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Another entrant to digital comics delivery, following on from Limpidity (also available as a traditional publication) - PullboxOnline offers a modest spread of titles for 99¢ each, as plain CBR or PDFs. And there's Slave Labor Graphics offering individual titles for around 69¢, collections around $1.69, again as plain CBZ and PDF files. Very tempting - my Skeleton Key issues are many miles hence (paper's a veritable pain to keep moving around, let alone the nuisance factor of finding somewhere to keep it safely, or the postage costs, or having much of one's purchase price go to the printer rather than the creators. Obviously, digital copies needn't replace paper ones, but rather, be an additional option), and $5 for 23 issues is about as good as it gets. Imagine if Furrlough or Wild Life were available at those kind of prices.. !

Ever see Avenue Jew? =:) (FLV)

Has anyone actually seen Yin Yang Yo? mycroftb just pointed it out to me - despite having apparently run for several weeks now on the US version of Toon Disney, I've not seen any mention of it, no torrents, and even GooTube only has one mash-up clip. It's a Flash-animated show starring two bunnies, their giant panda master, and assorted villains.

Damn! How come I never stumbled upon SqueekyToys until now, courtesy of patch_bunny? So ~shiny~.. naturally, the orca works especially well. And there's something quite adorable about that fox's tail, as shown in the final pic. ^_^

This might be a pleasant assistance in brightening one's outlook on a bad day: faithinhumanity. There's nothing there yet, being brand new, but the charter notes "Largely mixed and hidden by the loud shouts of "If it bleeds, it leads!", there still exist good things in life. There are still people who will start a conversation with a perfect stranger without the fear they will attack them. There are still people who'll give up their seat on a bus or train for someone who needs it. There are still people organising to try and persue a positive cause. There are still people holding doors open, helping carry shopping, giving up their umberella to someone in the pouring rain, and trying to learn to improve themselves."

Ever wonder what you'd been thinking at the time? I just came across a file from 2001, with the single word "Noordlingers". I have no idea what that means, though it has a pleasantly Dutch ring to it.

You may not have encountered all these words in one headline before: "Nude wet meat soil bandit caught". Safe for work, though you may find your eyebrows being raised higher than you'd thought possible.

Genius. As found by dagoski, Post-Rapture Post will, following the Rapture, deliver your final messages to those left behind. The service is, naturally, payable in advance.

Anyone with a fondness for rats really ought not miss this inquisitive looking ratling.

I think this would fit in wonderfully at one of quentincoyote's furmeets.. Веркa Сердючка - А я смеюсь (Verka Serduchka - "I'm laughing").

Via freakylynx, some quite priceless warnings from Nintendo regarding things not to do with your Wii. Anyone hoping to use it to grow clover is, sadly, out of luck.

"With the advent of the renaissance, penises were now in three dimensions and posed extra challenges."

Wow. My domain just passed its tenth anniversary. What a very strange ten years that's been..
Thankies muchly for the Limpidity print mention and for the online comic download sites (bookmarked for later reference)!

I'll make sure Moth gets the squeeky orca link ...
No problem. ^_^ I really like digital distribution for comics, and it's still something pretty much on the leading edge - I'm happy to help spread such word where good titles appear in such a manner. And of course, it's great to see SLG venturing that way - they've got considerable experience as publishers, and a fair few titles in their stable. (I need to check how many issues SK actually ran for. I did buy quite a few issues on paper at the time, but then moving got in the way again, and I just never quite got around to picking the series up again)

I wonder where one might obtain such costuming materials.. ^_^ As far as latex goes, I recall 4D (I think) were well known for being able to provide a good range of thicknesses and colors. Putting it together into a costume, though - ISTR one method is just gluing, using an appropriate adhesive. I think there are other methods, but sadly, I've very little experience with latexwear. Something I hope to remedy, with the application of a suitable budget. =:)