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Fun music video: Rinôçérôse "Cubicle". rabitguy and sphelx, amongst others, might like this.

Consider taking a holiday from being a human.

Chris Morris and Armando Ianucci would be proud. Regard the long horse; be sure to read the comments.

This act by Jerome Murat is captivating indeed.

A moment of Zen: noticing that Ozy & Millie - or rather, Keenspot - was being sponsored by Wicked Lasers ("Power to Burn"). Someone in marketing knows their stuff. ^_^

I know it's hardly anything complex, but the bassline in Nathan Fake's "Charlie's House" really gets me.

Fun stuff.. a talk radio host in DC using his powers for good. He opened the show proposing mandating crescent-shaped tattoos, or a similarly identifying armband, for all muslims in the US - and out came the dregs of society and onto the switchboard. Half an hour of bile later, he swats those people down.

Pic for the day, courtesy of mycroftb - Nowhere Man. And for a hoofy TF, cowboys is worth viewing.

Which page did you see? All I'm encountering now is a stub, which does have "legendary creatures" as one of the tags. Not that that would be sufficient to note its fanciful nature to a true believer, but it seems adequate.

As for why - to play out the joke, I'd say. ^_^ It'd hardly be any fun to try noting it doesn't and never has existed (though it was quite educational to see one or two before & after shots).

(FWIW, the reason I mentioned CM & AI was their role in creating Brass Eye)

The "brown note"! Hee! I don't think I'd encountered that one before, but a spot of googling gave me quite enough information on that urban legend. Including quite a cool look into the making of a Mythbusters episode on the topic. A friend works for that company - I've forwarded it for his amusement. ^_^ Quite an impressive setup! (Their screening room is, I'm told, well worth watching a movie in)
Ah, someone's already edited it to make it more obvious it's a fake! I'm not sure if it originally had the "legendary creatures" tag or not--admittedly I didn't notice when I first looked. As for playing out the joke, I guess I just don't share that sense of humour. *shrug* It was only a matter of time before research would reveal some flaw in the psyche of the rat. *grins inanely* I suppose I should be more tolerant. There are those who will persist in believing in the cabbit for example, despite all evidence to the contrary.