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Fun music video: Rinôçérôse "Cubicle". rabitguy and sphelx, amongst others, might like this.

Consider taking a holiday from being a human.

Chris Morris and Armando Ianucci would be proud. Regard the long horse; be sure to read the comments.

This act by Jerome Murat is captivating indeed.

A moment of Zen: noticing that Ozy & Millie - or rather, Keenspot - was being sponsored by Wicked Lasers ("Power to Burn"). Someone in marketing knows their stuff. ^_^

I know it's hardly anything complex, but the bassline in Nathan Fake's "Charlie's House" really gets me.

Fun stuff.. a talk radio host in DC using his powers for good. He opened the show proposing mandating crescent-shaped tattoos, or a similarly identifying armband, for all muslims in the US - and out came the dregs of society and onto the switchboard. Half an hour of bile later, he swats those people down.

Pic for the day, courtesy of mycroftb - Nowhere Man. And for a hoofy TF, cowboys is worth viewing.

Hmm, taking a holidy from being a human sounds nice, but she certainly didn't go even nearly all the way - she didn't even cover her face. (I think this is important because your face is what makes people perceive you as human - or not -, so if it's not covered, you can eat giant sunflower seeds and wear a hamster costume all you want, you're still going to be perceived as a female Japanese artist in her 20s.) Also, it sounds like she did it more as an art stunt, so to speak; not necessarily a bad thing, but certainly different from the spiritual enlightenment that "taking a holiday from being [a] human" would otherwise imply.

Pity that the long horse is extinct. But I guess without a third pair of legs, your spine will eventually give up... :)

Cool talk show host, too - kinda reminds me of Ron Jones.
True, the title of the posting was a bit playful. Might be fun to try a similar experiment, but with a full costume.. ah, such a pity it's not possible to actually enact such a TF for real, as in Phil Geusz' "Lapism" stories. I do definitely prefer full costumes to open face ones, but the latter can be awfully cute too, at least when they're not on dolls.. a few years back, that seemed to be one regrettable fad in plush manufacture. (That and the infection of plush with that ragged cloth-like "fur" fabric. Hopefully the situation's improved lately - without a budget, I've not been looking for plush in some time, sadly)

Well, I dare say they may have assisted long horses with wheels strapped to their middle, taking them off for photographs, so as to better preserve their innate dignity.

Very cool experiment, and not one I was familiar with. I'd like to see if I can find the TV adaptation referenced in IMDb, The Wave. (And an insightful quote by one commenter there: "If you deny who you are, what you know, or who you know, you deny the simplest part of being alive, and then you die." That basic sentiment's why I never hide my furriness, as it's such a fundamental part of who I am)
*noddles* I prefer full costumes, too - with an open-face one, the illusion's just not complete. :) I don't want to say there's no place for open-face costumes at all, but personally, I've never seen one I found appealing (neither for wearing it nor for seeing it on someone else), and I can't imagine one that'd be off of the top of my head, either.

Ah, yes, you're right about the wheels. ^^ A precursor to the modern car, surely!

And yes, do try to find the movie version - if I remember correctly, it's quite good. We watched that one in school, and while it's been too long for me to remember much (not to mention that having been much younger, I may not have seen the movie the same way I'd see it today), I do recall it made quite an impression on me.

And the quote's good, too, yes. Always be yourself! *wags his tail* ^^
One open-face costume comes to mind that's really rather sweet is the simple head neonbunny displays in his default icon:

Of course, the lapinity might be biasing me. =:) For me, though, I'd go full mask, as patch_bunny, nevermint, razzlfraz, and others show. Were a full bodymod to morphic lapinity an option, I'd take it in a heartbeat - but I suppose we're a good century from anything like that, probably more. Given the complexity of modifying a body's genetics at maturity, I wouldn't be overly surprised artificial bodies are an option first. Bunnybots, yay! ^_^

Have you been "in the fur"? I suppose your height would preclude you from just being able to borrow someone else's costume, but you could probably get away with a "partial", just using the head, hands, and feet, along with clothing.
It's probably the lapinity that's biasing you. ;)

And yeah, I'd sign up for a new body in an instant, too, no matter whether it's my own or a new one - depending on what it'd be like, of course. ^_~ It'd definitely have to be a wolf for me, and one made to my specifications, too.

And no, I've never worn a fursuit or anything, if that's what you mean. :/ Borrowing a partial suit might work, yes, but it wouldn't really be the same - still a worthwhile experience, I'd guess, but not the same as a full suit. Oh well, some day!