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Will anyone going along to the mighty LondonFurs bash on the river have a camcorder? I'd love to see video footage of what happens. ^_^ (And indeed, at MFF this year too. Pictures, even, but there doesn't seem to be such a thing as a furry picture repository that offers the simple "give me all the pictures" option, instead of that damnable array of useless thumbnails and resolution options, adding layers of complexity where none existed before. Have I mentioned I don't like Gallery/Coppermine/etc much? =:)

Now this is the lighter to have.. a pewter Dalek. ^_^

A discourse on the gentle art of cooking chestnuts.

For anyone with a Wii, or knowledge thereof:
- is there region locking on the games?
- is the power supply suitable for use worldwide?
- is the video output also worldwide? (PAL/NTSC, monitor support, etc)

Some possible beginnings of hope in Palestine, with the Israeli PM proposing an exchange of prisoners.

On the apparent winner of the presidential runoff election in Ecuador: "Mr Correa, who trained in the US, counter-attacked by accusing Mr Noboa of dodging tax, exploiting labourers and wanting to turn the country into a giant banana plantation. He also suggested that the US president, George Bush, was dim."

Torchwood "Small Worlds" - quite a reversal of fortunes from earlier, indeed. Finally, I wasn't wishing everyone wasn't being such a twit. This is a good narrative development. And actually quite a strong opportunity for everyone as a result, when they're not being called upon to be total idiots. A faerly dark story, even if not without its problems, but one I kept on wanting to watch. (Just - please, Jack, ditch the blue LEDs on the Range Rover. They really don't suit you. Unless you're planning on getting gyroscopic wheel hubs too) "What else could I do?" - wouldn't that have been so much better delivered in a tone of quiet, desperate frustration, than shouted out in anger?

Pharyngula passes on word of "an episode of This American Life on Carlton Pearson, an evangelical preacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He had a thriving church with tens of thousands of members, when he had an insight: there was no hell. No eternal torment for damned souls. Jesus came to earth to save everyone, not just the few, not just the true believers. He called this the 'gospel of inclusion'. You can guess what happened. The church collapsed."

Also from said weblog is what's looking, so far, as that rarest of creatures - a creationism debate that's entirely civil and cordial. (You'll want to bookmark that one, if you're at all interested - there's a lot being said)

And just for the fun of it, here are three short Powerpuff Girls music videos. ^_^

Brassy - I Got My Own ThingDevo - Go Monkey GoPower Puff Girls - Chemical X
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