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Now this is a casemod I could go for.. the gingerbread server.

patch_bunny found this cool testimony to the power of video editing - so, you can't play the drums, or the piano? Just edit. Oh yeah.

Software corner! ^_^ Of potential interest to some webby sorts: a review of MacRabbit CSSEdit 2.

Cute screensaver: Fenêtres Volantes, which simply takes all the open windows and gently tosses them around while you're away.

x264 QuickTime plugin, the open source H.264 implementation as a QT plugin. It offers some additional options for encoding, and claims to be faster than Apple's.

And Parallels Desktop is apparently due for a boost, with new enhancements including the ability to boot off a plain Windows partition, rather than a VPC-style disk image, and the ability to run multiple VMs simultaneously.

Excellent site design for the day, courtesy of rabitguy: the Canadian ad agency Leo Burnett. It's a rare example of a Flash site that's actually intuitive and fun, rather than merely a manifestation of site designer technological masturbation. At the other end of the spectrum, ysengrin was unfortunate enough to encounter a "demon buster" page on diabetic spirits. Babble and painful design (including automatically loading music) in one easy package!

Now this is a Firewire/USB hub.

Via Flayrah, word of a fantasy novel from the dragon's point of view: "It comes out of the great animal [protagonist] tradition of Watership Down, where the author sort of flips the world around, and you see everything from an alternate point of view," Knight said in an interview at the World Fantasy Convention in Austin, Texas, last month. "With Age of Fire, it's a dragon's point of view, and, obviously, a dragon has a completely different view of elves, dwarves and men and so on, than in the typical fantasy."
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