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Handy little app.. DarwiinRemote let you use a Wiimote as an input device in OS X.

Here's an informative page on what hazmat gear actually consists of - layer by layer. And there are layers.. as they note, "Rank hath its privileges; these photos were taken on a 90°F (32°C) day, which is why Captain Monique Vandenberg, modeling the cooling vest and Tyvek above, isn't the same person in the full encapsulation suit". The result? "If everything is being worn, the wearer has five layers of hand protection, five layers of foot protection, and is looking through three layers of protective windows."

"Leaders of the Conservative Jewish movement opened the door on Wednesday to the ordination of gay rabbis and the recognition of gay marriage, but made it clear the more orthodox in the faith may go on opposing such liberalization."

barberio might want to peek at Outsider, a comic I'd never even known about until the other day. "Humanity is caught in the crossfire of a galactic war, and it's up to the members of Earth's Scout Corps to forge an alliance that will ensure Earth's survival. But which side to choose: the oppressive, insectoid Umiak or the ruthless, elflike Loroi?" The artwork, at least on first glance, is highly polished; the writing, I'll find out about soon enough.

I thought morganbatness (assuming he's still amongst us - and bayshore, for that matter) might be interested in this Pharyngula posting on the glossophagine nectar bat, whose tongue can extend to 150% of the length of its body.

This short manga, The Family Zoo, is.. odd. It's a family run zoo - the father's an elephant, mother's a giraffe, sons are a monkey and a lion, daughter a snake, and - apparently because he's too old to move - grandfather's a toilet. (The answer is "yes", I'm afraid) Now compare that to a recent Family Circus..

Quite a pleasant move - until the end of the year, if you buy LJ time as a gift, the recipient will also get the 100 icons addon for the same duration.

Here's quite a cool little celebration of furrydom. Eloquently expressed, and I can agree with every sentiment.

Pic for the day: Mantlepiece. ~shiny~
Leaders of the Conservative Jewish movement opened the door on Wednesday to the ordination of gay rabbis

You'll understand, given the circumstances, why I first misread that as "...ordination of gay rabbits".

Cutest icon evar, BTW. ^.^
Wholly understandable - I have to deliberately read "rabbis". ^_^

Even cuter than the feetses from a couple days ago? =:)
hahaha I was going to leave a comment saying the very same thing :D

I must confess to the same misreading.
Damn gay bunnies! They're everywhere!

That "Outsider" manga, I mean comicbook, looks kinda interesting.
The artwork has Macross/Twilight X written all over it, but upon reaching this page,
I found myself going "ooooooooooooooooh"...

I'm in this for the ships, baby!!

Ooh.. ! Now that would look good on the big screen..

I'll be most disappointed, however, if we don't see highly charged particle beams zapping between the two prongs at some point. I know I'd insist on such a modification if that didn't come as standard. ^_^
Already knew about it and waiting for it to come back from hiatus. But thanks for thinking of me! (ps. I'm an editor at http://www.belfry.com/comics/index.php )
Hee! Okay, that would explain it. ^_^ (I need to keep that bookmarked - I've known of the index in the past, but it slips away from me now and then. So nice to see a bit of Lynx's artwork again!)

Any idea if the creator's tried pitching the story and designs for an appearance on the big screen?
No idea. But I think he'd really need much more material before considering that. The amount there so far would make up about ten minutes film time.
Speaking of furry themed cartoons, have you ever seen My Gym Partner's a Monkey? BTW, what did you think of Mr. Meaty?
Hm! Not sure I've even heard of MGPaM. What's the artwork style like? There seems to be a lot of 50s/60s retro style around at the moment.

