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Fun music video: Rinôçérôse "Cubicle". rabitguy and sphelx, amongst others, might like this.

Consider taking a holiday from being a human.

Chris Morris and Armando Ianucci would be proud. Regard the long horse; be sure to read the comments.

This act by Jerome Murat is captivating indeed.

A moment of Zen: noticing that Ozy & Millie - or rather, Keenspot - was being sponsored by Wicked Lasers ("Power to Burn"). Someone in marketing knows their stuff. ^_^

I know it's hardly anything complex, but the bassline in Nathan Fake's "Charlie's House" really gets me.

Fun stuff.. a talk radio host in DC using his powers for good. He opened the show proposing mandating crescent-shaped tattoos, or a similarly identifying armband, for all muslims in the US - and out came the dregs of society and onto the switchboard. Half an hour of bile later, he swats those people down.

Pic for the day, courtesy of mycroftb - Nowhere Man. And for a hoofy TF, cowboys is worth viewing.

One open-face costume comes to mind that's really rather sweet is the simple head neonbunny displays in his default icon:

Of course, the lapinity might be biasing me. =:) For me, though, I'd go full mask, as patch_bunny, nevermint, razzlfraz, and others show. Were a full bodymod to morphic lapinity an option, I'd take it in a heartbeat - but I suppose we're a good century from anything like that, probably more. Given the complexity of modifying a body's genetics at maturity, I wouldn't be overly surprised artificial bodies are an option first. Bunnybots, yay! ^_^

Have you been "in the fur"? I suppose your height would preclude you from just being able to borrow someone else's costume, but you could probably get away with a "partial", just using the head, hands, and feet, along with clothing.
It's probably the lapinity that's biasing you. ;)

And yeah, I'd sign up for a new body in an instant, too, no matter whether it's my own or a new one - depending on what it'd be like, of course. ^_~ It'd definitely have to be a wolf for me, and one made to my specifications, too.

And no, I've never worn a fursuit or anything, if that's what you mean. :/ Borrowing a partial suit might work, yes, but it wouldn't really be the same - still a worthwhile experience, I'd guess, but not the same as a full suit. Oh well, some day!