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Fun music video: Rinôçérôse "Cubicle". rabitguy and sphelx, amongst others, might like this.

Consider taking a holiday from being a human.

Chris Morris and Armando Ianucci would be proud. Regard the long horse; be sure to read the comments.

This act by Jerome Murat is captivating indeed.

A moment of Zen: noticing that Ozy & Millie - or rather, Keenspot - was being sponsored by Wicked Lasers ("Power to Burn"). Someone in marketing knows their stuff. ^_^

I know it's hardly anything complex, but the bassline in Nathan Fake's "Charlie's House" really gets me.

Fun stuff.. a talk radio host in DC using his powers for good. He opened the show proposing mandating crescent-shaped tattoos, or a similarly identifying armband, for all muslims in the US - and out came the dregs of society and onto the switchboard. Half an hour of bile later, he swats those people down.

Pic for the day, courtesy of mycroftb - Nowhere Man. And for a hoofy TF, cowboys is worth viewing.

I love how someone made a Wikipedia entry on the Long Horse--thus proving its existence. Sadly, that of itself would be enough to convince a few people. I often use Wikipedia myself--to satisfy idle curiousity--but I'm worried some people seem to regard it with religious awe and consider it the final source of truth. I wonder how long it will take before someone has the sense to take it down?

In fact the whole thread was an interesting phenomenon. You had several people independently corroborating the existence of this mythical animal. Why do people do that? Does it make them feel more important? I was listening in (with permission) on a VOIP conversation where someone insisted the "brown note" is real and that they had been "inconvenienced" by it on a TV show that played the note. It would have been so easy to poke holes in his story but I declined, not wanting to intrude in a conversation I wasn't really part of and not wanting to provoke an aggressive response.
Which page did you see? All I'm encountering now is a stub, which does have "legendary creatures" as one of the tags. Not that that would be sufficient to note its fanciful nature to a true believer, but it seems adequate.

As for why - to play out the joke, I'd say. ^_^ It'd hardly be any fun to try noting it doesn't and never has existed (though it was quite educational to see one or two before & after shots).

(FWIW, the reason I mentioned CM & AI was their role in creating Brass Eye)

The "brown note"! Hee! I don't think I'd encountered that one before, but a spot of googling gave me quite enough information on that urban legend. Including quite a cool look into the making of a Mythbusters episode on the topic. A friend works for that company - I've forwarded it for his amusement. ^_^ Quite an impressive setup! (Their screening room is, I'm told, well worth watching a movie in)
Ah, someone's already edited it to make it more obvious it's a fake! I'm not sure if it originally had the "legendary creatures" tag or not--admittedly I didn't notice when I first looked. As for playing out the joke, I guess I just don't share that sense of humour. *shrug* It was only a matter of time before research would reveal some flaw in the psyche of the rat. *grins inanely* I suppose I should be more tolerant. There are those who will persist in believing in the cabbit for example, despite all evidence to the contrary.