I think I'll be watching more of Mr Meaty. ^_^ I do enjoy a darker edge to my humor sometimes - Chris Morris' "Jam" is an excellent example of that, with a few moments that really made me squirm, go wide-eyed, and giggle at the same time. I suppose there are other ways of achieving that, but not alone. =:)
Speaking of handy little apps, I thought you might find this interesting: http://pathway.screenager.be/2006/11/25/pathway-06/ :)

The hazmat gear information is quite interesting - and I'm sure hazmat suit fetishists will drool all over it. ^.^

Good to hear that gay marriages may be recognised by the Jewish faith as well now. I've got to say it always confuses me that the Conservatives aren't actually the (most) conservative group, though. x.x

The bat's neat, too. :)

And the piece on furrydom is quite nice and well-written, too. I have no idea how anyone can deny that there is such a thing as furry culture - unless that person *knows* it's not true and just wants to "stick it us", somehow. Ah well.
Oooh.. ! Pathway does indeed look most handy.. his rationale for creating it makes perfect sense. As it probably does to anybody who's used Wikipedia. ^_^; (I used to have a similar "problem" with the Penguin Dictionary of Science, way back - I'd look one term up, find out about it, then hop over to something else it referenced..)

I suppose one could put the Universal Unitarians as being even more liberal than the Reformists - I was quite tickled to see atheism as one persuasion of some UU members. ^_^ I've little experience with Orthodox Judaism, other than that they take matters like not performing particular kinds of work, such as making a doorbell ring, at the prescribed times, very seriously indeed - though there remains the option of having a non-Jew perform that task on one's behalf. All very strange to my outlook, of course, but so it goes.

I wonder what Grzimek says about that bat.. hafta look it up. Magnificent tome, and the electronic version's a good deal more portable than its traditional paper equivalent. ^_^

There's no question, furrydom's brought a lot to my life, finding people similarly minded to myself, with that special allure for and appreciation of furry ways. Inevitably, the fandom (if indeed that's really the right term) spans, as he says, everything from hardcore lifestylers (yay!) to people with simply a great fondness for some particular aspect of it all, such as a particular set of characters, or a specific totem - as indeed it should be. Now, if we could only find some way of addressing species dysphoria.. but I suppose we're quite some way from that. 'Suiting remains a load of fun in the meantime - not the same, but still, it's so very nice to feel proper ears on oneself, a real tail, and a proper nose. And it's fun!
*noddles* Yeah, Wikipedia makes it easy to get lost in interesting topics. ^^ It just happened to me again this afternoon because the article on extrasolar planets was featured on the main page, but it's reasonably easy to deal with because I just open interesting links in new tabs in the background, so I never get quite lost - it's just a FIFO. ;)

Yeah, making someone else do something for you because you can't do it for religious reasons seems very strange indeed - it seems like a way to try to cheat by complying with the letter of the law but not its spirit. Oh well, not my problem - and since no such thing as a god actually exists, they won't even get heat for it, either. :)

I think "fandom" is the right term, yes - not so much because it really fits ("fandom", I think, puts too much emphasis on the fans and not enough on the lifestylers, while "subculture" does the exact opposite; not that I want to suggest there exists a sharp divide between fans and lifestylers anyway, of course), but rather because it's what everyone uses.

Hmm, species dysphoria - you mean something analogous to gender identity disorder/transsexuality? I think "therian" works there - granted, that often seems to imply a spiritual aspect, but just like "furry" means different things for everyone, "therian" does, too, and I don't think it has to mean anything you don't want it to mean. Well, assuming you actually do not want it to have any spiritual connotations, which may or may not be the case. :)

But yeah, suiting is at least a nice ersatz, and a ton of fun, too. ^^ I still don't have a fursuit myself, but I absolutely want to have one some day, and I already know that if the suit itself is the right one, it will be a spiritual experience, too - becoming more whole than I've ever been before, still not quite all the way there (that won't happen until species reassignment surgery becomes available), but as close as you can probably get...

*sighs longingly*
I'm around. :)
Yay! I'd been getting a bit worried. ^_^ Good to see there's plenty in the works, as it were.
That is a very disturbing manga. I think I need to lay off the green tea. I misread one of your links as "ordination of gay rabbits". That would be getting very liberal, no?