

Quite an interesting interview with a guy from Toshiba's optical drives division, on HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray, from a technical perspective. Toshiba's in the HD-DVD camp, so there may be some bias involved, but it's quite illuminating all the same.

A very good place to check for animation, hosted by an animation director: The Living Animation Festival.

It seems there's been a recent bout of hedgehogs born in the UK, but coming into the world too late to gain enough weight to hibernate. "If you find one keep it warm, feed it some cat food and put it into a cardboard box until it puts on some weight, then it can be released back into the wild to hibernate."

"It has emerged that the crew of a Nimrod used a teapot to block a hatch gap in their plane after a mid-air mechanical fault."

I'm pleased to see Torchwood finally find its feet - curiously, right after the excrutiatingly bad Cyberwoman. Greeks Bearing Gifts didn't have much of a plot, regrettably, but good to see an attempt, albeit rather flimsy, at developing Toshiko as a character. (Horribly cheesy CG, though) They Keep Killing Suzie, though.. now that was actually quite a good story, though rather chilling - moreso than the gratuitously gruesome Countrycide, as there was much more reason to it. Can we buy Toshiko a UPS or two, though?

Sinfest icon by ibneko

Bored? Throw paper.

And, I felt this bit of retail idiocy was worth passing on. (This is a bit odd, too)

Finally, have some Christmas music. You'll remember it always. =:)
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