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Fun music video: Rinôçérôse "Cubicle". rabitguy and sphelx, amongst others, might like this.

Consider taking a holiday from being a human.

Chris Morris and Armando Ianucci would be proud. Regard the long horse; be sure to read the comments.

This act by Jerome Murat is captivating indeed.

A moment of Zen: noticing that Ozy & Millie - or rather, Keenspot - was being sponsored by Wicked Lasers ("Power to Burn"). Someone in marketing knows their stuff. ^_^

I know it's hardly anything complex, but the bassline in Nathan Fake's "Charlie's House" really gets me.

Fun stuff.. a talk radio host in DC using his powers for good. He opened the show proposing mandating crescent-shaped tattoos, or a similarly identifying armband, for all muslims in the US - and out came the dregs of society and onto the switchboard. Half an hour of bile later, he swats those people down.

Pic for the day, courtesy of mycroftb - Nowhere Man. And for a hoofy TF, cowboys is worth viewing.

I just saw the talk radio story before I got here. I don't know if I can even begin to express how scared that one made me. Then again talk radio brings out a lot of bigoted opinions because you can speak without having to face an opponent, well, face to face.
I view it as a necessary warning - those kinds of sentiments remain simmering beneath the surface in not a few people. It's our job to try to dissolve such hatred, or at least, make sure it never goes unchallenged. Bigotry's a fairly deep-rooted problem, of course, given it depends on the isolation of some group, whether on the basis of religion, sexuality, or nationality - despite the latter two not being something anybody had any control over. (Yet people find such pride in nationalism - by itself, not a bad thing, certainly. There's much to celebrate in just about any culture, after all - but it's all too easily manipulated by political leaders to force that division between Us and Them. As in this issue, if people actually had first-hand contact on a routine basis with people of their hated group, it seems fairly likely they'd be much harder pressed to justify their fear)