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What happens when you mix four rabbits and a diamond? Meet the Hop Squad. Very cool.

Evin if a bit late for this Turkey Day, this piece of Flash is worth a look: Hot Stuffed Turkey, particularly recommended to those of a canid nature.

For anyone who's seen The Snowman, this Irn-Bru ad may prove amusing. ^_^

I thought bosn might enjoy this Chick tract parody: Mommie Burns In Hell.

Apparently, Santa has his own Canadian postal code: H0H 0H0. ^_^

I did enjoy this report from a Dem post-election party in Vermont:

And finally there was our Senior Senator, Patrick Leahy. For those who've heard Senator Leahy speak, you know that his delivery can vary quite a bit. It can be easy to tell when he's tired, physically or mentally - so Leahy on the stump doesn't necessarily mean the same thing twice. But Leahy of late has had a fire in his belly, the likes of which we haven't seen in a while. His sadness at the loss of comity and the discarding of basic Constitutional values under the Bush GOP has turned into outrage, and he has been consistently riveting in front of a crowd in recent months.

But since the election, that outrage has turned into inspiration, and it's an inspiration he passed on to the crowd tonight. Like the speakers before him, Leahy was funny, thankful, exuberant... but there was an edge that was very serious. He related a conversation where he was recently asked if President Bush should be "worried" that he was now to be Chair of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee. The crowd started cheering.

"No, no" he said, calming the crowd, as if to be prepared for a softening of his rhetoric.

"No, he shouldn't be worried. He should be terrified."
Funny animation (the turkey one, I mean). :) I'm not sure why it's being displayed in such a tiny size, though...
Easily remedied - just fetch the SWF file here and launch that. ^_^ (Reminds me, I should work out a way of displaying Flash files completely fullscreen, no menu bar or other windowing furniture. Drum Machine would be particularly well suited to such exclusive presentation; pity the soundtrack goes into distortion with the long bass drum, but it's still such a nifty piece of Flash)

Wonder if the Hop Squad ever saw another animated outing? Probably not, but I just really enjoy it. ^_^
Yeah, I did that already - I just thought it was pretty stupid of the site to display such a tiny version. :)
Mm.. I didn't really mind, given there wasn't really that fine a level of visual detail involved (those HDTV torrents of Torchwood have been spoiling me.. the enhancement in detail's really nice, but the tech still seems quite immature, surprisingly enough - as a result, dark scenes need to be comparatively well lit. A bit of a problem for a show that would like to rely on atmospheric lighting). Usually I'll watch a file embedded, and then save it if I felt it worthwhile - at least, where they don't play around with having one Flash file embed another, like QuickTime reference movies, but obfuscated. I suppose I otter get a packet sniffer set up for such occasions. (Perhaps I ought to come up with a friendly front end for ethereal or suchlike, just as ffmpegX provides an easy UI for ffmpeg/mencoder/x264/gocr/etc)
*noddles* Yeah, might be an idea. :)

Hmm, I'm not sure, but I found it very hard to make out even bigger details in the tiny embedded version of this flash - it wasn't outright impossible to watch, but it was definitely too small.
He also has a UK postcode: SAN TA1. Don't know if he has a Mailsort code, though.
Ooh, that one's cheating a bit - doesn't follow the usual scheme. Still, the Royal Mail could probably declare HAPPY BIRTHDAY to be a valid postcode if they wanted; like Santa, they transcend conventional limitations.

Does he have a Freepost account? Though I'd really have thought he'd have an email address by now. Maybe something in the .int TLD.
Not sure on the freepost thing, but his full address is:
But yes, they're not averse to odd postcodes, like GIR 0AA for the Giro.
GIR has his own postal area? This may explain much about the Giro system. Good to know he wound up in good hands after Zim, though.
Ooh, neat. A Chick parody I hadn't seen yet, and a new website to play on. Thanks!
Wow.. that does look like quite the rich site of anti-televangelism and assorted high weirdness. There is much slack in evidence there. =:)

Wonder if the artwork's by the same guy as that eSheep take on Saturnalia? (Unfortunately, it's not connecting at the moment) Might be entirely differently, but that memory was triggered.
Yeah Santa moved to Canada back in the day. We just kick that much ass.

As for the hell thing, that was actually kind of inspiring. XD

I read a lot of D&D stuff and iffn' ya didn't know, D&D exists in a creationist world. So it's interesting to me to think of the metaphysical whosits and whatsits involved...

How 'bout this for a creationist view of Global Warming: Global warming is caused by all of the new sinners going to hell! There's so many more now that it's heating up the whole world!

Lovely, isn't it? XD
Axtually - not only does he have a postal code, he has an address. If you send Santa a letter to Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada H0H 0H0, you'll get a reply from him. :)

[it's a volunteer project of Canada Post]